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  • FitBark Dog Activity Monitor Review


    Dogs, just like people, need to be active to be healthy.  In the wild, canines run free, hunt, and play at will.  But domesticated dogs are a lot different from their wild canine cousins.  How much does your dog really get up to play or run?  You can find out using the FitBark Dog Activity Monitor. We went hands-on with it to check how well it works, and what you can learn.

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  • Why Do People Go Gluten Free?

     Gluten Free Diet


    It’s nice to see more gluten-free options at restaurants and grocery stores, especially for people who have celiac disease. But people who aren’t celiac are also leading a gluten—or at least a wheat—free lifestyle to lose weight or avoid bloating. I attempted to follow a gluten-free diet to dig deeper into this trend. Read on to find out what I learned:


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  • Review: HP Envy X2 13.3" Touchscreen Convertible Laptop



    HP's Envy X2 13.3" touchscreen convertible laptop follows in the footsteps of Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 by combining all the guts and ports of a laptop in a standalone tablet with a magnetic keyboard cover. The result is one of the more unusual takes on the 2-in-1 notebook class that's been designed to take advantage of Windows 8.1 and this year's upcoming Windows 10.

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  • Wedding gifts on a budget







    It seemed like once I hit my mid twenties and into my early thirties everyone around me was getting engaged or married and the wedding invites were never ending. All of a sudden I found I had to include wedding gifts into my monthly budget.



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  • Throw a dazzling dinner party your guests will remember forever



    When it comes to throwing the perfect dinner party, there are a number of considerations one must consider! Not the least of which is the question of "What kind of a dinner party will it be?" Today I present a cautionary tale, one that could perhaps be subtitled, “How to throw the ultimate Spy's dinner party—or just a dinner party in general, that may include a spy or two as guests.” Like all stories involving espionage, the following blog is Rated PG-13.

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