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  • Back to School? Don't despair - Futureshop has a backpack for your child.


    The school year is almost upon us and nothing says going back to school better than shopping for a backpack. Unfortunately this is easier said than done: especially when you shop for your kids with your kids. The century’s long dilemma: functionality versus looks. At times I don’t think that one has the word in their vocabulary “functional” until they become a parent. All you think about is: does it have good support, will the weight be evenly distributed or maybe we should consider other alternates such as wheeled backpacks. Kids on the other side are looking for popular characters, cool additions or patterns. Don’t despair, this season Futureshop can aid you with very functional backpacks for any age that actually will be appealing to your kid.

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  • Top 5 wireless sound solutions for the dorm room


    Wirelessfs.jpgSetting up a comfortable and functional dorm room  for back-to-school is always an exciting challenge. One thing you don’t want in any dorm room are too many confusing wires. There’s a bevy of choices whether you want Apple AirPlay focused speakers, straight-uo Bluetooth speakers, Sound docks that stream wireless audio, shelf-style speakers that can be wired or wireless as well as a modern boombox.  Thankfully, there are some really great options for getting sound into spaces wirelessly here are five our favourites.

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  • Back to school shopping? Check out Swiss Gear backpacks!

    Swiss Gear Backpack Review.jpg

    The back to school season is just around the corner, and we all know what a busy time of the year it can be. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for a loved one, there’s no better time than now to get a head start on back to school shopping. If you’ve been following our Tech Blog, you’re probably aware by now that Future Shop carries an extensive line of backpacks from some of the hottest brands. Take Swiss Gear, for instance. With its wide selection of backpacks and strong reputation for multi-functional products, I was eager to get my hands on and test out a couple of their backpacks. Fast-forward two weeks and now I’m fully set on upgrading my current backpack to Swiss Gear for the upcoming school year. Here’s why it's a brand to reckon with:

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  • Polk Audio Brings High End Headsets to Xbox Systems - Review

    Polk Audio 4 Shot Xbox One Headset.jpg



    Having a good headset can make a world of difference when playing video games these days. Even a meager investment can be worth it, be it just so others don’t hear your murderous rampages or just so you can feel all that much closer to the action. The folks at Polk audio teamed up with the Xbox audio designers to bring you a precisely designed audio experience for you with the Melee for Xbox 360 and the 4 Shot for Xbox One

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  • Top backpack brands this year

    Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 11.11.47 AM.pngWe've probably all carried a backpack at some point in our lives; whether it's to school, for an outing like a hike, for travel, or to work and back. Backpacks are ubiquitous because they're convenient, and make carrying heavy loads much easier. So whether you need a new backpack for class, work, play or travel, read on for the great selection and the top brands at Future Shop.

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