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Uncompromising performance from MartinLogan

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Martin Logan

Ultimate sound at an affordable price.

Want to know what makes the Motion Series sound so incredible? MartinLogan has perfected one of the most advanced compact audio technologies and combined them with breathtaking aesthetics. What you get is amazing performance at a price that will fit your budget. The key to their unique sound is their Folded Motion™ tweeter, (similar to those found on ultra-high-end speakers) which provides richly detailed highs, an incredibly fast transient response, and an unbelievably dynamic and precise sound.

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Formed out of a shared passion for music and high sound quality, MartinLogan has been in the business of producing the ultimate in aural quality since the early 1980’s. Their line of speakers and subwoofers build on decades of audio experience to deliver incredibly detailed sound inside a shell that compliments the flat-panel displays of today.

With fast, free shipping on all MartinLogan products, it’s never been easier or more affordable to enjoy the MartinLogan sound experience in your own home. Future Shop carries an extensive range of MartinLogan products and here’s a small sample of the different options available to you.

MartinLogan Speakers

Whether you’re looking at the MartinLogan Motion series or their top-of-the-line electrostatic loudspeakers you can expect home theatre sound like nothing you have experienced before. Surprisingly compact, the engineers at MartinLogan have cracked the problem of dynamic range in smaller speakers thanks to their unique Folded Motion Tweeter technology, so there’s no need to automatically equate a smaller speaker with a drop in expected sound quality.

No matter which MartinLogan speaker you choose, exceptionally deep and rich bass comes as standard, meaning you’re in for the ultimate in sound quality.

MartinLogan Subwoofers

Any speaker set is improved by the presence of a subwoofer and the MartinLogan collection of subwoofers are inherently superior to other brands as they are designed to effortlessly sync to the speed and detail of an electrostatic speaker set, the gold standard for home listening. Each of the impressive subwoofers deliver detailed bass inside surprisingly compact shells that give a discreet nod to the design aesthetic of your home. Pair the subwoofer with a pair of sparkling MartinLogan speakers to fill your home with a sound that does justice to your favourite songs.