Pre-Orders - FAQ

Entertainment Pre-orders

Why would I pre-order a product?
We offer pre-orders for items that are in high demand before they’re released. Pre-ordering guarantees that you will receive that item on or shortly after the release date. No line-ups, no hassles.

When will I receive my item?
We do our best to ensure that pre-ordered items are shipped as soon as possible. The release date shown is usually the date we receive the product from our supplier and will begin shipping from our warehouse. You should expect to receive your items on or shortly after the release date, depending on when we receive the product from the supplier.
Please note that if the release date is on or close to a holiday, there could be a brief delay in shipping.

Can I pre-order in-store?
All of the most-anticipated releases can be pre-ordered in-store, with some exceptions. A $10 deposit is required for most in-store pre-orders. If you change your mind before the pre-order launches, this deposit is refundable.

Can I pick up pre-ordered items at the store? 
Unfortunately, we do not offer in-store pickup on pre-orders. All pre-ordered items are shipped directly to the address you provided in your account information.

Can I cancel my pre-order? How do I do this?
If you haven’t yet received notification that your pre-order has shipped, simply log into your account and click on your order. You can cancel it there.

What if it has already been shipped and I’ve been billed?
If the item has already been shipped, just wait until it’s delivered, then return it either in-store or through the mail. Refer to our Returns and Exchanges help topic for more information on returns. To find a store near you, please see our Store Locator.

What is the Price Beat Promise? 
The Price Beat Promise ensures that if you find a lower advertised price on the same item, we will beat that price by 10% of the difference. Learn more by referring to our Price Beat Promise help topic.

What happens if the price drops during the pre-order date or on release date?
In the event that the price of a pre-ordered item drops between the time you place order and the time it ships, you will automatically be charged the lower price.

When will I be billed?
You will be billed on the day the item ships. To avoid delays, ensure you use a payment method that will still be valid on the release date.

I still haven’t received my pre-order. What’s going on? 
If you haven’t received shipping notification but the release date has passed, please call customer service at1-800-663-2275 for an ETA.

If you have received shipping notification, and more than a few days have passed since release date, please log into your account to check the shipping status – it may be waiting for you at your local post office. If the item is not there, contact our customer service department at 1-800-663-2275 to make a lost shipment claim. Please note that if the release date of your pre-ordered items falls on or close to a holiday, there could be a brief shipping delay.

How is my pre-order item shipped?
Most pre-ordered items are shipped via Canada Post.


Entertainment Pre-orders

I pre-ordered a title (gaming or movie). I see that there is now special SteelBook™ version or bonus gift being offered with the title. Are all pre-orders eligible for these bonuses? 
Not all pre-orders are eligible for bonus content or promotional items. However, there is the option of cancelling your first pre-order and ordering again to be eligible for the limited edition. These promotions cannot be combined with any other offers.

I pre-ordered a gaming title. I see there is now a limited edition available for the same price. Will my regular edition be upgraded to the limited edition?
Unfortunately, we cannot automatically upgrade your pre-order to the special limited edition version. However, there is the option of cancelling your first pre-order and ordering again to be eligible for the limited edition. Please keep in mind that these items are often time sensitive and limited in number.

My pre-order says that it comes with a beta/early access code or additional downloadable content – what is this and how do I get it?
A beta code is a promotional code provided by the video game studio to collect feedback on the game before it is released. Access to beta versions of games is usually limited to a certain time period before it becomes non-functional.

Downloadable content codes are game add-ons that are provided at the release date. These "DLC" codes can range from weaponry, costumes, characters, multiplayer maps, and more.

Beta and DLC codes are issued one of two ways: packaged with the game or emailed directly to you shortly after the release date. Check the original promotional text on the product information page to see how you will receive your code.

I didn't receive my code. What do I do?
Please contact customer service at 1-800-663-2275.

My pre-order says that it comes with a credit towards a future purchase – what is this and how do I get it?
It’s a promotion. By pre-ordering that particular item, we’re throwing in a credit towards the purchase of another item. It’s our way of saying ‘Thanks, you guys are great.’

Please note that promotional credits that are distributed online can only be redeemed online, and credits distributed in-store can only be redeemed in-store.

Credits are normally issued once the game or movie is released.

Will I receive the promotional items that come with a video game title I pre-ordered in store?
Unfortunately, promotional items cannot be automatically given to you if you’ve pre-ordered in-store as these are often only available in limited quantities and on a first-come, first-serve basis.

I'm ordering a SteelBook ™ online and I see that I'm being charged $0.01 for it. Why?
This is done purely for tracking and internal purposes. $0.01 will be deduced from your game or movie to compensate.

Please note: For pre-orders made using PayPal as the method of payment, it’s possible that the release date will occur after the expiration of the ‘order valid period’ set by PayPal. In these cases your order will be automatically cancelled and re-activated. You will receive additional confirmations via email.

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