Address Tips

Some of the most common causes of delays in processing online orders are incorrect, inaccurate or out of date information. To ensure we can process/deliver your order as soon as possible please follow the address tips outlined below:

  • Enter all addresses carefully and accurately
  • Shipping address can be any address in Canada and should include the apartment number (if applicable)
  • Billing address and phone number must be identical to what's on your monthly credit card statement
  • Include the apartment buzzer number at the end of the address (2410 Mountain Rd. - Buzzer #120) (if applicable)
  • To make sure that orders being sent to PO boxes and rural route addresses get to their proper destination, please include a physical street address or highway number with your order
  • Scheduled Delivery items require a civic address. Delays will occur if only a PO box is provided as the shipping location

Please use a standard format for your address. Here are some examples: 

Standard address: 2410 Mountain Rd.
Standard address with apartment and buzzer code: 2410 Mountain Rd. Apt. 12 - Buzzer #120
Standard PO BOX Address: PO BOX 4001 STN A 2410 Mountain Rd.

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