Insignia TVs, Home Theatre, Accessories, and Much More

Insignia TVs, Home Theatre, Accessories, and Much More

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Better-than-ever entertainment.


You want your TV to be well made, well designed, and to make your entertainment experience better than ever. The Future Shop exclusive brand Insignia delivers all that and more, including 24/7 tech support and an online community. Their new series of L240 LCD HDTVs are nicely designed, reliably made, and affordable.

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The Insignia line of TVs, home theatre components, portable and home audio, and computer accessories are known for their high quality, dependability, and innovative features. Visit your local Future Shop or and you’ll be able to browse for Insignia branded TVs, soundbars, clock radios, computer speakers and more, all for prices that’ll fit nicely into your budget.

Insignia Quality and Dependability

Purchase an Insignia product and you’ll be bringing home an electronic device that’s engineered for quality, dependability, and affordability. Insignia products aren’t about flashy names or attention-grabbing features you don’t need – instead, they take the common sense approach that your electronics should do what they’re supposed to and do it well. With Insignia “well-designed,” “well-made,”, and “great value” come standard with every product.

Insignia Innovation

Insignia takes input from employees and customers, incorporating this feedback into their future products to further improve innovation and performance. From the customer forum on the Insignia website to the suggestions provided by customers and associates in our stores across Canada, Insignia draws from a massive pool of feedback and uses it to create user-requested features and innovations, resulting in products you’ll love.