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  • Meet the New Sony X850B TV

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    Sony is known as one of the best when it comes to TVs and at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, they unveilled their new line-up of high def technology.  Their new offerings are all about HD and the highest resolution. You might call them the “X-men” of the TV world; meet the  XBR-X850B, XBR-X900B, and XBR-X950B.  These sets will blow you away with their 4K capabilites and they come exclusively to Future shop in four sizes. 

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  • LG Smart TVs get smarter with webOS, ready to launch



    When LG first introduced its new smart TV platform based on webOS at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, the company made it clear that it wanted to change both the perception and purpose behind how such an interface would work. Smart TVs may have the moniker, but their look and feel have always felt like something was missing, putting LG and webOS in a unique position to take the lead. What can you expect from the platform when it launches on the company’s upcoming TVs?

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  • How to Read Your Camera's Meter (It's Easier Than You Think!)

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    See that...that thing with the numbers - 3, 2,1? That's your camera's meter -– and it could make a huge difference to your photography. (Bonus: It's simple to understand).

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  • Review: Samsung Gear Fit



    Is Samsung’s Gear Fit a smartwatch or a fitness band? Could it be both, and if so, can it pull it off? These are reasonable questions for a device that doesn’t really have one distinct purpose, yet manages to carve out a unique identity. Straddling the line like that can be risky for an unproven gadget, but then again, the Fit doesn’t usually act alone, relying on certain Galaxy devices to expand on its capabilities. The result is an interesting one that shows promise, though a slam dunk remains elusive.

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  • Create Your Dream Kitchen with Bosch’s Stove or Cooktop

    Dream Kitchen with Bosch


    Are you addicted to the show Canada’s Top Chef? Or want to be on Recipes to Riches? Many of you prefer to live vicariously through these contestants, but why not bring that fantasy to reality. All it takes is one update to your kitchen to create the ultimate culinary experience. You guessed it, the key is updating your stove or adding a cooktop, only so you can compete with the very best.  Or deliver the best meals for yourself as well as friends and family.  Whether you’ve been cooking for years or just starting, it’s important to be working on your craft with the best kitchen appliance.  There are three brilliant ways to cook on your stovetop, whether you choose gas, electric or induction. Let’s find out the perfect cooking performance for you.

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