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Call Of Duty: Ghosts (PlayStation 4)

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(38 ratings)


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Defend a crippled nation struggling to survive in Call of Duty: Ghosts when the global balance of power is irrevocably changed following a devastating event. Lead a fledgling military against a total collapse, and lead the fight against a new superpower with your nation's Special Operations forces, known only as "Ghosts".

More Information

  • Experience stunning, immersive performance in this boldly reimagined Call of Duty universe. The next-gen engine delivers lifelike characters, gorgeous environments, and authentic animations brought to life by advanced lighting systems and visual effects
  • You'll become the underdog for the first time in franchise history as you fight to reclaim a fallen nation
  • Meet a new cast of characters and explore locations you've never seen before
  • Experience evolved multiplayer action where interactive elements and player-triggered events affect the outcome of every match
  • The entire landscape can shift, so you have to be ready to change tactics and strategies on the fly
  • With 20,000 possible combinations, you can completely customize your soldier
  • Change their physical appearance by choosing gender, head type, body type, head gear, and equipment
  • The new contextual lean system lets you lean around obstacles without adding button combinations or leaving cover, while the new mantling system lets you fluidly move over objects without losing momentum
  • Delivers more than 20 new kill streaks including Juggernaut Maniac, the Helo Scout, the Vulture, and the ODIN strike
  • You can also bring in guard dog Riley from the single-player campaign to help you attack enemies and do battle with more than 30 new weapons
  • Build your team and take up to six soldiers into battle, giving you the best parts of multiplayer and lets you play alone or in co-op with custom soldiers created and tested in multiplayer mode
  • This new 1-4 player co-op mode combines fast-paced survival gameplay, base defense, player customization and class levelling
  • Your team faces a dangerous inhuman threat that has taken over a Colorado town, and you must use communication and teamwork to eliminate it however you can
Operating Language English; French
Instruction Manual Language English/French
Warranty Parts 30 Day(s)

18 Customer Reviews for Call Of Duty: Ghosts (PlayStation 4)

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3.0 / 5
Based on 38 ratings
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17 Reviews

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  • C
  • from North Bay, ON
  • Jan 14, 2014


Very Disappointing.. campaign is very short...multiplayer really isn't any better then any previous cods...just not much to say about this one... boring and short...

  • Crystal gamer girl
  • from London, ON
  • Jan 03, 2014

call of duty ghosts

great games a lot of fun!!!

  • Joshua
  • from Sudbury, ON
  • Dec 17, 2013

Good game but getting stale

Every year there will always be a new Call Of Duty game, sometimes the series can be good other times they take a step back (not good). Ghosts certainly takes a step forward and also steps back, it's not as featured rich as Black Ops 2 was, you will also notice there is not many strike packages or point streaks this time around. They also removed the Theater mode, so saving videos of your best games is now useless (unless you use the share video feature on the PS4, but restricted). Ghosts isn't the best in the series, feels more of a rush job to get the game out to the masses. This is of course a Infinity Ward Game, most of their Call of Duty's arr never featured rich as opposed to Treyarch's. My least favorite mode is Extinction mode, you fight off aliens and not zombies this time around which can get tiresome really quick. Single Player is short but sweet (It is a Call of Duty game they last up to 8 to 10 hours depending on difficulty). Multiplayer could use more guns and strike packages. On the PS4 the graphics really shine and look very pretty, I wouldn't call it a next gen Call of Duty because the game feels really rushed for a PS4 title, next years Call of Duty by Treyarch will truly shine in the next gen department (Black Ops 3 or maybe some new title?) and loaded with features. I would say Call of Duty Ghosts is a average but okay title if your looking for that trigger finger fun, It might not be the best in the series, i would recommend maybe waiting for the next one to come or wait for a major price drop.

  • Mohd
  • from Ottawa, ON
  • Dec 16, 2013

Nothing spacial

I bought this title and i didn't find it is good as previous released

  • Darren
  • from Calgary, AB
  • Dec 05, 2013

Save your money

Same old COD. 1 player is ok but short. Seems like they didn't try very hard with the multiplayer. This is the last COD game I will buy. They are running purely on the name and relying on that to sell the game, not on how good it is anymore. I will be selling this.