If music matters to you, choose the premium quality of Marantz

If music matters to you, choose the premium quality of Marantz

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Marantz A/V Receivers: This is what amazing sounds like.


If you’re looking at building up a sweet home theatre or audio system and you’re unfamiliar with the name Marantz, you should get acquainted. For over 50 years, Marantz has been producing components that make audiophiles swoon. And throughout their history they’ve made it their mission to continually improve and refine their technology to deliver music and sound the way it was meant to be heard.

Marantz A/V receivers are no exception. They’re designed and built to reproduce sound so accurately you’d swear it was live in the room. And wherever you install them in your home, you’ll enjoy years of use from DLNA-Certified components that are easy to use and designed with smart features like AirPlay and Bluetooth technology to stream your audio. This is true listening pleasure.

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Marantz AV Receivers, Blu-ray Players, Hi-Fi Components, and Accessories


Audio connoisseurs know that truly accurate, high-quality audio equipment isn’t always easy to find, and when it is found it should be cherished and appreciated. That’s why Marantz hi-fi audio components are renowned around the world for providing a superior grade of premium home theatre entertainment.

Many dedicated audiophiles cherish the hi-fi Marantz components they’ve owned for years – even compared to today’s advanced technological standards, these Marantz products still hold their own, providing the vivid, immersive, and incredibly accurate sound excellence that the Marantz brand has come to symbolize. Marantz high fidelity components produce sound quality so precisely faithful that they allow you to enjoy music exactly as the recording artist intended.

Marantz products are also known for their durability: in the 1970s a Marantz receiver survived a house fire, including a 20-foot drop and being doused with water, and still worked perfectly.

Marantz has always been a forerunner in the latest trends in home theatre electronics. They developed the first publicly announced CD player in 1982, then moved into THX-certified amplifiers, LCD projectors, and plasma monitors in the 90s. In recent years Marantz has released Blu-ray players and AV receivers that carry on their tradition for top-quality, high fidelity audio and video reproduction. The latest audio components from Marantz incorporate the latest standards like HDMI connectivity, Internet radio, and AirPlay compatibility, so you can wirelessly stream audio from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.