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Online Sales Events

Q: What’s an Online Sale?

A: On futureshop.ca you can get great savings on a wide variety of products every day. However, periodically we’ll put on a special, limited time only sale where we’ll highlight some amazing deals on cool products you’ll love.


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Types of Online Sale Events

Q: What types of Online Sales do you have?

A: Our main Online Sales are: After Hours Sale, Holiday Sale, Deal of the Day, and Cyber Monday Sale. Each of these sales have their own special characteristics.

After Hours Sale: This online-only sale occurs in the evening and overnight, when most of our stores are closed. Since these special prices are only valid during the sale, they are not available in the stores.

Holiday Sale: These sales celebrate special holidays throughout the year with amazing deals. The sale prices are available at some of our stores, and the locations of these stores will be listed on futureshop.ca during the sale.

Deal of the Day: During this promotion each day one product will be in the spotlight with an incredible deal, valid for that day only. There will also be further great savings available on other products for the duration of the Deal of the Day promotion. These sale prices are also available in-store, except for products that are only available on futureshop.ca

Cyber Monday Sale: Cyber Monday is one of the biggest online shopping days of the year. Please see our Cyber Monday Sale FAQ for more details.

Free Gift Card with Purchase Offer: 
If you purchase an item online or in-store that comes with a free gift card, you can expect the following:

In-store: You will receive a free gift card with the purchase of the promotional item.

Online: You will receive a credit in the amount of the gift card being offered towards the purchase of your item. The discount will be applied to the price of your product in your shopping cart.

Reserve and Pick Up: If you choose an item online and use the Reserve and Pick Up option, you’ll get the free gift card when you pay for the promotional item in the store.

Price protection:
Q: I purchased my product within the last 30 days** and I’ve noticed that it’s now on sale for a limited time during an online sales event. Do I qualify for a price protection and how do I go about getting that price protection?

A: Online: If you have purchased your product within the last 30 days** of the online sales event, you can contact us at 1-800-663-2275 or by email at service@futureshop.com during the time of the sale to receive a refund for the difference under our price protection guarantee.

A: In-store: If you have purchased your product within the last 30 days** of the online sales event, you can bring your sales receipt into any Future Shop during the time of the sale to receive a refund for the difference under our price protection guarantee.

*Please note that requests for price protection made after the sale is over do not qualify under our price protection guarantee.
**14 days for computers, laptops, monitors, printers, camcorders, digital cameras, portable DVD players, radar detectors, projectors and air conditioners.

What is the final sale price?:
Q: Where does my sale price show up? The price advertised and the price on the product page isn’t the same.
A: In some cases our promotional pricing is activated when the product is placed in your online shopping cart. Click the “Buy Now” button to add the product to your cart and see the promotional price.

In-cart discount:

Q: In some of your online sales, it says I have to add the product to my Cart before I can see the discounted price. Why is that?

A: In these promotions, we offer additional ways to save by placing a blanket discount offer across a wide range of products. When you add the product to your cart, it triggers the discount offer. An example of this is an offer like 10% off all headphones, which affects hundreds of different products.


Savings claims:
Sometimes products that are on sale will not show a savings claim. Products must be available for a certain amount of time before we can legally put a savings claim on them. Newer products that are on sale haven’t been available online long enough to earn a savings claim, and after the sale is over the price will revert to the regular retail price.

Notification of online sale events:

Q: How can I find out when your next online sale event will happen?

A: Just sign up for our eNewsletter or follow us on Twitter or Facebook. All of our online sale events will be announced in these channels.

Times of the event:
Q: How do I know when a sale is going to end?
A: The promotional banners on futureshop.ca will list the start and end times of promotional sales. During a Deal of the Day event, pricing is valid for eligible products for one day only.

Online Availability:
Q: How can I tell if the product I want is in stock?
A: We have a few different status messages that let you know about product availability.

In Stock: When a product is listed as “In Stock” it’s available in our warehouse and ready to ship when you complete your purchase.

Out of Stock: When a product is listed as “Out of Stock” it means that we don’t currently have any stock in the warehouse, but we will likely be receiving some soon.

In Stock - Quantity Remaining: When a product is listed as “In Stock - Quantity Remaining” it means that we currently have product ready to ship in our warehouse, but there is a limited supply available. When the quantity reaches zero we will be sold out.

Q: You’re out of stock on a product in one of your online sales. Will you be getting any more?
A: Our online sales are only valid for a limited time and stock is limited to what’s currently available. If you see an amazing deal it’s best to take advantage of it right away so you don’t miss out.


In-store Pickup:
Q: Can I use in-store pickup to get the sale price on the product I want?
A: No, unfortunately sale pricing and promotions will apply to online purchases only during the period of the sale and in-store pickup is not available. *No exceptions will be made.

Delivery time:

Q: If I purchase something during an online sale, when will it be delivered?

A: You’ll usually receive a shipment notification within 48 hours (business days only) of your purchase. The time it takes for the shipment to reach you will depend on where you live and which type of shipping you choose. Use the Shipping Estimator tool in your Shopping Cart to calculate the delivery time (and costs) for each shipping option.


Returning products purchased during an online sale:

Q: If I purchase something during an online sale, how can I return it?

A: Products purchased during online sales are just as easy to return as any other product purchased online. Please see our Returns and Exchanges policy.

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