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Geek Squad now serving Future Shop customers

By MartinR from 08-01-2014

      geek squad mobile.jpg

What is the most recognizable name in technology services? Geek Squad. Their popularity is partly because of the professional, secret agent like uniform and partly because of the unique and branded Geek Squad Mobiles.  It also doesn’t hurt that one of the most successful fictional television series of the last decade, Chuck, was basically a fictional story about the escapades of a Geek Squad agent who becomes a super-intelligent government spy (who still keeps his day job doing tech support). Mostly, though, they are known across the country because of the great computer, cellular and home services they provide. Now these services will be offered online and in store at Future Shop.

Future Shop and Samsung will help you get future shopping back to school

By MartinR from 08-01-2014

BTS shoppingspree.jpg


Are you ready for the future? Many students are beginning to gather the tools and technology they’ll need to go back to school. Future Shop and Samsung are going to help you learn what tools you’ll need in the future with their #futureshopping contest. Follow the twitter exchange and you may gain valuable insight into what will make you the most prepared to meet the demands of the future. You may also win one of the $1000 weekly prizes, or perhaps even the grand prize worth over $6000! Read on for more details:


Back to School
Feel Great and Improve Productivity with The Right Office Chair

By Leo_Bond from 07-31-2014




Finding the right office chair may not be the highest priority for some, but considering the amount of time we spend sitting in one, it might be worth taking the issue just a little bit more seriously. Future Shop has a great selection of office chairs that will help you to feel great and be more productive at work, and its variety of styles is simply amazing. So why not check out a few of the more interesting chair designs in today’s blog. I assure you, I've selected some of the coolest designs they have! But I also warn you, my taste tends to be a bit eclectic (some would say downright weird), so enter at your own risk! :smileyhappy:


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