LEGO®: Learning Through Fun and Play

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LEGO® Learning through play.

Just say the word “LEGO” to most adults and chances are you’ll see their eyes glaze over as their minds jump back to their childhood years, remembering how they spent hours and hours playing with those colourful bricks. Children all over the world have used LEGO® bricks to bring their imaginations to life, building their own toys and then taking them apart to make new ones.

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Ever since their founding in 1932, the LEGO® Group has been creating an ever-growing range of building toys that have stimulated the minds of youngsters all around the world. These instantly-recognizable colourful plastic building bricks have been helping kids of all ages create a nearly infinite range of toys, limited only by the imaginations of the people building them. Simply put: if you can think of it, you can probably build it with LEGO.

LEGO Themes and Sets

With the huge variety of LEGO themes available, chances are that no matter how old you are or what you’re interested in, there’s a LEGO set that’s perfect for you. LEGO Star Wars™ takes you to a galaxy far, far away so you can re-enact the adventures of your favourite Star Wars characters or create your own. The LEGO® Games theme includes a wide range of board games with interactive building elements, perfect for game nights with family and friends. LEGO DUPLO sets features larger bricks and adorably cute pieces, perfect for younger kids with small fingers and big imaginations. Older children can develop advanced building skills by creating amazing models and structures, including moving, programmable robots, with sets like MINDSTORMS® robots and Technic.

The LEGO Philosophy

Long ago, the LEGO® Group realized a certain universal truth: children learn better when they’re having fun. Guided by this philosophy, LEGO® sets and toys have been designed to tap into kids’ limitless imagination and energy so they can develop their creativity and learn about the world around them even as they’re playing with simple ”toys. ”

LEGO for everyone!

You might buy some LEGO® sets for your children, but when you sit down with your kids to play, chances are you’ll have just as much fun with LEGO as they do. You’re never too old to play with LEGO® bricks. .