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  • How to Pick Out the Right Mattress for You - Sealy Can Help

     Mattresses.  They’re something we use every day (and sometimes twice if you’re lucky enough to grab a nap), but they’re probably something we don’t think even a moment about. In fact, if you think about it, you spend about one-third of your life on your mattress.  It it comfortable?  A hand-me-down? A necessary evil?  Do you wake up feeling refreshed every day, or do you crawl painfully, and sleepily out of bed each morning?  sealy family.pngIf you’re not feeling that great when you wake, it could be your mattress is too old and worn out, or just not right for your sleep habits or body type.  Learn more about mattresses from Sealy.   

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  • Wireless-AC vs. Wireless-N: What you should know




    Wireless, or Wi-Fi, protocols aren’t common knowledge for the average consumer. It’s one of those understated tech specs that can play a big role in how well you enjoy the convenience of browsing or streaming on your home network. So, when you see the term 802.11ac, or Wireless-AC, you know you’re looking at the current standard. Still, there are routers and devices out there that work on 802.11n or Wireless-N, and it might be worth it to you to know the differences between them.

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  • Can Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 continue the tradition? - Review

    Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 - Title.jpg


    Castlevania, a classic series that has been around for decades now.  Steeped in history and spanning most game consoles since the 8-bit era. The first Castlevania: Lords of Shadow was slow to start out of the gate. Many people only realized how finely crafted it was after several months or in some cases years of it being out. Will the follow up Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 prove to be as fine a game as the last or will it just be another flash in the pan?

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  • Top 5 Considerations When Buying a Mattress

    Future Shop - Finding the Best Mattress



    When did you purchase your last mattresses? Or did you buy your recent mattresses without considering key features that will suit your needs? Here are 5 considerations when you are looking for you next mattress.

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  • How to connect to your Garmin Fitness Tracker with Garmin Connect


    When you’re on the road to fitness, going it alone can be tough. Sure there are the moments where you need to focus; pulling that dead lift off the ground, or pushing through the wall on however many km you find to be your max.


    But a sense of community can make fitness more fun… and it can make reaching your goals a whole lot easier. Garmin’s entry into the fit community is Garmin Connect, and it’s part of every fitness tracker that they make. Let’s take a look.


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