Collective Minds Rapid Fire PS3 Controller (CM00066)

  • Model Number: CM00066
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Collective Minds Rapid Fire PS3 Controller (CM00066)



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Mindforce Rapid Fire Controllers are the first and only rapid fire controllers to numerically display and adjust shots per second in real time.  No more counting tiny lights or complicated button sequences, the shots per second are displayed right on the face of your controller!

More Information

  • Illumination - No more playing in the dark. Strategically placed LED?s illuminate the Rapid Fire PS3 Controller for your gaming pleasure!
  • LED Display - MINDFORCE patent pending display technology allows players to visually adjust shots per second in real time. Fine tune your fire rate in game to maximize damage.
  • Shots per second - Unlike other rapid fire controllers the Rapid Fire PS3 allows for customized fire rates of up to 99.9 shots per second.
  • Rapid fire - Make semi automatic weapons automatic. 10 memory locations to save your favorite settings, plus two dedicated akimbo/dual wield configurations. The rapid fire button allows you to quickly toggle rapid fire on and off.

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4 Customer Reviews for Collective Minds Rapid Fire PS3 Controller (CM00066)

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  • Steve
  • from Port Coquitlam, BC
  • Mar 31, 2014


Despite its cool appearance and adjustable fire rate, ONLY the L1 and R1 buttons are have rapid features. If you are playing are like to use any other buttons for other types of games, this is not a recommended controller.

  • Diego
  • from
  • Oct 07, 2012

Very good bad connection tho

I really like this controller but every once in a while the controller goes slow so the response is late (excludes when wired) but over all its a great controller

  • Miles
  • from Canada
  • Mar 16, 2012

Great Controller, even without Additional Features

Before I even begin with the amazing capabilities of the controller, I have to say, it feels great in your hands when you hold it. Immediately, you notice the difference between this controller and the standard Dualshock 3. The L2/R2 buttons also have the design that doesn't make your fingers slip right off of it, so there's no need to buy any triggers for this controller (should it be compatible with any). As for the added features, I didn't quite understand the settings until I tried them out for myself. All in all, it is very easy to switch from one rapid fire setting to the next, as there are 12 different presets for the controller, the last two made specifically for dual wield weapons (although occasionally the left weapon doesn't fire rapidly, I rarely find myself using semi-auto pistols duel wielded). While the shots-per-second counter isn't entirely accurate (guns that normally shoot 15-16 rounds per second can still shoot that amount when the SPS is set to 20 and not cause double sampling and therefore shoot much slower than it's able to), all you need is a little adjustment from the gun's actual RPM to match; I've figured that some weapons just aren't designed to fire at its maximum RPM (some sniper rifles have 1200 RPM, and aren't very usable at that point!), but they're still doable at a lower fire rate, so the slight inaccuracy of the controller's SPS really isn't an issue. There are also actions that you can perform in-game (for COD games, anyway) based on the direction you press on the d-pad of the controller when you hold the "modify" button on the back of the controller, such as quickscoping and drop shotting (going prone and then shooting). You can also remap the buttons for the controller, and while this may seem pointless for the controller as the game sets the buttons anyway, you should still set the control scheme to match in-game controls, as the fire buttons can change and instead of firing rapidly, you could take out and throw a grenade when you didn't want to, for example. Overall, I'm very glad I bought this controller. Haven't tried it online yet, but I don't care if I'm caught using it; if you can technically do it in-game and a controller helps you do it more efficiently, it's not considered cheating (aim-bots excluded, of course). Besides, I play for fun, not competitively, and if the controller will help my experience in playing the game, I think it's worth a shot.

  • Jonathan
  • from Montreal
  • Dec 16, 2011

Really Good

This controller is very good, it feels good, preforms really well and looks AMAZING in the dark, if you bought a controller on a website with this controller's features, it would cost about 150$, so this is a great buy. Recommended for people that are looking for a affordable rapid fire controller for PS3. 5 STARS