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Dyson Bagless Canister Vacuum (DC23AN)

  • Model Number: DC23 AC MA BSPL CA
  • WebID: 10098977
(55 ratings)

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The DC23AN features Root Cyclone technology, Canister Telescope Wrap wand, and large debris channel. Its Root Cyclone technology in Dyson vacuum cleaners separates dirt and dust from the air by centrifugal force and collecting it in a bin. This means a Dyson doesn't rely on a bag or filter and doesn't lose suction.

More Information

  • No Loss of Suction: A Dyson vacuum cleaner never loses its suction. Which means constant cleaning performance, room after room.
  • The Canister: Easy to manoeuvre, glides around furniture with a turn of the wrist. The Canister Telescope Wrap wand. The hose and wand compress and wrap for easier storage.
  • Large Debris Channel: Wide channel picks up bigger pieces that others leave behind.
  • Brush Control: Turn brushbar off at the touch of a button to protect delicate rugs and hard floors. Stiff Bristle Brush - Removes ground it dirt from carpeted areas, upholstery and vinyl. Flexi Crevice Tool - Extends and flexes into awkward gaps. Mini Turbine Head - Cleans pet hair and dirt from confined spaces such as upholstery, stairs and the car.
  • Picks up on Carpet and Hard Floors: A Dyson vacuum cleaner is designed to work on all floor surfaces: vinyl, tile, wood and carpet. So you clean the whole house, not just parts of it.
  • Only Exhausts Clean Air: A Dyson vacuum cleaner releases only clean air. How clean? Up to 150 times less bacteria and mold than the air you breathe.
  • Hygienic and quick to empty bin: No need to touch the dirt: just pull the trigger.
  • No extra cost: washable filters that never need replacing.
  • Included Accessories: Crevice Tool, Brush Tool, Stair Tool, Hard Floor Tool, Flexi Crevice Tool, Stubborn Dirt Brush, Mini Turbine Tool

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Manufacturer's Warranty

  • Parts - 5 Year(s)
  • Labour - 5 Year(s)

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Colour Titanium
Cord Length 6.55 m
Amperage 12 A
Cleaning Path 32 cm
Dust Containment System Bagless
Hose Length 3.63 m
Hose Type Durable
Variable Speed Control Not Applicable
Agitator Type Rotating Brush
Edge Cleaning Yes
Furniture Guard Yes
Dirt Sensor No
Bare Floor Switch Yes
Automatic Cord Rewind Yes
Dust Bag Not Applicable
Filtration System Root Cyclone + HEPA
Head Light No
Height Adjustment Not Applicable
Number of Filtration Stages 5 Stages
Overload Reset Not Applicable
Permanent Attachment Hose Yes
Permanent Belt Yes
Power Head Yes - Motor
Tool Storage Onboard
On/Off Switch Location Canister
Width 35.2 cm
Height 46 cm
Depth 28.9 cm
Weight 10.82 kg
Warranty Labour 5 Year(s)
Warranty Parts 5 Year(s)



Customer Reviews

4.3 / 5
Based on 55 ratings,18 Reviews
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Positive vs. Critical Reviews

Positive 92%

17 Reviews

Critical 7%

1 Reviews

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  • from Orangeville, ON
  • Mar 25, 2014

Only one problem

We recently bought the DC23 Animal Motorhead to replace our old Dyson, which was the first model ever released. We have 2 cats and 3 Australian Shepherds and carpet in every darn room of our 5 level side split. Yes, you read that correctly! I have always loved our Dyson and when it finally died I knew we would get another Dyson but I wasn't sure which model. It HAD to have the motorhead as the suction driven beaters are just not enough and it had to have the biggest collection tank. I was not disappointed. This new model is so much better even than our old Dyson! Even with the bigger collection tank, I still have to empty at least once per room BUT that means it is pulling up a lot of dirt and hair! My only peeve is the beater bar. It is MUCH easier to clean than on the previous model, with its' easy slide out, no tools required, 2 piece beater, but I have to do it after each level because the fine, long dog hair gets into the little space in the centre of the beater where the two halves meet and winds around the drive shaft. That being my only complaint, I LOVE MY DYSON!

  • from Wallaceburg, ON
  • Apr 20, 2013

Love my Dyson

I have owned this vacuum for over 5 yrs. No issues with anything breaking or with durability. I have three longhaired cats, which is the whole reason I bought this model. I brought it home, vacuumed with my old vacuum and then used the Dyson. I was amazed and disgusted what was in my carpets! Ick! This does a fantastic job on carpets,hard floors, curtains and furniture even with all that fur! Canister does have to be emptied frequently or the hair/debris will have to be removed by hand, and can be messy if the garbage can isn't big enough. Fur has a tendancy to wrap around the motorheads (both floor size and handheld) which was a problem with my old vacuum as well. Here is the difference, the Dyson motorheads are very eay to take apart completely to take out the fur. Old vacuum had belts which broke all the time and I could not fix myself, dyson has no belts to break and replace. I really do love my Dyson - wish they would make a couple of minor modifications to make it perfect.

  • from Vancouver, BC
  • Apr 10, 2013

great suction doesn't stand up to wear and tear

this vacuum has great suction but cons are it needs to be emptied often and messy. Too much plastic I used mine a lot in a 1.5 years because I clean outside my home so it was not very portable plastic clips broke off and seal is not good any more. Too much plastic, too awkward to be very portable. Great suction and filtration but not durable.

  • from Edmonton
  • May 07, 2012


I got a Dc32 as it was the only animal Dyson that I could find at the time. As my wife watches kids we have a Great Pyrenees dog one cat and a Pug there are about three other dogs that visit and our home is the hub of external family visits for a lot of our family both hers and mine. We need a real good vacuum; as well there is shag in two bedrooms and the living room plus Berber at the front stairs and landing. This Vacuum is used every week as is our old Bissell was and I have never pulled so much nasty dust out of any carpet before. This cleaning system works there are little things that bug me about it like all attachments not being onboard, but some will say putting them onboard adds weight and they get broken then. As I a stickler for putting thing back where they belong it really dose not matter to me. It cleans everything from Pug fuzz to 8 and 10" Great Pyrenees hair and fur: there is even a stain it sucked out of the carpet. I have never felt out carpets feeling so soft and clean before and that is what matters

  • from Surrey
  • Oct 16, 2011


Have had the DC 23 animal for over 1 month,this thing is one hell of a vacuum.Sucks up dog hair like it is nothing.Worked so good my parents got one.The only problem is the hose kinks easily but I would never of thought I would say this but it was worth the money

  • from Ottawa
  • Dec 08, 2010

Dyson never not amazing

After owning a DC17 Animal Upright and being blown away by just how good it is...Bought it last year, to replace a year old Bissell Lift Off which seemed to do an okay job but not great, powered it up and took 5 swipes of a rug that had been done THAT DAY and filled the bin!!! Since then it's tackled every rug and floor with gusty....3 cats beget a lot of vacuuming...but was a little bulky and heavy for stair work. The DC23 Motorhead Animal was the replacement and how!!! It's much lighter, sits perfectly on a stair while you work, is MUCH quieter than the Upright and does the same amazing job. It also stows away very neatly for a canister vac with a 5-6' hose. I'd like to see a Miele or Bissell do that. It's expensive but very well worth it!!!! Some folks complain about the build quality; plastic and such...for me, with a DC17 and a DC31 Handheld in-house and now a DC23 I can say that these 'plastic' vacuums can't be beat for quality; utility and performance, and, if you do have a problem with them, Dyson has unbeatable customer service. For the money, this (Dyson's are) is the best vacuum on the market!!!!!!!

  • from Calgary
  • Nov 21, 2010

Ok but not worth THAT much money!

Yes the Dyson has great suction capability and features, but for this price a vacuum should be PERFECT, and it's not. To me, the perfect vacuum should be light weight (which this is not), quiet (which this definitely is not), easy to maneouver (the hose is always getting twisted and bent), most of the frequently used attachments should be able to be attached on board so you're not running around looking for them as you need them (again not the case here), and it should be easy to use the hand-held attachments, but instead of having the attachments right at your hand by the handle, there is over a foot of heavy metal tube between the handle and the attachment, making it pretty awkward to use on upholstery, etc. We are keeping it because my husband wants a "Dyson" and it does work quite well, but I keep thinking there could be lots of improvements, and it is way too expensive!!!

  • from Lethbridge
  • Jun 03, 2010


Terribly expensive vacuum and worth every penny. The ads are right – this vacuum really does not loose suction! We pulled dirt out of our carpet that’s probably been there since it was installed. The first two times we used it we had to empty the canister twice. Vacuum does a great job on floors as well as carpets. I have always preffered uprights, but this canister vacuum makes cleaning a breeze. The wand (with attachment) goes almost flat, giving you the ability to clean under chairs, behind the toilet and other places that just can't be reached with an upright. The only thing I would do different is I would buy a dc23 versus the dc23an (animal). The difference is in the attachments and they just aren’t worth the extra money.

  • from Victoria
  • Mar 31, 2010

Simply wow...

We have a 5 month old and two cats (who shed A LOT!). If you're like me, you would have done a HUGE amount of research, talked to a dozen people and looked at least five different models before settling on two or three to seriously consider. At first I quaked at the price of this one and just about died when I actually put my card on the counter. In the end, I was so happily surprised that I had to write a review. Is it pricey for a vacuum? Sure is! You are getting what you pay for in spades! We vacuum every two to three days and this thing pulled hair and dirt from our carpet to fill two canisters full. TWO, and they aren't small. The only thing I would caution is that the canister gets pretty dusty, have some paper towel or equiv. to dust it off when you empty it.

  • from Vancouver
  • Mar 08, 2010

Great product with some limitations

ok... so I've used different models and types for a long long time... I've heard of Dyson for sometime after researching I decided to pick it up since the built in unit for the house failed. Unit does a great job picking up hair and dirt, also its so strong it picks up dust deep in the carpet, trust me you will see the film once you are done cleaning. Construction of the unit is great even if its mostly plastic, it is very strong. Mobility for this thing is great! it works very well under the bed and the transition to floor surface is good as well. It is also very true that Dyson doesn't loose suction. So for all its strong points there are some weaknesses. 1. Bin is small, my house is about 3000sq once I'm done I'll have to empty it out. 2. while the push button empty sounds like a good idea its pretty messy. I empty the bin outside my house, and clean the outside of the unit when done. Thats about it for weaknesses in my point view... so is it worth it? Overall I would say yes. Only if you can see pass the price, the small bin, and it being messy when you are trying to empty the bin.

  • from Ottawa, ON
  • Dec 26, 2009

Great Machine

Just picked this up on Boxing Day and this machine picks up soooo much dirt it's unbelievable. I've only had it for a day, but I am so impressed with it. If I have to find some faults with it, then it's the fact that alot of parts are plastic and they could break if you don't handle them with care over time. The other thing is that you have to empty the container pretty frequently, but I don't mind that since it's better in the garbage than in the carpet.

  • from Burlington, Ontario
  • Dec 05, 2009

Great performance, but...

I bought the DC23 Animal vacuum after seeing so many incredible reviews on the product. What I found is that the cleaning performance of this vacuum is amazing - it made my carpets look new again due to its ability to pull the carpet pile up and make it all soft and cushy again. And it certainly picked up a lot of dirt out of the carpets. However, there were enough little things that I didn't like about it that eventually made me decide to return the vacuum.Here's what I didn't like1. The canister doesn't hold very much and needs emptying often, which is quite a messy process as when you empty it over the garbage, a lot of dust rises up.2. When you empty the canister, often clumps of carpet fibres, pet hair, etc, get stuck in the canister near the hinges of the canister door and have to be removed by hand.3. The hose is not top notch quality and does have the tendency to kink up when you pull the canister around.4. I tried to suck up dryer lint quite a lot of it and it clogged the vacuum where the hose meets the canister - I had to remove the lint by hand. My old vacuum could take care of dryer lint no problem - even when it was a big clump.5. I'm not crazy about the power button being on the canister rather than on the handle. A small thing I know, but when you're up the stairs and need to go back down to bring the vacuum farther up, it's a little bit annoying to have the vacuum still running as you carry the handle down the stairs back to the canister.All this to say, it does perform exceptionally well. I just concluded that if I was going to spend that much money on a vacuum, I would have to be exceptionally happy, which I wasn't - just too many little things I didn't like. But hey, if the things mentioned above don't bother you, then you'd probably love this vacuum - it really does clean well.

  • from Newcastle, Ontario
  • Nov 10, 2009

Pros Cons. But Mostly Pros

After doing a lot of research on this vacuum, I finally decided to pick one up. I'll start with the pros It really does an awesome job at what it claims to do. I'm a clean freak, and I might have to get a shrink after I saw what this vacuum was picking up and my other vacuum was leaving behind. Doing my own experiment, I really did vacuum my house with the old vacuum and then vacuumed again with the Dyson. Stunning and disgusting results I had to empty the cannister twice Another pro with this animal model compared to the other canister Dyson vacuum is all the attachments it comes with That is the only difference, but I do think it's well worth the extra bit of cash for this model with the extra attachments. Plus, I received the allergy kit that comes with this amazing duster attachment You'll never have to dust again The cons with this model It's pretty heavy, I got quite the workout, but hey I don't have to go the gym, I'll just clean my house. Having to empty the cannister a lot is a little bit of a pain and it makes a mess. I'm also a little worried about the seal on the cannister, the handle is attached to the cannister and I wouldn't be surprised if it lost the seal with a couple years of use and carrying it around. Also with the design, it definitely looks amazing and modern, but there are a lot of plastic pieces that could break off or become a problem with normal wear and tear in the future. Definitely things to consider when forking over this amount of money for a vacuum. Overall, great vacuum, and I'm keeping mine

  • from Crystal Beach Ontario
  • May 09, 2009

A product that does what it claims and more

We have a German Shepherd and a wire haired Jack Russell terrier and boy do they shed hair. This vacuum gets every last hair and makes our older carpet look new again. It is light and easy to vacuum the whole house from hardwood floors to carpeting. It is also very easy to empty the vacuum as there are no bags just a canister that takes seconds to unhook, empty, and reinstall.We have had no issues and do not expect an as it is well built. It is a pleasure to use compared to our previous vacuums.

  • from Beamsville
  • May 07, 2009

Awesome for pet hair

This is the solve all vacuum for getting up pet hair and all that other stuff that you CAN'T see but can hear going up the hose. I have two large dogs that shed and this vacuum gets rid of all traces of dog hair on every surface. I even use it to vacuum out the SUV because their hair gets everywhere in there too Before we used the Dyson, we vacuumed our livingroom carpet with our other vacuum an expensive Sears model. Looked like it did the job but... after we ran the Dyson over only a few times, the canister was almost reading max with dust, dander, fur, little stones, etc. Stuff that the other vacuum couldn't budge. I LOVE MY DYSON.

  • from Vancouver, BC
  • Feb 04, 2009


There was a sale on this so i bought this online in nov, and when received, i thought there might be some assembly involved but when opened, assembly was a snap. Very Very cool looking accessories that come with it. First thing i started to clean was my room and there is NO KIDDING AROUND this vacuumm ROCKS It picked up everything from dust, lint, hair EVERYTHING. Dad saw me using it and started to use it himself to clean the living room and stairs. He enjoyed it more than me. If it goes on sale again, DEf A GREAT BUY

  • from Ontario
  • Dec 22, 2008


No question the best vacuum I've ever used For my 1800 sqft home I had to change the bucket twice I used to use the Whispertone from Kenmore and changed its bag once per 3 months. This thing is awesome My house actually smells better after 1 use.

  • from ottawa, on
  • Nov 24, 2008

First 5 minutes shows impressive results

I purchased this product today November 24. I was skeptical at first, considering the promotion around the Dyson brand, but found this product as advertised. I have a pet that sheds, and as soon as I turned on the vacuum, I immediately noticed results.If you have a partner or friend who enjoys vacuuming ha or if you have a pet that sheds, this is the product you need.

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