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Nintendo 3DS XL - Blue

  • Model Number: 3DS XL
  • WebID: 10195056
(29 ratings)

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The Nintendo 3DS XL puts a super-sized 3D experience in your hands, letting you enjoy amazing 3D gaming on the go. Both screens are 90% larger than the original 3DS, and the top screen provides cool 3D visuals without the need for special glasses. With an ever-growing selection of games to choose from you'll enjoy an immersive experience anywhere you go.

More Information

  • Both screens are 90% larger than the original 3DS, providing an incredibly immersive gaming experience
  • Top screen is now 4.88" and bottom screen is now 4.18" (both measured diagonally)
  • The bottom touchscreen lets you use the stylus to control games, while the top screen displays 3D visuals to give your world true depth; the 3D effect can be turned up, turned down or turned off completely
  • Longer battery life: up to 6.5 hours of playing 3D games, and up to 10 hours of playing standard 2D DS games
  • A circle pad offers a full 360 degrees of direction for easy navigation in 3D worlds
  • Built-in motion and gyro sensors react to your every move as you tilt and twist the unit
  • One camera points at you, while two other cameras face outward; the two outward cameras can capture 3D photos and videos
  • Listen to your MP3 or AAC music files with Nintendo 3DS sound
  • StreetPass feature allows you to easily exchange game info, like maps and character details, with other systems
  • The SpotPass feature is capable of connecting to hotspots or your existing wireless home network so you can receive new content and updates
  • Also plays Nintendo DS games with original 2D visuals
  • Built-in parental controls
  • SD memory card slot

Manufacturer's Warranty

  • Parts - 1 Year(s)
  • Labour - 1 Year(s)

For more information about the Manufacturer’s Warranty, please contact the manufacturer or visit their website.

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  • from Edmonton, AB
  • Dec 19, 2014



  • from My place
  • Dec 16, 2014

Could be better

Nintendo has made great improvements in there dsi community but could have added it to be only touch screen. So then it could finally keep up the Xbox,ps2,3,4, apple and Samsung and even android

  • from Brampton, ON
  • Sep 02, 2014

Great console!

I got this 3DS at a discount price during the 2013 Black Friday sales. It took a while for me to receive it because it was out of stock, however, I was in no rush since it was for me and saved $. I think the battery life lasts very long and I haven't had any problems with it so far. I'm glad I bought this console!

  • from Markham, ON
  • Dec 26, 2013

Christmas Gift

My grandson ((12 years old ) had asked for and received this as a gift. He had previously had (and lost) Nintendo 2DS which he loved. He was delighted with the 3-D feature and the fact that he could switch it to 2-D, as well as with the larger screen. He played with it the whole day outside of dinner and gift exchange, having been given two games to go with it.

  • from Montréal, QC
  • Dec 19, 2013


Le produit en temps que telle est bien, un écran plus large permet de voir plus de chose. Je m'attendais a ce qu'il y est plus de jeux de base utilisant la fonction 3D de la console. Son principale point faible est la fragilité de la console. Les jointures reliant les deux partit de la console se casse si on l'échappe. :S j'ai déjà du faire réparé la mienne alors qu'elle avait moins de 30 jours. J'aurais aimé qu'elle soit plus solide.

  • from Toronto, ON
  • Dec 16, 2013

3DS Xl Impressions

I wanted a 3DS for mainly Zelda and Mario games. When I first held it in my hands, It was lightweight, and felt comfortable to hold. It is a really good portable gaming console and can browse internet quite swiftly. The game demos available on the eShop are great (eg: Sonic Lost Worlds, Fire Emblem Awakening). The camera has some fun and nifty effects like Mystery Photo and Merge the Face. The Face Raider game is also quite fun, And the AR cards make a realistic experience with motion controls. The 3D effects are amazing, I never expected that a 3DS would have so good 3D effects and stunning visuals. Love it!

  • from Nanaimo, BC
  • Dec 16, 2013

Excellent Portable Enterntainment Device

3D games are fun (if a little tiresome after awhile). Screen is bright and large. Movies are great. Surprisingly light for such a big device. Battery lasts a long time. SD card means never running low on space. Only downside is, like all consoles, games only come out for the latest and greatest. Should last a few years, however. Upgrading from DSi.

  • from Prefer not to say
  • Apr 14, 2013


The 3DS XL is great for gaming, browsing the internet, and watching videos. The games are addicting! The only thing I don't like is the camera, which is bad quality. I also don't like the fact that I pretty much HAD to update to the 3DS. They don't make any DS games anymore, which sucks. But the 3DS XL is much better then I expected, so I am happy with my purchace.

  • from Kenora, ON
  • Feb 07, 2013

Better then the original 3DS

I haven't owned the 3DS XL for long, so this will just be a quick first impression. The 3DS XL is not only nice to look at, but feels balanced in the hands. It is a little on the heavy side so playing it for awhile might be a bit uncomfortable. The screens on this thing are bigger and the picture quality is better then the original 3DS. They battery life is a lot better then the original. Every 3DS game looks absolutely gorgeous on the larger screens.