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  • Pre-Order Project Cars on and get the Modified Car Pack, Free!

    Project Cars - Modified Car Pack header.jpg

    This November, renowned UK-based developer Slightly Mad Studios is preparing to release their most realistic, gorgeous and technically-advanced racing game ever with Project Cars. This ambitious project initially began life as a PS3 and Xbox 360 game, but with the advent of the next-generation gaming consoles, development switched over to PS4 and Xbox One. The additional power of these advanced gaming consoles is being put to good use as Project Cars is nothing short of stunning. Come check this game out!

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  • 5 Kitchen Gadgets You Can’t Live Without

    5 Kitchen Gadgets You Can't live without


    Whether you’re a contender for the next Top Chef or cook only under duress, having the right equipment can make the job easier. Here are five kitchen gadgets you can’t live without.


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  • Future Shopping is about more than just preparing to go back to school

    Future Shopping


    School is quickly approaching, and many parents, students and teachers are preparing for the return of the normal routine that comes with going back to school. Of course you’ll need to purchase boxes to carry lunches, books for taking notes, printers for those assignments that will have to be submitted and all the other school related items you’d expect. But shopping for back to school is about a lot more than just the obvious. For the past few weeks, Future shop has been posting tweets, blogs articles and Facebook items that emphasize that back to school shopping is about more than just preparing for next month and the beginning of school. As I’ll explain here, by thinking beyond next month and beyond simply “back to school”you will be more likely to prepare today’s students for the world they will face when their schooling is complete.

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  • 5 Best Baby Monitors of the Year

    dlink wifi baby 2.png

    Baby monitors are the way many parents keep thier newborns and toddlers safe and secure, but how do you pick from the host of options out there?  And what features do you really need in a monitor? Do you need photo capturing? Night vision?  HD Video? We’ll take a look at the options out there, and look at the Top 5.

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  • Review: Samsung H6500 3D 4K Wi-Fi Smart TV Blu-ray Player


    “Should we get a… Blu-ray?” It’s a question within a question, and I hear it a lot. For those who were late to DVD, Blu-ray seems like a big jump. I got that question last week, and answered it for my friends by installing the Samsung H6500 3D Wi-Fi 4k Smart TV Blu-ray player. Here’s how it went.

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