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  • Review: iLoud 40W Quality Portable Speaker



    Dubbed as “the first portable speaker for musicians”, the IK Multimedia iLoud 2-Way Monitor Speaker is, essentially, 2014’s version of your childhood stereo, injected with today’s audio and recording technology. It’s the ghetto blaster of the digital age; a transportable Bluetooth speaker that combines the convenience of mobility, recording and good audio resolution in a compact speaker.

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  • What's new in digital cameras from Photokina 2014


    When I was a little boy I was so excited about the return of Haley’s Comet. Happening every 76 years, it was an event that simply couldn’t be missed, and experiencing it was life-changing; for a lot of photographers the two year wait for Photokina is the same–it’s one of the world’s most important digital imaging shows, and it took place this past week in Cologne, Germany. Here are some of the most amazing things to come out of it!

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  • Best Desktop for Music, Movies and Games – In the Footsteps of the ASUS ROG Legacy

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    The ROG TYTAN G30 is yet another seamless creation from ASUS’ powerful line of gaming focused desktop PCs. It’s been designed to provide complementary features that comply with the most robust usage scenarios for music, movies and games where every spec enhances the abilities of the others.

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  • Review: MOSS Robot Construction System



    I had the pleasure to spend some time over the past week playing with a robot. Yes, that’s right. I was playing with a robot. A childhood dream come true really. I always loved robot stuff. Back when I was a kid we had Robotix and other robotic building toys but nothing quite like the MOSS Robot Construction System. Playing with this thing was like my childhood imagination manifest. As fun as it was, I never found myself thinking It was just a toy. This was an arsenal with which I could craft all sorts of robots limited only by my imagination.


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  • Refrigerators 101: How to Buy Your Next Fridge

    Refrigerator 101


    The refrigerator is the heart of your kitchen. And while it’s a big initial investment, the good news is that this sturdy appliance lasts for at least ten to twenty years! In addition, there are a nice variety of refrigerators to choose from based on size, budget, capacity, and energy efficiency. Whether you’re looking to replace your fridge or get one for a new home, these tips will help you purchase the best model for your needs.

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