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What You Need to Stay Fit for the New Year

Working out and shedding weight – Yes, I know those are clichéd New Year’s resolution but it’s on our minds after the gluttonous eating over the holidays. A little gadgetry can inspire you to jump start this annual resolution and get yourself moving and staying healthy.

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Unlike electronics, our bodies don't come with a warranty. We need to exercise, hydrate and nourish right. Organika has the tools to help you stay at the top of your game and finish strong.

A Canadian company that’s based in Richmond, BC, Organika has grown into a world-class manufacturer that distributes high-quality health products to markets all across the globe. Organika's 23 years of experience and drive for innovation have led to the creation of over 450 supplements, addressing a broad spectrum of health issues. Organika has translated the rigorous high quality standards of their supplements into a fast-growing, award-winning functional foods line.

The Organika Difference

Organika maintains the highest standards of quality assurance and quality control and handle all of their organic functional foods in a certified organic facility.. They were the first health supplement manufacturer in Canada to announce cGMP (Canadian Good Manufacturing Practices) certification, and with regular inspections and testing they keep up this high level of quality for all supplement manufacturing. Also a manufacturer of functional foods, Organika's certified facility undergoes rigid testing, inspection, and audits to ensure that they meet Canadian Organic Standards to provide authentic organic products. Your health deserves nothing less.

Organika Functional Foods

While you are connected to everything in your busy, on-the-go life, don't forget to stay connected to your health. Functional foods are a great way to easily integrate healthy choices at the office, in the car, and while you’re out and about.

Include ingredients such as Organika's Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Coconut Palm Sugar, Organic Coconut Nectar Vinegar, Organic Spirulina, and Ultimate Fibre into your everyday health routine. When people are counting on you to stay connected, count on Organika Health Products.

Organika Supplements

It’s not just about vitamins. For one-stop health and wellness in every aspect of your life, choose Organika.

Their wide range of supplements uphold their high standard of quality, purity and potency. Organika product lines include common vitamins such as B12 and valuable additions to their health regiment such as Bee Propolis. Organika's innovative selection contributes to their success as a leading health supplement manufacturer in Canada.

Organika aromatherapy oils, created from pure, natural sources, can calm your mind or soothe your mood after a trying day. Organika creams can protect and moisturize your skin to make it feel soft and beautiful, and gels can help relieve pain and muscle inflammation.