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Nest Learning Thermostat (T200477)

  • Model Number: T200477
  • WebID: 10254137
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The Nest Learning Thermostat is as smart as a whip. It remembers your temperature settings and adjusts itself automatically. While you're on holiday or at work, it turns down the temperature to conserve energy. If the weather takes a turn while you're at the office, just adjust Nest online from a compatible device and your home will be comfortable when you return.

More Information

  • Auto-schedule means that Nest learns from your temperature adjustments and programs itself in about a week
  • Nest senses when you're gone and turns itself to an energy efficient temperature
  • Control it from the couch or across town to change the temperature using your smartphone, tablet or laptop by connecting Nest to WiFi
  • Airwave automatically turns off the AC a few minutes early, but keeps the fan running - you use less AC while your home stays just as cool

What's in the Box

  • Install Guide
  • Welcome Guide
  • Screwdriver
  • Wall Screws
  • Trim Kit
  • Install Guide
  • Welcome Guide
  • Screwdriver
  • Wall Screws
  • Trim Kit

Manufacturer's Warranty

  • Parts - 30 Day(s)

For more information about the Manufacturer’s Warranty, please contact the manufacturer or visit their website.

I fell in love a bit when I saw the Nest Learning Thermostat. It’s smooth, sleek, shiny, colourful and looks downright cool in a room. I decided to pick one up and give it a try, to see if its features justify its price.

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Warranty Parts 30 Day(s)



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  • from Hamilton, ON
  • Feb 07, 2015

Froze my pipes

The insurance did not cover the damage, It is unpredictable and unreliable. Never again will I trust this kind of technology.

  • from Calgary, AB
  • Dec 27, 2014

Nest Learning Thermostat (T200477)

The best thing I could get for my home this winter! Easy to install, easy to set-up... and I can see a difference in temperature regulation, so I am hoping the the energy savings to kick in!

  • from Toronto, ON
  • Dec 18, 2014

Just too flakey and unreliable

I had the 1st generation in my last house and was excited to get the 2nd for my new one. It's been a heartbreak disaster — indicating that it's heating but not actually turning on the furnace and randomly going AWOL. Nest support couldn't figure it out, and suggested it was my furnace. When I woke up one morning to find my house at 14 degrees I just went and bought a cheap Honeywell to test it. My house has been warm ever since. Somewhere along the way Nest has forgotten that all the cool features in the world mean nothing if it doesn't actually heat your house. NOT recommended.

  • from Toronto
  • Dec 09, 2014

Worst thermostats I have ever owned

my 20 years old thermostat is much accurate than this junk I will return it today and don't recommend it to anybody.

  • from Waterloo
  • Dec 09, 2014


Garbage never accurate I cant Believe they call it smart thermostat and you have to adjust the temperature all the time manually because it can never read the correct temperature in the room.

  • from London, ON
  • Dec 08, 2014


I own nest first nd tgeneration then upgraded to second generation and I'll tell you this is waste of money piece of garbage I am sick and tired adjusting the temperature up and dow 10 or 20 times a day as this thing is never accurate then I discovered another smart thermostat Called [...] and I purchased it installed it and wow what a big different.

  • from Northern BC
  • Nov 13, 2014

Simple and effective

The Nest was simple enough to set up. It turns out that I had to run a common wire to the furnace, which is a bit of work, but I am hopeful it will pay off. The auto away function is really useful, as is the energy tracking. It makes one more cognizant of energy use, never a bad idea.

  • from Montréal, QC
  • Nov 04, 2014

magical little device

can just hear my dad's voice nag about leaving it on - as an adult, I just whip out my phone, load the app, and bingo... Lying in bed, munching away on treats, movie going... Again, I just load the app (though it's started predicting when I want it colder or hotter in my place) I'm literally walking on clouds with this little gizmo! It's better than they actually describe it!

  • from Chatham, ON
  • Sep 26, 2014


I don't know about other people, but I'm VERY wary of giving the googly monster even more information on my habits. Originally when they sold out to google, Nest said that the information the Nest device gathered would not be shared with google - then shortly afterwards in a much quieter press release they stated that they would in fact be sharing information gathered from YOUR Nest device with google. I've scrapped google as my search engine - I now use duck duck go - and am cutting them out of my life as much as I can, so no nest for me.

  • from Calgary,Ab
  • Mar 16, 2014

Very Nice to operate and love the mobile app

I had a bit of a problems setting it up on brand new Lennix Furnace had to call a Hvac guy to connect the common wire and humityfier nest reinbursed the partial charge for connection of common wire very good customer service I had to pay the difference and for connection of humityfier over all pretty happy

  • from Ottawa, ON
  • Mar 05, 2014

Easy setup, easier to use.

The Nest thermostat was a breeze to setup as long as you follow the instructions. Once installed, it is much easier to use than a traditional programmable thermostat as you just set the temperatures you want during the day, and the Nest will learn your preferences. No more having to manually turn down the thermostat (or having to remember to) when you leave on those cold days (or turn off AC on hot days). You can just leave the house, and the Nest will adjust according to your preferences. This really does make it easier for those people that always wanted to do the right thing by properly configuring a programmable thermostat. Still waiting to see how much I'll actually save, but it has got to be better than me never touching my hard-to-program panel that came with my home.

  • from Waterloo, ON
  • Feb 19, 2014

Nest Thermostat is an awesome product

Worked as advertised. Easy to setup and monitor. Within 1 week it was beginning to learn our schedule. Very impressed so far.

  • from Winnipeg, MB
  • Feb 19, 2014

Great new Product!!

This product is extremely easy to setup, and use. The most difficult part was finding the right breaker to shut off for the power. Overall, great product, very quick learning from the unit and the smoke detector integrates perfectly! Highly recommend!

  • from Edmonton, AB
  • Jan 26, 2014

Neat gadgets

Got the thermostat and two CO/smoke detectors from nest. They all work together well and easily. I live in a three level house and spend most of my time on one level, so it is nice that the smoke detectors also act as motion detector to instruct the thermostat that I am still in the house, i.e. I don't have to be on the floor where the thermostat is set to be detected. They all can be monitored and the thermostat can be controlled through the internet, which is a neat, but useless, feature unless you have mobility problems. I am not convinced that I will save energy since I had my programmable thermostat programmed for my routine and the nest thermostat is self-programmed for the same routine. Overall, it is a nice gadget with neat features, but you pay for the bells and whistles. You have to decide whether you want to pay the premium for the bells and whistles.

  • from brampton on
  • Dec 12, 2013


Very intelligent looks sharp and easy to install love it so far very intelligent control all on your smartphone looks great on the wall like must be in your house way better then the old generation one, go a head try it, it's amazing and smart on your pocket.

  • from Brampton, ON
  • Nov 29, 2013

Best thermostat

Very easy to Install and set up. Did it my self watching you tube video. Remote controled from your Phone from any where.

  • from Gibsons, BC
  • Nov 21, 2013

saving money already

Great product, easy to install in about 25 minutes from start to finish. Wifi setup etc was easy. Customers in lesser known areas of BC may have to use different post codes, the sunshine coast was not recognized. Other than that you get an energy summary within a week, it spookily learns when you want more heat or less heat, and already we are seeing our gas use go down, yet the house is warmer.

  • from Toronto, ON
  • Oct 31, 2013

Works great! east to install

I have had mine for about a month now and it runs fantastic. It was very easy to install by myself, there is no need to pay a pro for this. Besides all the great features that come with the Nest, one of the best features is being able to control/program from your iPhone/iPad. You can be anywhere in the world and control it this way but what I found most convenient is being in bed in the middle of the night and making a temperature change! I recommend this to anyone.

  • from Prince George, BC
  • Oct 30, 2013

Amazing thermostat

This thermostat is 1,000,000 times better than what I previously had. It actually does what you want it to do (within the limits of what a thermostat can do. It didn't walk the dog for me).

  • from Montréal, QC
  • Oct 09, 2013

works like a charm

Don't install it by yourself, or you may have some issues. I had it installed by a pro and works exactly as planned...

  • from Moncton, NB
  • Sep 23, 2013

Fantastic Product! Highly Recommmend...

Easy to install, 20 minutes, the setup was a breeze. The Nest has one of the best user experiences I have had in a long time. I've been using it for two weeks now and love the online and mobile interfaces for scheduling, adjusting the settings and reviewing energy usage. Can't stop raving about what a great product this is. Worth the money.

  • from Edmonton, AB
  • Jul 29, 2013

What a fantastic product

I love the Nest. It really makes you energy aware. You can use the learning mode, or simply program it via the nest or a web interface / iphone. You can defer heating or cooling if your going to be late coming home and you can check your energy usage daily. This product is a must if you live in Canada and have heating and AC.

  • from London, ON
  • Jul 19, 2013

Amazing thermostat

I've been using the nest for a while now and the features that come with this thing are amazing. Setting up a schedule is super easy, or you can just let the Nest learn your behaviour. My house is always at the right temperature, and it's great to be able to go on my iPhone or iPad and be able to see how long Nest has been running, change the temperature, or turn it to 'Away' while I'm out. There are so many things the Nest can do, look it up on YouTube, everyone loves it. Do not listen to the guy who says to use honeywell, there is nothing that compares to this product as far as thermostats go.

  • from Edmonton, AB
  • Jul 18, 2013

Absolutely fantastic.

The features are excellent and I love being about to turn on my A/C remotely. I love the daily energy uses graph and the month email that shows you your energy consumption compared to others in your area.

  • from Whitchurch-stouffville, ON
  • Jul 18, 2013

horrible product

This thermostat this piece of garbage it can never keep the temperature accurate sometimes it gets too hot sometimes too cold so it just doesn't work is horrible product if you want the real thermostat to do the real job go for Honeywell they work much much better than this.

  • from Toronto, ON
  • Jul 14, 2013

Does not work with most systems in Toronto condos

Just bought it, about to install it, and found a problem - I have more wires than the NEST system can support. Called tech support. The issue was that the Nest system does not work with variable fan systems (i.e. systens with fan settings for high, medium, and low - it has one wire was each) - which is strange because this is the type of AC/heating systems found in most condos in Toronto! And it's a pretty basic feature in most condo thermostat.