Écofrais environmental handling fee in Quebec

How is the Écofrais environmental handling fee being handled in Quebec?

Starting October 2012, in Quebec the Écofrais fee will be included in the price of the product, i.e. it’ll be incorporated into the price you see on the shelf, or on the website. For example, if a product is normally priced $99.99 and the Écofrais fee is $25.12, the price tag will read “$125.11”. (The math is 99.99 + 25.12 = 125.11, but you won’t be seeing that on the tag.)


You’ll still be able to see the separate Écofrais fee amount on your purchase receipt in-store, or on the Cart checkout page online. The Écofrais fee amount will also be displayed in the flyer.


View full details about the Écofrais in our Environmental Handling Fee help topic.

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