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From donations to volunteering, Future Shop gives back to our local communities.

Through national partnerships, donations to schools, and local support, we’re proud of our efforts and the partnerships we’ve made along the way.

Future Shop is proud to donate over $1.5 million and thousands of volunteer hours into our communities each year.

Since 2001 we’ve partnered with non-profit organizations across Canada to provide donations and support where they’re needed most. Future Shop has contributed scholarships, technology, and support services to communities throughout the country.

By focusing our efforts on youth and education, we’re paving the road to a brighter future for us all.

Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada

Future Shop has partnered with Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada to open doors for thousands of young Canadians so they can create their own infinite possibilities.

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United Way

For over 30 years the United Way has been dedicated to creating lasting, positive change in local communities and our annual campaign to support the United Way is our commitment to their success.

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Knowledge, learning, and creativity are the keys to creating infinite possibilities for students. In Quebec our stores are committed to RMJQ and their core value of education.

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  • An employee asked us to fundraise for Camp Ooch, a charity that supports teens with cancer.

    "When we arrived for the event I remember seeing shirts people were wearing in memory of a child. It all came full circle - this was not for ourselves, or because it’s the right thing to do; we were there because we want to make a difference."
    Future Shop raised $65,000 for Camp Ooch in 2010.
       Belleville, ON - Store 611

  • Quotes from Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada.

    "You have really understood what being a partner means and you sought to help in any way you can. The list is long and quite remarkable, truly."
       Pam Joliffe, President and CEO
       Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada

  • Quote from a store on United Way.

    "We're proud how much our store gives back during the United Way Campaign and every year we challenge each other to do more."
       Kelowna, BC - Store 11