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XBOX 360 Kinect

  • Model Number: LPF-00016
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The Kinect system for your Xbox 360 will bring games and entertainment to life like never before. And there's no controller needed, because you are the controller. It gets you up off the couch and puts you right into your favourite game. Includes Kinect Adventures game.

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Jump, dance, hit, shake and move your body. The Kinect system for Xbox 360 follows your every twist and turn making your whole body the controller for compatible Kinect games. Kinect Adventures for the Xbox 360 lets you enjoy multi-player gameplay like never before. Take part in a series of exciting activities, like river rafting and compete with and against friends for the ultimate adventure. It can even take photos that can be automatically posted onto Facebook and Twitter on Xbox Live. Works with Microsoft Kinect system.

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41 Customer Reviews for XBOX 360 Kinect

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4.0 / 5
Based on 418 ratings
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Positive vs. Critical Reviews

78% Positive

328 Reviews

21% Critical

90 Reviews

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  • from Toronto
  • Jul 31, 2011


I completely agree with those who state this does not work very well. The lag time in detecting your motion pulls you out the game. The most damning comment I can make (and it is justified) is this is just not fun. I have the Wii. My kids will only play the Wii. The have no agenda, they just want to have fun. Wii is immersive and fun. This is anything but. I also have the PS3 move. It also far better. Avoid the hype. Unfortunately 300+ dollars later I can tell you this doesn't work very well, and the software is limited and poor. Oh did I mention that to access Netflix you have to buy a $60 xbox live membership. No such requirement for the other consoles. All in all, What a deal.

  • from TORONTO
  • Jan 23, 2011

Kinect is AMAZING

GOTTA Buy It, Its fun and addictive, i played Dance Central and a few other demos i downloaded and its sooo fun bowling, driving, and track is crazy, the detection is flawless, it gives me a good workout, Buy IT BUY IT BUY IT

  • from Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Jan 18, 2011

Wonderful Fun!

Purchased this when it first came out and have been having a blast ever since. I have 7 year old twin girls that have different tastes. One love Kinectimals the other Dance Central. My wife and I love Kinect Sports, especially when we have company. It is an absolute blast! Since Christmas I have purchased Your Shape, another amazing title if you want to stay in shape. There isn't one game I've played that hasn't had me feeling like I just had a work out. If you are skeptical, just look at the positive reviews, they speak for themselves.

  • from london, ontario
  • Jan 15, 2011

Could be Better!

Although we're having lots of fun with this controller I would lend a word of caution. I waited to hear from friends I trust before purchasing this controller. I got the typical feedback you read on sites like this - it's awesome, it's great, it does just what you tell it to... I discovered it does not. 1. you need more than the required space listed on the box. 2. if the lighting changes even slightly you need to re-do your Kinect ID for facial recognition. 3. no matter what anyone says, it's slower than you are. Try boxing. 4. the camera doesn't catch everything - try table tennis. 5. the dashboard capabilities are limited - no access to the MS Live dashboard for 1 (games library, downloads, friends list - you need a traditional controller for that). All in all, for a gaming controller that is hands-free its impressive. It's just limited right now in what it's allowed (?) to do... perhaps the console needs a more powerful engine to do it all properly. I will say that the most acurrate game for motion to action to video is the Kinect Adventures - which of course comes with the controller to showcase & give a taste of its capabilities. Would I recommend it? You bet, to anyone looking for something fun to do while they get some cardio. Would I recommend it to a hardcore gamer? Not a chance, there's too much delay that just plain causes aggrivation & the point of gaming is to have fun.

  • from Surrey BC
  • Jan 15, 2011

Great product get t

Bought this for the family for xmas. The device is amazing it picks up your movements near flawlessly without a controller. I say near cause there will be times you step out the camera range, or fall on the ground laughing so hard at all the clips they're play between mini games. We had a party the other night with friends playing Dance central (awesome game) and the person that beat everyone never plays video games at all. She took dancing lesson, and beat us all cause the kinects reads your body not how well you mash the buttons on a controller. Like people have said it needs a fair bit of room for 2 people less single. We have it set up in living room about 12 x 10 feet with furniture and never have to move anything other then the coffee table. Which is the same space we play Wii with. Disregard the negative reviews, by Xbox haters, one guy wrote that he can't play it in the dark??? Really when was the last time you filmed or took pictures with a camera in the dark? It has two cameras, that need a bit of light too work properly. We have two table lamps in our living room which is more then ample.

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