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Monster Inspiration Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones (MH INS OE SLV NC CUA) - Silver

  • Model Number: MH INS OE SLV NC CUA
  • WebID: 10209607
(22 ratings)

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Monster Inspiration headphones sound as good as they look - and they look great. With built-in noise cancelling technology, they're capable of achieving soaring highs, impactful lows, and a balanced midrange for an overall incredible listening experience. The interchangeable headband lets you personalize the headphones to suit your style or mood.

More Information

  • Spaciously designed ear cups provide extra room for a higher level of comfort and listening
  • Interchangeable headbands let you personalize the Inspiration's look (additional headbands sold separately)
  • The brushed titanium finish features cushy, breathable cushions that fit comfortably and reduce excess heat build up
  • Specially integrated mute button lets you listen to the outside world without removing the headphones
  • Active Noise reduction -12dB at Max
  • Rated Wattage - L + R 60mW
  • Complete with 1/8" to 1/4" adapter with 24k gold contacts for maximum corrosion resistant connection to your hardware
  • A touring case keeps headphones safe and secure on the go
  • Includes ControlTalk cable for iOS devices, Android devices, and mini-to-mini cable for airplane listening

What's in the Box

  • Manual
  • Carrying Case
  • Additional Headband
  • Universal Cable
  • Apple Control Talk Cable
  • Standard Mini to Mini Cable
  • Manual
  • Carrying Case
  • Additional Headband
  • Universal Cable
  • Apple Control Talk Cable
  • Standard Mini to Mini Cable

Manufacturer's Warranty

  • Parts - 1 Year(s)

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Headphone Style Over-Ear
Band Style Over-the-Head
Sports & Fitness Ear Clip No
Sound Isolating Yes
Noise Cancelling Yes
Wireless No
Bluetooth No
DJ Style No
Professional Grade No
High Fashion Design Yes
Water/Sweat Resistant No
Inline Volume Control Yes
iPod/iPhone Control Yes
Built-in Mic Yes
Folding Yes
Celebrity Endorsed No
Cord Length 1.5 m
Plug Material Gold
Plug Size 3.5 mm
Plug Shape Right Angled
Ear Cushion Material Leather
Driver Unit Size 40 mm
Power Source 2 x AAA
Magnet Type Neodymium
Colour Silver
Weight 160 g
Warranty Parts 1 Year(s)



Customer Reviews

3.9 / 5
Based on 22 ratings,17 Reviews
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3 Reviews

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  • from Toronto, ON
  • Feb 11, 2015

Monster Inspiration

Bought these over Christmas/Boxing day. [...] Noise cancelling is spot on, I use them at the gym to drown out all the socialising that occurs. Sound is clear, and great overall sound when playing off my cell phone. They are a bit heavy though and dont always stay in place when laying down. Other than that they are very comformatable and a great looking piece, I get nothing but compliments on the look of the design. If you are looking at Beats look at these first, I would say better overall sound not a bass oriented. [...]

  • from Coquitlam, BC
  • Jan 13, 2015

Perfect for listening to music and for work!

I'm a medical transcriptionist and my main goal was to find a pair of headphones that could cancel out background noise while increasing the clarity of the dictators I listen to on a daily basis and these headphones work absolutely perfect! I've even tried Bose headphones and these ones I found were way more clear. Definitely worth every dollar!

  • from Saskatoon, SK
  • Jan 11, 2015

Decent bass, extremely uncomfortable

4/5 for its looking, 0/5 for its comfortability. After wearing it for 20 min my ears start to sweat. Those ear pads are the worst --- so hard that are hurting my ears all the time. Overall only worth $...bucks. Noise cancellation is a joke. It creates a surrounding white noise, lame product.

  • from Mississauga, ON
  • Jan 02, 2015

crappy crap at least have warranty

both the ear-cups started falling apart, the glue holding the leather on specifically had to pay to ship them back for replacement.... now its happening again !!!!!!!! i will need to send in again sometime before the 12 month mark.... KEEEP RECEIPT IF BUY THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU WILL NEED IT !!!!!

  • from Whitby, ON
  • Jan 01, 2015

Not for working out

I tried these for 45 minutes in the gym and realized the fit is way too loose for that. Tilt your head forward and they start to fall off, lie down on a bench and off they come. I tried to return them but take note, Future Shop will never return an open pair of headphones under any circumstance. I ended up selling mine the next day on Kijiji to get my money back.

  • from Mississauga, ON
  • Nov 18, 2014

Great Headsets

Got these on sale. Great price for great headsets. Great for travelling with on the plane too!

  • from Courtenay, BC
  • Apr 21, 2014

Amazing Quality

I am no audiophile but I do appreciate good sound. I am not anti-Bose by any means, but these are equal to them if not better. I bought these on sale, this is something you dont see with Bose. The noise cancelling is great. What captured my attention was the support for inline mic for android and apple as opposed to just apple like most headphones. I am very happy with these, would highly recommend, especially if found on sale!

  • from Drummondville, QC
  • Apr 05, 2014

Forget Beats!

Picked them up today on sale! Amazing deal, that you will definitely never see from any of the competitors. For that money, you won't find anything better on the market. Set the deal aside, I think they are still worth the money even for regular price. Why? Obviously, they compete with Beats, Bose, and other headphones in the [price range] (non-professional grade). But unless you buy stuff based on hip brands and don't care about the details, you will agree that Monster definitely nailed it with the Inspirations model. I prefer the casual but still modern looks, the build quality, the little extras you get with the package, and the clearer sound. Note that you can run these without batteries (continuous play) - for the price of losing the active noise cancelling feature though, but hey at least they will still work just great if you run out of battery power. What I did not like is the design of the included bonus headband (raptor silver), although that even makes them girlfriend-compatible ;) Pros: - innovative and elegant design - hence, appropriate for all ages :) - high quality, sturdy design with brushed metal instead of (fingerprint magnet) polished plastic looks - well balanced premium sound (punchy, but no violent Beats bass; noise cancellation not killing the sound as some Bose) - built-in microphone (ear caps or using the included ControlTalk cable) Cons: - comfortable, but a little heavier and bulkier than the average (maybe problematic for long term use) - noise isolation switch somewhat stiff (attention for those nails, ladies!) - expensive accessories (funky, but actually quite useless interchangeable headbands) Conclusion: Monster may have lost the deal with Dr. Dre, but they have not lost their premium position in the headphone market. If you're lucky and find these on sale, go get two (and keep one as the best gift ever). - flat cable the won't tangle, right angled 3.5 mm plug - practical soft case (has a mesh pocket for accessories, and a very soft protective lining) - bonus headband (raptor silver)

  • from Winnipeg, MB
  • Apr 04, 2014


Bought it on sale. Really worth it. Awesome headphones for an amazing price.

  • from Kitchener, ON
  • Mar 07, 2014

Fall apart after 6 months

I bought a pair of these around 8 months ago, I use them about 8 hours a day almost everyday. From my experience the noise cancelling doesn't work very well with glasses, all it seems to do is boost the volume of the speakers rather than actually cancelling the ambient noise. For the cost it would have been nice if they included any cables long enough to use with a desktop PC, you won't get anything more than 5 foot included. After 6 months both the ear-cups started falling apart, the glue holding the leather on specifically is what gave way, though on the battery cover ear-cup the glue holding the foam to the plastic cover piece also gave out. Only the battery cover ear-cup is replaceable, though I am still having trouble finding a way to get them in Canada. On the plus side the battery life is really good, I have only had to replace my batteries 10 times or so over the 8 months of high use. I would not recommend these to anyone.

  • from Lachine, QC
  • Jan 30, 2014

Great deal

Comfortable fit. Cord is way too short. Great noise cancelling. Very happy.

  • from Grand Falls, NL
  • Jan 21, 2014

Cool design

Very satisfied.

  • from Kelowna, BC
  • Dec 26, 2013


I just bought these Inspirations, and I love them! They're a great quality make, that is both durable, and practical. They come with a sturdy case, and good anti-knotting connection chords. They have great sound quality, although you do end up sacrificing some mid-tones in place of a bass boost, but personally I think that's okay. I listen to all sorts of music everything from soundtrack music, to acappella work to rock, and am not just some "dubstep freak" where that's all I listen to. That's not to say I don't enjoy dubstep though, and would recommend them to somebody who does enjoys music of any type. I love the feature where you can change the top headband to customize it to your style. Thought that was cool, and headbands are made of good quality leather. The noise canceling works well. You can still hear things like people talking, or music from a stereo system, but it cuts out all your everyday ambiance noise. They do take 2 AAA batteries, so I would recommend getting 2 pairs of rechargeables, one to use and one to charge. Overall, I would definitely recommend these to anybody!

  • from Port Coqutilam,BC
  • Jan 28, 2013


The headphones were a hit. Bought them for my husband who complained about the noise level in our home when trying to get work done in his home office. He wears them listening to music when getting his paperwork done, now we have to jump up and down to get his attention as no frequency of yelling in our home seems to be heard by him. A great buy!!!!!!!!!! Would do it again!!!!!!!!!!

  • from Toronto, ON
  • Jan 06, 2013

Not as good as expected

I bought these earphones as they have noise cancellation and the demo in store sounded pretty amazing. But even though I am into hip hop, and bass heavy electro styles (dub step etc), I find that these earphones accentuate the bass too much while neglecting other frequencies (agree with the previous reviewer, they do lack finesse). I am not sure that the price tag is justified. But as far as I understand other noise cancelling earphones by bose and sony stop working when the battery runs out whereas these can be used with or without noise cancellation, so that is a big plus for the monster. I find them pretty comfy. I also agree that they could have added a longer cord with this price tag, especially as many of earphones now are cordless which would be even better. Overall I expected better audio quality for this price.

  • from Calgary AB
  • Dec 29, 2012

Good headphones

I picked these up on Boxing Day, first off sound is great nothing is boosted everything sounds balanced, for a large range of music. There a bit heavier then others but not bad, noise cancellation is ok, nothing amazing. Overall I love these and sound is great, bass is good. My one complaint is the clamping pressure is a bit much, after about an hour of wearing them it starts to bother me. Highly recommend these!

  • from Moncton, NB
  • Dec 09, 2012

Excellent Pro Headphones That Need Finesse

I purchased these Monster headphones 2 weeks ago for myself. Sound Quality is superior and what one should expect from any Pro rated Monster Headphones. My only constructive critique is Monster's failure to include a high quality headphone to speaker jack of far superior construction and longer in length. Three feet of cheap quality headphone cord was a displeasingly unsatisfactory.

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