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Apple iPad 2 16GB With Wi-Fi - Black

  • Model Number: MC769C/A
  • WebID: 10165254
(345 ratings)

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The iPad changed the way we use computers, consume content, and entertain ourselves. The Apple iPad 2 will do it all over again. Equipped with the all-new A5 chip, front and rear-facing cameras, gyroscope, a 33%-thinner profile and a plethora of other improvements, it's everything you could possibly want in a tablet, and then some. (Please note: This is the WiFi version)

More Information

The iPad 2 is equipped with Apple's new A5 processor, which boasts dual cores, CPU speed that's twice as fast, and graphics that offer performance up to 9 times greater than its predecessor. In short, this remarkably sleek, svelte and portable device pushes a lot of power. And, best of all, it offers the same incredibly efficient 10-hour battery life.

Now outfitted with two cameras - rear and front facing - the iPad 2 adds more dimension to communication. Connect with friends and family over FaceTime and take still shots using the front-facing VGA camera, or shoot amazing HD video with the rear camera. Then play with and edit your photos in Photo Booth, and use iMovie to enjoy amazing video editing capabilities, including themes, sound effects, and sharing options, with the iPad 2's intuitive touchscreen.

In addition to iMovie, the iPad 2 now has its own version of GarageBand, allowing you to create and record up to 8 tracks using your own instruments or using the in-program instruments. Creating, recording, and editing have never been easier. (Please note: Garage Band and iMovie are sold separately at the App Store)

The operating system's been improved, too. With iOS 4.3, there's so much more to love. Enjoy iTunes sharing over your home WiFi network, increased Safari performance, Airplay functionality, and even a preference for iPad switch.

You can even expand the iPad's functionality. With the HDMI out function, a simple accessory lets you connect the iPad to your HDTV and enjoy all its functionality on a bigger screen - perfect for enjoying pictures, video and so much more. The brilliant new Smart Cover system uses a folding design to let you prop up the iPad 2 in any way you like while employing a soft display cover and magnets to protect and clean the screen when not and use. (Please note: These accessories are sold separately.)

What's in the Box

  • Dock Connector to USB Cable
  • A/C Adapter

Manufacturer's Warranty

  • Parts - 1 Year(s)
  • Labour - 1 Year(s)

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Display Type LCD
Screen Size 9.7 in
Native Screen Resolution 1024 x 768
Touchscreen Yes
3D Capable Display No
Screen Finish Glossy
Built-in Storage Capacity 16 GB
Built-in Storage Type Flash Memory
Built-in Memory Card Reader No
Compatible Memory Card Types Not Applicable
Max Memory Card Capacity Not Applicable
RAM Size 512 MB
Rear Camera Still Resolution 0.7 MP
Rear Camera Video Resolution 960 x 720 @ 30 fps
Rear Camera Autofocus No
Front Camera Still Resolution 0.3 MP
Front Camera Video Resolution 640 x 480 @ 30 fps
Front Camera Autofocus No
Front Camera Flash No
Video Calling (Wi-Fi) Yes
Video Calling (Cellular) No
3D Photos No
3D Video Recording No
Processor Type Apple A5
Processor Speed 1 GHz
Operating System iOS 4
Operating System Language Bilingual
Microsoft Office No
App Store Compatibility Apple App Store
Built-in Speaker Yes
Integrated Microphone Yes
Microphone Input No
Hardware Volume Control Yes
Headphone Jack Size 3.5 mm
Integrated Bluetooth Yes - 2.1 + EDR
3G No
4G No
Assisted GPS Navigation No
Unassisted GPS Navigation No
HDMI Output Yes - Adapter Sold Separately
DLNA Certified No
USB 3.0 Ports No
USB 2.0 Ports No
Thunderbolt Ports No
Approximate In-use Battery Life Up To 10 Hours
Charge over USB Yes
Physical Features
Sensors 3-axis Gyro; Accelerometer;Ambient Light
Hard-key QWERTY Keyboard No
Colour Black
Height 24.1 cm
Depth 0.8 cm
Width 18.6 cm
Height (Inches) 9.5 in
Depth (Inches) 0.3 in
Width (Inches) 7.3 in
What's in the Box
Warranty Labour 1 Year(s)
Warranty Parts 1 Year(s)



Customer Reviews

3.0 / 5
Based on 345 ratings,35 Reviews
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Positive vs. Critical Reviews

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Critical 44%

11 Reviews

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  • from Orleans, ON
  • Feb 26, 2014

my IPAD 2

I like it but I'm just beginning to understand and finding every thing i can do, 1 new surprise every day. It is very good for some one like me over 60ans without knowledge about the fast line today. Enjoy i do.

  • from Nanaimo, BC
  • Jan 23, 2014

For what I need, it's excellent

Let me say that I am not in love with all things technical, nor am I into impressing people with the "latest" thing. I bought this strictly for the video camera and the accompanying editing program. I am more into easy and simple. So from that standpoint, I am exceedingly happy. There may be faster, better tablet with more bells and whistles, but for a "dinosaur" like me, it's pretty perfect.

  • from Toronto, ON
  • Jan 03, 2014

Apple iPad 2 is a dinosaur

May have been at the top of it's class in it's day, but it has been far exceeded by both newer generation iPads and by Android Tablets. Better and more current Androids are available for less money, or you can spend a little more to get a newer, far superior iPad. This device can only handle the simplest of tasks, it's processor is very slow and the camera is terrible. Do yourself a favor and upgrade to a newer device. You will get far better value!

  • from Miramichi N.B.
  • Dec 31, 2013

Apple iPad 2

very impressed with this product

  • from St. John's, NL
  • Dec 26, 2013


So far the product is pretty good.

  • from North Bay, ON
  • Dec 10, 2013

Waist of money.

Sure iPads are cool and are fun to have but the noflash player really caps the experience. I also find that the App Store is over priced and the tax on a cheap punches is really annoying I would not recommend it for anyone who likes watching tv or any other media on there Computer and they also break too eaisly one time I dropped my ipad about half a inch and the screen shattered and back when it happened it costed about [...]$ and today you probaly can't even get it fixed. I also find them slow and occasionally laggy. In conclusion I would not reccemount this product to anyone unless you just plan to use it to play games and personally I would recommend the samsung galaxy tab insted.

  • from Calgary AB
  • Nov 08, 2013


I recently purchased the Ipad 2 for my self and it has been one of the best purchases I have ever made. Its handy and i can take it with me when i travel without taking my laptop with me.I LOVE MY IPAD 2

  • from Sarnia, ON
  • Jul 29, 2013

PROS: Safe and User Friendly CONS: Camera sucks :(

I recently purchased the Ipad 2 for my 7 year-old child and it has been one of the best purchases I have ever made. Its very user friendly, and the biggest advantage I think the Ipad has over the competition is that it's very safe. We've never had any issues with malware, spyware or viruses. I've never owned an Apple product, but now I can see what all the fuss is about :) The only drawback is that the camera quality looks like something you would expect from a cellphone that's several years old. If you are purchasing this for a child or even a accident prone adult I would highly recommend a Griffin Survivor Case. It not only protects it from bumps, but spills as well.

  • from Mississauga, ON
  • Jun 04, 2013

Awesome Tablet!

iPad 2 Do you like to play games, read, listen to music and much more? Well if you do I would suggest an iPad 2.The iPad 2 is an amazing portable tablet because it has a big screen, download new games, listen to music and has amazing wifi! In other people’s reviews there have been a lot of people that say “they just can’t stay away from it, family just love it!” This is another one of the many people who appreciate the iPad an; amazing product! Another reason why you should buy it, take other people's opinions too. One person even said they can’t live without it. Everyone should have an iPad 2 because if you had one you would be able to play games, facetime people and it’s portable! The battery last for about 10 hours so you could be playing for 10 hours straight! The iPad is good for all ages and is fun. Although there are many good things about the iPad there are also some bad things about the iPad as well. For example the iPad is addicting so you can’t really stop playing and sometimes even do your work. Sometimes the apps can crash on your iPad. All these are some of the bad thing about the iPad. Even though I love the iPad 2 I had to be honest about all the bad thing about the iPad 2 because I didn’t want someone to buy the product without knowing the problems with it. Before people buy the iPad 2 they need to know what they’re getting into. The iPad 2 is an amazing tablet. It’s good for all ages and download new apps which you can play, read and have lots of fun with. Therefore you should buy the iPad 2.

  • from Ottawa, ON
  • Dec 27, 2012

Don't BUY! :(

I have bought an apple ipad and it is NOT a good tablet for you if you want to use it to browse the internet, transfer or write documents, or if you want to take pictures. PRO's:I only liked the hardware. CON's: Screen, If you want to write documents, Poor camera quality, and every time i browse the internet, it always says content cannot be displayed. I will exchange my item with a Samsung Galaxy tab.

  • from Marathon, ON
  • Sep 20, 2012


I have always had a iPod so being used to an Apple product is very helpful because of the many features. I thought making a pros and cons list would be easier. Pros: Lots of apps Good features Decent amount of space Cons: Need an Apple account for many of it's features Camera is terrible Safari crashes frequently Wi-Fi is "alright" Overall, Decent product.

  • from Halifax
  • Mar 12, 2012

Good for some

Having never planned on owning a tablet, I was given an IPad 2 for my birthday last year. It was my first Apple product and I was initially really happy with it! I used it to surf the web, read news, play a few games (apps) as well as watch movies while traveling. As time passed, several nagging issues began to bother me: (1) Lack of flash support. I know flash is going away, but there is still online content that I like to watch that is flash-based. Might be a non-issue soon. (2) Media integration. I hated having to fire up iTunes in order to copy content to my device. Maybe iCloud has solved this? Also, I had to reformat my movies in order to get them to play on the iPad, and I had to download an app even then to play them. It worked well, but I got tired of the process. (3) Size. I really liked the size and sharpness of the display for watching movies, but I found the size of the tablet problematic when holding it for long periods of time. I like to sit in a chair or on the couch and hold it is if I'm reading a book, and it's tough to hold the tablet in one hand while using the other to type/navigate. (4) Lack of multitasking. I found I couldn't move from one app to another without first going through the home screen. Maybe this was solved by iOS 5? I remember trying to buy plane tickets, and going back and forth between airline websites and a spreadsheet I had open trying to work out my budget... it was so painful I gave up and went to the computer. On the other hand, I found the OS intuitive and uncluttered, I liked the construction of the unit, and I liked using FaceTime with other iPad users. And of course, there are tons of great apps, but at a cost. I decided to try a couple of other tablets to see if I could find something better. First up, I tried Android: the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. I found it to be too customizable, too cluttered, and not particularly intuitive. I continued to have trouble with Flash (though I could sometimes get it to work), it was a bit easier to watch movies, and there were tons of free apps, but it wasn't a pleasure to use. It didn't feel like a premium product like the iPad did - maybe Android will be there in a couple of more versions. I then tried the Blackberry Playbook. Based on the reviews I'd heard, I expected the worst. It is quite small - which really took some getting used to, however it did allow me to hold it easily lying on the couch :) I found the screen to be extremely sharp (better than the iPad), which in part made up for the size - I could still read text from a similar distance as the iPad. The OS was the biggest surprise - I found it as simple as iOS on the iPad. The built in multitasking pushed it beyond the iOS in my consideration. I really liked just navigating around the tablet. I then found that I could access the Playbook over the network without plugging it into the computer, and copy music/pictures/videos to it - another great feature that solved an issue I was having with the iPad. Finally, I got an HDMI output cable and tried watching an online flash TV show on my TV and was blown away by the picture quality (HD out) (and by the fact that flash worked as advertised). The negatives of the Playbook are pretty obvious - it's very small. I found this to be a positive in my case... now I play a lot of games on it (like Dead Space - what a great game and what a surprise that I could use the playbook for real gaming) and it is great for that. Makes controlling the game simple. But if you want a big screen for facetime/pictures/browsing the internet, it's not for you. The app selection is AWFUL - very few apps to start with, and the ones that do exist are often really bad. There have been a bunch of decent games put out recently though. I'm not a big app person, so I don't mind, though I do wish that there were a few more.

  • from calgary
  • Mar 08, 2012

flash support?

Bought one of these and discovered that it is useless to browse the internet. No Flash support come on Apple, Usb, and SD slot would be a good addition. Hardware is nice but the software is limited.

  • from Gabriola, BC
  • Feb 24, 2012

The best Tablet of it's time!!!

I bought this on launch day and have loved it ever since. I use it every day and am impressed with how even today it is still better than anything else out there. A must have if you are looking into getting a tablet and now that you don't ever have to connect it to a computer or have ever owned a computer before in your life makes it the best fit for every type of person out there.

  • from Vanciuver
  • Jan 10, 2012


I love this thing, I got one for Christmas... I had never thought of buying one bcuZ of the price in comparison to other tablets. I had a playbook which is now collecting dust. This tablet is blazing fast, with way more apps available that playbook or android, and they all work well, which is more than I can say for my crappy "gpad" by android The only things I dislike about this tablet are, the cameras, both are lame and lacking... Reall awful resolution... And the screen, what gives... No retina display?!?

  • from Canada
  • Dec 29, 2011


This is the best tablet i have ever used!!! Of course becuase it's apple and everything but still it's very usefull. You could take pics and works just like an awesome camera which is good to and has wifi!

  • from Brampton, ON
  • Dec 29, 2011

Amazing Product!

Got it yesterday so I had time to check out the apps and etc, but this item is amazing. Not coming from an Apple fanboy since this is actually my first APPLE item.

  • from Richmond
  • Dec 29, 2011


I bought the Playbook but returned that junk because it has no email program, the screen while nice is too small and surfing is not very smooth. I bought the Ipad2 and whoa, Huge difference. The poor reviewers have obviously never owned or even handled an Ipad, so obvious.

  • from Mississauga
  • Dec 29, 2011

IT Support

I bought an IPAD 16GB Black about 2 months ago. Here are some of the pro's and con's. Pro's: Good quality hardware Best Touchscreen responsiveness Clear display Beautiful OS. Not cluttered like Android is All sorts of APPs All sorts of accessories Con's: Horrible cameras - front and the back Horrible picture and movie quality Clocked down. No SD or Flash Drive connectivity option Expensive tablet "Not worth paying premium price" Expensive accessories "Cost becomes so high, you better buy something else" so you can get more for less Overall, this is a decent product. I would rate it a 3. However, shame to Apple for putting a .03 megapixel camera in front...Skype looks terrible and .06 megapixel camera in the back. Pictures and videos look terrible. If only Brackberry Playbook had a bigger screen and few more apps, it'd be the best quality product in the market.

  • from Kelowna
  • Dec 13, 2011

Cool toy, way overpriced.

I won one of these, never even considered buying one. When you can get a laptop that does everything this does and everything it doesn't(which is a lot), why would you get this? 16GB of disk space? I have a tiny little thumbstick in my pocket with twice that. Any half decent app is very large and with a few apps, there is literally no room for music. Oh sure, you could upgrade to a whopping 32GB, or with a laptop get a 1TB drive for the same difference. And it doesn't even provide the full web. Considering the vast amount of sites that still use flash, it creates an incredibly frustrating browsing experience and that's before the constant Safari crashes. I have come to the conclusion that some people will buy anything at any price as long as it has half eaten apple emblazoned on it and the numbers don't lie. It's a neat little toy, but if you're considering between an iPad and a laptop/netbook, spend your hard earned money on something that will work hard for you in return. And that's definitely not the iPad.

  • from Halifax, NS
  • Nov 18, 2011

Maybe this will clear things up !

First I want to let everyone know that flash will no longer be supported on mobile devices bc HTML5 is more efficient and is widely used now instead of flash. Bought the iPad2 , extremely happy !! Whatever you buy is your preference but I will tell you what I know from experience...... When smartphones came out I tried them all htc,rim and apple All nice phones but u don't really see the difference until u have one for 6 months to a year. That said ,the batteries start to drain fast and need replacement And the cheapness starts to show and updates weren't the best except for the apple iPhone ! The battery lasts for a day with heavy use, games ,Internet, texts and phone calls. The apple product is not cheaply made its solid. And smile here, the iOS updates actually updates serious functionality even for older versions so every once in a while it greatly updates the experience. THIS IS ALL THE SAME WHEN IT COMES TO TABLETS Buy your preference , but if you want reliablilty and good updates that continuously adds functionality get an iPad2 . I could go on and on about ios5 and the app store etc etc We have 3 iPhones( 3GS,4,4s ) 2 iPads ( 1 & 2 ) and apple tv The stuff just works and it works well Long are the days of configuring and fighting with computer and phones to get functionality Ios5 streaming, wifi sync , icloud and video mirroring are top notch !! Our setup All videos and music stored on computer Streams to ipad2 connected to 50" tv and sit back on the couch with the apple remote and weeeeeeeee And Netflix mirrors too We also load videos and play them on the back headrest for the kids The ipad 1 is up front with a nice mount on the dash with all my music videos so instead of just songs we play the videos , it's like a touchscreen stereo but u can take it with u and use it for other stuff too ! Anyway make up your own mind Ps there's always gonna be the odd lemon with any product and the will always be lovers and haters for each BUT I'm truely not bias I've have tried almost all the phones and tablets and this is my experience, I don't care if the product can do backflips or play flash that it won't do no more, I require ease of use functionality and not silly weather screensaver that drain the battery or products that literally fall apart ! I'm no fanboy but apple makes real quality shhhh

  • from Nova Scotia
  • Oct 25, 2011

Apple is the best!!

I love my Ipad, and compared to other tablets and cheap notebooks, Apple far surpasses any other brand. The fact that it doesn't read Flash is a drawback but I'm confident that Apple will come through and improve on the next generation so that it will. I love watching movies on it and reading books. It was a great purchase and I highly recommend any Apple product.

  • from St. John's NL
  • Oct 25, 2011

iLove it

Bought this product on Friday 10/21/11. I always wanted one and finally got one. Extremely satisfied with it. I didnt need the 3G one because I could easily pair it with my iPhone3GS via Bluetooth to share the 3G internet connection. The iPad 2 is extremely solid and well built compared to the dozens of cheaper android plastic tablets. Takes advantage of the Dual core processor and double the RAM of the first iPad thus making it very fast and efficient with all new ways to swipe and multitask. I can also use iCloud with my iMac and iPhone its easy to manage data between all 3 now.

  • from Montreal
  • Sep 26, 2011

Believe those who REALLy used one...

Amazing how Apple manages to outsell all others by a HUGE margin. The reason is simple they don't rely on false customer reviews of their competition. Though there may have been a few problems with screens (this is when you discover why Apple won top place for customer service 8 years in a row!) in general is is built better than ANY other machine. It has many more usable apps than ANY other machine and has a VERY fast CPU (Check REAL review sites for proof). Buy it and try it, you will see why so many people keep the iPad2 and return the rest. PS. We have 2 in our family.

  • from Ottawa
  • Aug 24, 2011

iPad 2 is extremely average

I feel deceived about the hype of the item. Yes it is a little computer, but the lack of a keyboard makes it extremely difficult to navigate, or even keep the screen clean. Odd to say, but netbooks are far more useful and less painful when it comes to your wallet. I am glad I tried, but will stick with my old laptop for watching films or writing e-mails.

  • from Timmins, ontario
  • Aug 24, 2011

Just a oversized ipod touch

Nice screen size but just like a oversized and overpriced iPod touch. If you have a iPod touch or iPhone it's the exact same layout but in a bigger format.

  • from St. John's
  • Aug 24, 2011

Better out there for $$$

Bought an ipad 2 because I have a iphone and all the hype. This product is all hype. Surfing the net was painful. Same as my iphone, only bigger screen. Got tired of seeing the icon for not able to display content. Bought it Friday returned it on Sunday. Got the Acer tablet. Couldn't be happier! Next phone may be an android device as well :)

  • from Toronto
  • Aug 17, 2011

Best tablet ever!

I bought it 2 weeks ago after comparing it with so many other tablets. I am definitely satisfied with my purchase.

  • from Belleville
  • Aug 11, 2011

iPad 2 Walk away

I purchased this product as a replacement for my Netbook. I wanted something portable with a touch screen that I could write documents on, surf the web and watch movies. I found it very difficult to use the iPad for writing documents. At best, I could write limited notes with no formatting. While surfing the web, I was amazed to find out how many websites I visit actually use flash to display content. What a deal breaker. Watching movies was another experience I wouldn't wish on anyone. The edge of the screen was distorted and a bright greenish colour kept grabbing my attention away from the screen. The movies also crashed every time I received an email. Walk away.

  • from Stratford
  • Aug 08, 2011

Must be an apple person

If you don't already own any Apple products then stay far away! You need to have an apple account and itunes in order to make this product work. If you like to keep it simple, then stay with the PC, I am returning mine now for a netbook

  • from Muskoka
  • Jul 25, 2011

Nice tablet

I got the Asus Eee pad and decided that the build quaily was no where near the iPad. Nice that the processor is a dual vs. The first generation iPad. Give it 4 of 5 because it has to be used with iTunes to manage data.

  • from Toronto
  • Jul 23, 2011

Travel Tablet

Great looking screen, cool apps and very responsive. No flash support or USB limits its functionality. Would not buy 3G as you can tether it to your IPhone via Bluetooth. Expensive but still best rated tablet. Use for surfing web and travel. Well worth it for that.

  • from Pickering
  • Jul 08, 2011

Good not great

While I like the software integration I have noticed a few bad things. Camera quality is poor. Transferring files is a pain. does get slow when a few apps are open. I actually returned this unit for the motorola zoom.

  • from St.catharines
  • May 31, 2011


The apple ipad2 is an AMAZING device it's all I could ever ask for in a tablet !! The only thing I think is wrong is the backlight bleeding but over all it is AMAZING DEVICE I think you should try it out !!!!!!!

  • from St. Catharines
  • Mar 29, 2011

backlight bleed

Purchased iPad2 on March 25th release day. Was really happy with performance and ease of use. Camera quality is so-so. However while watching a widescreen movie trailer in a dimly lit living room I noticed the backlight bleeding out from the edge in several different spots. The bleed came out about 1cm from the edge towards the centre of the screen and was yellow in colour. Apparently this issue is affecting a number of users. I gave it a couple of days to see if it would go away on its own which it did not. I returned it as it is currently sold out and there are no units for exchange. The bleed was only noticable during completely black backgrounds but that's pretty much any widescreen video. If I'm paying for an apple product that is all screen, I expect the screen to be flawless. If it wasn't for the defective screen I would give it a 5.

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