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Kobo eReaders are the Future of Reading

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Kobo Arc 7” Tablet.

Kobo Arc 7” Tablet.

Kobo’s new Arc Tablet is the ultimate reading and entertainment device.

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Kobo Arc: more than one to choose from

By TeddyK from 02-14-2014



If a Kobo eReader isn’t what you’re looking for, an eReader tablet might fit the bill instead, which is where the trio of Arc tablets come in. While it’s true that an eReader is more focused on actually reading ebooks, a Kobo-flavoured tablet does that and gives you some of the frills you’d expect from an Android device. It’s a marriage that works pretty well, so long as you know what you’re getting from each one.

With Kobo, you can read on your AndroidTM smartphone or tablet anywhere. Click here to download apps today.


Designed to suit the needs of literature and media junkies alike, Kobo boasts eReaders and tablets that let you explore tons of digital content wherever you go. Access the Kobo eBookstore and select your next read from a collection of more than 4 million of the best eBooks, magazines, comics, kids’ books, and more. If you want to really jump off the page, Kobo makes tablets that let you explore literature in full colour, watch TV and film, and keep up with your digital lifestyle.

Meet the future of eReaders.

Avid readers rejoice! Kobo’s cutting-edge eReaders are designed specifically for you. eReaders like the Kobo Glo, Kobo Aura, and Kobo Aura HD let you dive into your favourite literature wherever you go. Easy to read in any light, discerning readers love Kobo eReaders thanks to their bevvy of customizable options that let you create a truly personal reading experience. Enjoy the ultimate in readability with a paper-like E Ink screen and leaf through pages with the swipe of your finger thanks to a responsive touchscreen.

Good reads and more.

Looking for a full multimedia experience? Kobo Arc tablets allow you to read full-colour comics and magazines, connect with friends on social media, and more. When you’re done reading a chapter of your favourite book, open up the CinemaNow app and watch the latest TV episodes and films in stunning HD. Kobo Arc tablets let you carry even the most extensive media collections, giving you the freedom to tote around thousands of eBooks, songs, movies, and more. Built with powerful quad-core processors, each Kobo tablet can seamlessly weave between thousand-page novels, media streaming apps, action-packed games, and more.

Read between the lines.

Reading LifeTM taps into your passion for reading and puts so much more in the palm of your hand. Browse personalized recommendations, share your latest reads with pals, and collect and organize your eBooks and articles on your Kobo Homepage. Turn on Reading Mode to block out distractions and find your ultimate reading oasis, create bookmarks that sync across devices thanks to the Kobo App, and dive into carefully curated themes with Collections. If you want to connect to stories like never before, Beyond the Book delivers a rich reading experience that lets you tap highlighted words to get web articles, related books, and author information.