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Pioneer Elite Dolby Atmos SC-85 Receiver and Speakers

Pioneer Elite Dolby Atmos SC-85 Receiver and Speakers

The Pioneer Elite SC-85 receiver and Elite speakers are the perfect way to create a powerfully immersive Dolby Atmos sound system in your home.

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Review: Sphero Ollie App-controlled Robot

By Graham from 09-30-2014


Ollie - now that’s a word I haven’t heard in a while. My skateboarding career was short-lived: I smacked my chin on the pavement and ended up with three stitches, much to the chagrin of my mother. This Ollie isn’t a Tony Hawk maneuver though, it’s the latest robotic toy from Sphero. With dual-drive tank tracks and some serious horsepower, the question is: is it fun to play with? Read on, true believers.

Future Shop
Unlock the potential of home automation using Kevo technology

By Elliott from 09-30-2014



At one time or another we've all done it; we’ve left our keys somewhere and locked ourselves out of our dwellings. It's the worst feeling, especially if you don't have a backup key at the ready. This happened to me recently and it prompted me to install something that I've always considered adding to my home: a smart lock by Kevo. 



baby & kids
Can Halloween costumes predict your child's future career?

By the_explorer from 09-29-2014

halloween.jpgHalloween is such a lovely time for parents. Little doctors or superheroes running from door to door focused on the candy that they can get. And you’re watching them, savoring every moment because you know very well this passes so quickly and the next thing you’ll know they’re actual doctors. For this Halloween, however, when you’re buying Halloween costume for your little one, consider this: can Halloween costumes predict your child’s future career? Let’s see….               

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