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Tech Blog Learn more about the latest LG TVs.
LG 2014 TV Classes Overview

LG 2014 TV Classes Overview

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Best TVs we examined in 2014

by gadjosevilla on 12-27-2014

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Overview: LG 70" 1080p 240Hz 3D IPS LED Smart TV (70LB7100)
The Dream Home Theatre
Why NFL Football is Better on a 4K TV
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All I want for Christmas is the LG Blu-ray Player (BP145) and these great Blu-ray discs!

by ErinLYYC on 12-17-2014

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The Dream Home Theatre
Hidden gem! LG 42" 720p 600Hz Plasma HDTV
Overview: LG 55" 4K Smart TV 55UB8500

LG Home Theatre & Audio

LG Blu-ray Player with Wi-Fi (BP340)
Save $10
Sale ends: March 5, 2015

LG Blu-ray Player with Wi-Fi (BP340)

(8 ratings)

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Chef Rodriguez shares his Top Three Kitchen Conundrums

by FutureShop on 11-06-2014

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Ultimate Designer Holiday Gift Guide
Top tools for the kitchen from Top Chef René Rodriguez
Win a new washer and dryer in the “Clean up with LG” contest
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CES 2015: LG G Flex 2 looks and feels stylishly thinner

by TeddyK on 01-06-2015

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Review: LG G3 earns place among elite of 2014
Preview: LG G3 pushes to be among the best smartphones
Android Wear: the basics on what you can expect

LG Mobile

Fido LG G3 Smartphone - Black - 2 Year Agreement
Save $50
Sale ends: March 19, 2015

Fido LG G3 Smartphone - Black - 2 Year Agreement

(4 ratings)

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TELUS LG G2 Smartphone

TELUS LG G2 Smartphone

(4 ratings)

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LG monitors are a clear solution for your tired eyes

by Rajio on 11-20-2014

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LG Electronics: TVs, Appliances, Smartphones, and Much More

For over 50 years LG has been responsible for technological innovations in the fields of TV and home theatre, appliances, smartphones, and more. LG is devoted to honing the cutting edge of technology, developing products with features and designs that are a pleasure to use and help make life just a little bit better.

LG 3D and OLED TV Technology

LG has been pushing the envelope of home theatre technology, creating new features that dazzle the senses in ingenious ways. The latest LG 3DTVs use LG Cinema 3D, a passive 3D technology that employs lightweight, flicker-free glasses to provide a totally immersive, brilliant Full HD experience in 3D. Six pairs of these 3D glasses are included with every Cinema 3D display, and since they're battery-free, they're affordable enough for you to get more for all your friends when you host a party for the big game.

LG has boldly jumped into the next stage of television technology, OLED, by showcasing an incredible 55" OLED 3DTV that's less than 4mm thick – that's thinner than your pinky finger. OLED TVs will start hitting the market later in 2012, setting the stage for the next revolution in home theatre entertainment.

LG Smartphones

LG has been riding at the forefront of smartphone innovation, breaking new ground with advances like the world's first LTE smartphone with a true HD (720p) display, so you can enjoy videos, photos, and games with incredibly sharp detail and stunning resolution.

LG Home Appliances

Leading-edge technology, easy-to-use features, and aesthetically-pleasing designs are all signature elements of LG's line of home appliances. From adaptive steam cleaning, one of the many features that helped LG become the top-selling brand of front-load washers in Canada, to fridges with Smart Cooling technology, LG appliances put the "art" in "state-of-the-art."