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CES 2014
SHAQ-sized sound from Monster's Superstar portable, wireless speaker and speakerphone

By Elliott from 07-30-2014

monster star.jpg



Monster Products made major noise of Shaq-sized proportions during the annual Consumer Electronics Show 2014 edition in Las Vegas. Yes, the now retired NBA all-star, world champion, giant of a man, Shaq is now on the Monster team advocating the new Superstar portable speaker and speakerphone.


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Parrot shows its Mini Drone and Jumping Sumo at CES 2014

By TeddyK from 01-15-2014



It’s hard not to see Parrot’s AR.Drone as a cool gizmo, a quadricopter flying around at the whim of a mobile device in your hands. The company has decided to give it a little brother, considerably smaller than the AR.Drone, and aptly called the MiniDrone. To go with that, the Jumping Sumo was also introduced, a wheeled robot that jumps up over two feet in the air on its own power.

CES 2014
A look back at CES 2014: Top 10 moments shared in photos and video

By Elliott from 01-13-2014



Another International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is in the books. Although the world’s largest consumer electronics show just ended on Friday, after all the information, demonstrations and shiny bright lights from display booths and slick screens, it feels like it was ages ago.


To keep the memories alive, below are the top 10 moments and products Future Shop encountered while on site at CES.


CES 2014
CES 2014: AIMe by Jigabot sets cameras on autofollow

By Elliott from 01-12-2014



CES brings out the biggest brands in the world who often earn the most attention with their overwhelming, interactive displays. However, the smaller brands – including startups – can generate deserving attention too. Jigabot deserves a nod for some an intriguing piece of technology called AIMe that works in partnership with a camera, camcorder or smartphone to follow a subject.




CES 2014
CES 2014: Celebs and the brands they represented (photos)

By Elliott from 01-11-2014

Screen shot 2014-01-11 at 8.52.13 AM.png 


CES isn’t the same without seeing a celebrity or two endorsing big and small brands, jockeying for press and buyers’ attention. With good luck and by association of working for Canada’s largest electronics retailer, I had the good fortune of meeting some of the celebrities of CES 2014, and here are they in photos, with details of how they were spending their time at the show.

CES 2014: Corning’s new Gorilla Glass will help kill festering germs

By TeddyK from 01-10-2014



A number of smartphones and tablets out on the market are made with Gorilla Glass, the tough panels that can take a beating from the daily wear and tear of finger tapping, swiping and handling, along with the odd drop to the ground. You probably handle your phone more times than you can count in any given day, and it may not surprise you to know that germs are an inevitable consequence. Corning, the company who makes Gorilla Glass, is aiming to offer a new antimicrobial version of the glass this year that will help make your phone stay cleaner.

CES 2014
CES 2014: Gibson celebrates 120 years; Min-ETune is gadgety and amazing

By Elliott from 01-10-2014

Gibson at CES 2014.jpg


Naturally, consumer electronics dominate the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2014). However, once again, legendary guitar maker Gibson Guitar had a notable presence at this year's show, with a large, white booth outside the Central Hall building of the Las Vegas Convention Center.




CES 2014
CES 2014: Valve Unveils the first Steam Machines

By PaulH from 01-09-2014

Steam Machine - Alienware side view.jpg


Back in September, entertainment software developer Valve Corporation announced their intentions of bringing PC gaming to the living room with their revolutionary new Steam Machines. At CES this week, Valve co-founder and managing director, Gabe Newell, held a press conference to reveal the first 13 models that are expected to arrive on store shelves and online by the end of this year. These Steam Machine models come from a wide spectrum of custom PC builders including names like Alienware, CyberPowerPC, Origin, Falcon Northwest, Gigabyte and more.


With prices ranging from $499 all the way up to $6,000, there is a huge selection of choice available, much like the current PC gaming market. Having so many custom PC hardware partners isn't a big surprise since Valve promised in its original press material that the ecosystem for Steam Machines would be vast. The idea is that Steam Machines should be just as accessible to entry-level buyers as they are to those who prefer the priciest high-end gaming rigs. 


There's a lot of information to digest, and at the same time, a lot to be excited about, so to get started I thought I'd highlight the top five Steam Machines that have piqued my interest. Let's take a look!

CES 2014
CES 2014: Wearable, designer tech - Fitbit partners with fashion brand Tory Burch

By Elliott from 01-09-2014



Fitbit is taking steps into the right direction when it comes to design. At CES, the company announced it has partnered with high-end fashion brand, Tory Burch to release a premium line of accessories for their Flex model. 

CES 2014
CES 2014: Bright ideas from WeMo aims to make life easier

By Elliott from 01-08-2014

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 6.15.01 PM.png 


In addition to the oversized screens, flashy cars, auto-tuning guitars and everything in between, home automation has a notable presence at this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Belkin in particular is showcasing its new WeMo line of home automation products that allow homeowners to control power outlets and chip connected products using a mobile app. 


CES 2014
Pharrell Williams at CES 2014; Liquipel promo

By Elliott from 01-08-2014



CES attendees 'got lucky' and had the chance to see and interact (lightly) with Grammy Award winning music sensation Pharrell Williams.


CES 2014: Sony compacts Xperia phone, intros new wearable wristband

By TeddyK from 01-08-2014

Sony-Xperia-Z1-compact.jpgSony has followed a trend and slimmed down its Xperia flagship, the Z1, and made it compact with a smaller form factor. The company is quick to avoid calling it a “Mini”, like competitors have, and prefers to call it the Z1 Compact instead, emphasizing that the device isn’t a watered-down baby brother, but more of a serious handset that delivers a similar experience. I got to hold and play with it for a short while, and found one of the best changes to be the new display.

CES 2014
CES 2014: Samsung Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Note go Pro

By TeddyK from 01-08-2014



It could be argued that Samsung’s Galaxy Note tablets were always more “pro” than the Tab models were. The latter was more about value for the price, while the former offered better specs and unique functionality. There appears to be a greater synergy between the two lines now that they are linked by screen size, form factor and software. I got a hands-on look at both and here are my initial thoughts.

CES 2014: Looking at LG’s webOS smart TV interface

By TeddyK from 01-08-2014



Curved OLED and 4K Ultra HD TVs are once again all over the show floor at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, but LG is hoping to invigorate a part of the TV that could use a fresh start: smart TV interfaces. This has been a struggle for all TV manufacturers, and is perhaps part of the reason why small streaming boxes like the Roku and Apple TV have become so popular. I got a good look at the new-look webOS on LG’s upcoming TVs and it seems like they may be on the right track.

CES 2014
CES 2014: New Sony 4K TVs look and sound incredible

By Elliott from 01-07-2014



Following a fun-filled Sony press conference on Monday evening, Future Shop had the opportunity to kick off the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) by visiting the massive pavilion offered by Sony Electronics. There, we were mesmerized by a number of cool technologies, including wearable technology for humans and animals, and of course, advancements in big screen televisions.


Sony’s 2014 television line-up was impressive. Here’s a look at what stopped us in our tracks.

Samsung once again a major anchor at CES 2014

By Elliott from 01-06-2014



Whether you’re a first timer at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) or a veteran, it’s clear Samsung is a major player. This was evidenced even an hour before their official press conference held at Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas where the line of anxious conference attendees snaked around half of the second floor of the convention centre. Then, when inside, it was standing room only by the time my colleague Lawrence and I made it in there. 


But it was worth the wait. A number of product announcements were made and here are some of items worth noting from today, spanning across a number of categories.



CES 2014
A Monster-sized CES press conference by Monster Products

By Elliott from 01-06-2014






Just like every year at the International Consumer Electronics Show, Monster Products brought a lot of excitement to their press conference. Entrepreneur and music mogul, Nick Cannon strutted on stage to join Head Monster Noel Lee on stage, along with UFC lightweight champion Anthony 'Showtime' Pettis and a 7-foot man nicknamed Shaq to launch a number of new products.

CES 2014
CES Unveiled: Let the International CES 2014 product showcase begin

By Elliott from 01-05-2014



Greetings from Las Vegas. The Future Shop team made it to the electric city once again hosting the annual International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and it's been an action-packed day one.


Today, we attended CES Unveiled at Mandalay Bay's Conference Centre. CES Unveilved is a miniscule version of the real show, officially starting on Tuesday, January 7, 2014.



CES 2014
The best of the best will be at CES; Future Shop is ready for the action

By Elliott from 01-04-2014

Screen shot 2014-01-04 at 1.14.38 PM.png




It's the first weekend of 2014 and you know what that means: time for the world to zero-in on Las Vegas to observe what's new and emerging in tech at the annual International Consumer Electronics Show.

CES 2014
Future Shop Brings the excitement of CES 2014 to you in January

By MartinR from 01-02-2014



Will a technological turning point be established in 2014? Probably the best place to find an answer to that question is CES 2014 running from January 6th to 10th in Las Vegas. For decades, manufacturers from all over the globe have chosen this Las Vegas showcase to present the industries best, and newest, tech and toys. This year’s exposition will feature presentations from some of the world’s biggest producers of all forms of tech including computers, cellphones, cameras, appliances and even automobiles.