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Polk Audio Bookshelf Speakers (RTIA1) - Black - Pair

  • Model Number: RTIA1
  • WebID: 10090945
(51 ratings)


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The RTiA1 features a 1" Silk soft dome tweeter and a 5.25" Dynamic Balance Composite driver. The RTiA1 also features ARC port and Power Port technology and gold plated 5-way binding posts and is finished in black oak veneer.

More Information

  • Dynamic Balance polymer composite driver and silk composite tweeter for smooth wide range response with low distortion.
  • Power Port Bass Venting offers superior bass that you can really feel. Acoustic Resonance Control Technology results in more natural midrange reproduction
  • Each speaker contains a 1" silk soft dome tweeter and a 5.25" full range driver.
  • An anti diffraction grille minimizes grille diffraction for spacious 3 dimensional imaging.
  • Magnetically shielded and comes with gold plated 5-way binding posts and built in wall bracket.

What's in the Box

  • Manual

Manufacturer's Warranty

  • Parts - 5 Year(s)
  • Labour - 5 Year(s)

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Wallmounts Included Yes
Colour Black
Crossover Point Not Provided By Manufacturer
Frequency Response 50Hz - 27KHz
Magnetically Shielded Yes
Power Capability 125 W
Sensitivity 89 dB
Tweeter Size 1 in
Woofer Size 5.3 in
Weight 11.3 kg
Warranty Labour 5 Year(s)
Warranty Parts 5 Year(s)



Customer Reviews

4.7 / 5
Based on 51 ratings,21 Reviews
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  • from North Vancouver, BC
  • Jan 02, 2015

Small Sweet Delight

These speakers did not disappoint me. I read almost all of the reviews on the web of them and decided to give these a try instead of the older model RTI4 which were $30 cheaper. After playing them for a few hours the highs are coming out stronger and brighter than initially unpacked.. The highs were lacking in my previous setup. I listen mostly to jazz and classical and the occasional trance - these RTIA1's do the job very well in bringing the melody out of my Onkyo receiver. SOLID sound all around, especially with a subwoofer! These small sweet delights are a keeper!

  • from Barrie
  • Dec 03, 2014


These speakers look alright and seem well built. Good bass response for 5 1/4" woofers, full sound, and are quite loud because they are pretty sensitive. However, they are a brighter sounding speaker and lack smoothness, a slight but steadily distorted or unrefined sound. Being a little bright sounding on its own would be forgiving as they aren't fatiguing, but the lack of clarity was the deal breaker for me.

  • from Welland, ON
  • Oct 24, 2014

really great quality and performance!

really great quality and performance!

  • from Airdrie, AB
  • Aug 13, 2014

Great Speakers for the size

I bought these speakers for a family room theatre set up. I also matched these speakers up with the matching centre channel which I had to purchase elsewhere. (CSi a3). The sound is very clear and I noticed hearing notes and tones from music I had never heard before from my previous speakers. Highs are crisp, mids are where they should be, however don't expect these speakers to pound out decent base. For their size, they are not meant to do that anyways. The build quality is exceptional inside and out. Size of the speaker is adequate and not too big for small rooms. I would highly recommend these speakers but wait until they come on sale, as they often are.

  • from Wheatley ON
  • May 30, 2014

Like the size

These are perfect, the sound is amazing for such a small speaker and even the base is more than I can use in my apartment.

  • from Ottawa, ON
  • Feb 02, 2014


Perfect bookshelf speakers for the job. Great range for little speakers.

  • from Moncton, NB
  • Jan 12, 2014

Great set of bookshelf speakers

Just bought a pair of these to replace an older set of Paradigm bookshelf speakers that were starting to have issues and have to say I'm more than impressed with the sound quality they put out. From vocals + acoustic tracks, to the latest Sabbath album these speakers are bringing out portions of the audio that I hadn't noticed before. Highs are bright and crisp, and bass/mids are "crunchy" at the right times. I'll agree with comments that the bass does seem lacking on some tracks (very few), but that's the nature of using a bookshelf speaker without the addition of a sub. That said... it's not missing enough bass that I feel the need to go out and pick up a sub, I'm quite happy with the output of just the two speakers on their own. If I had to pick a con, it would be the wall mounting mechanism. These aren't light, and I'm not completely comfortable hanging them off of a single slotted screw mount.

  • from North Bay, ON
  • Jan 03, 2014

Adding to my system was successful

I purchased these speakers along with a new Sony receiver to add to and to boost my present system, which is made up of all Polk audio speakers. They did serve exactly as I wished them to and filled in the center of the surround sound. Sound from all the speakers is now very smoothly transitioned from place to place around the viewing listener (me). These speakers are a definite asset, added to the remainder of my sound system. I am using them in conjunction with four Monitor70B II r's, a CS IIB center and PSW 505 subwoofer. With the Sony receiver, the sound is absolutely amazing. I would recommend these to anyone who wished to flesh out a Polk audio 7.1 or 7.2 surround.

  • from Whitehorse, YT
  • Dec 29, 2013

Good speakers for a good price.

Finally had to replace two big, heavy speakers (after 30 years!) Am very pleased with the clarity and sound quality of these speakers in a small living space.

  • from Aurora, ON
  • Nov 28, 2013

Excellent for the price

Try to put together a poor man's system in my small living room with a tight budget. Have this baby set up with an AudioSource amp100 and a music hall mmf2.2. Blew me away especially after it broke in. Very clear mid range this speakers are excellent for enjoying some Jazz and classical in a small to mid size room. I can't praise these speakers enough.

  • from Fort Mcmurray, AB
  • Oct 08, 2013

Excellent pair of speakers

I just bought this new pair of speakers to use with my Sonos amp and I'm not disappointed one bit. I use the system in a loud shop and the sound clarity is amazing and for the price I paid for I doubt I could done any better!!

  • from Ottawa, ON
  • Feb 04, 2013

Incredible Speakers

I was in the market for 2 stereo speakers to drive from my home Sonos system in my living room. I compared these two speakers driven through the Sonos AMP against twinned Sonos PLAY 3's. No contest. These two modestly priced speakers blow the doors off PLAY 3's and PLAY 5's. The breadth of range and depth of center is outstanding. I read other reviews where they made what I thought were exaggerated comments like "I heard sounds in songs I had never heard before". There could be no more true statement. Forget all the nonsense on bit rates and digital storage formats (I have been streaming MP3 files) - it's all in the speakers and these are very high quality.

  • from Montreal, QC
  • Nov 16, 2012

Exceptionally good

Absolutely floored by these speakers. Close in sound to Paradigm monitor, detailed and warm sounding, nice sensitivity also, you can run them really well also with a modestly powered receiver. I have a Denon AVR3312 (very powerful) in the living room and a Pioneer 912 (not so powerful) in the bedroom and I tested with both: excellent results. I prefer these by far to klipsch which, although even more sensitive, they do not have the same warmth and, as a consequence, get tiring after a short period of time. They are fairly bright but not overly so (the A3 are less bright in my experience). I also had a couple of Paradigm Studio 10 and quite frankly I found them too laid back: might be preferable for classical music but for Jazz and Electronica (and for any music in which acoustic guitar is dominant) I prefer this set of A1 at a fraction of the Paradigm's price. If you want a brighter sound than these I recommend the Martin Logan Motion 4, not Klipsch.

  • from Toronto, ON
  • Oct 06, 2012

Great little speaker

Needs about 200- 300 hours to break in. For the money they are hard to beat. Most small cheap speakers extend the highs and are boomy in the bass so the mid range is lost. Not these they are very neutral and thrive with tube EL34 amplifiers. The better your eqpt. the better they will sound

  • from Calgary
  • May 26, 2012

Polk Audio...well done

I wanted to replace my old speakers with something new and wanted something with a small footprint. I am not much on surround sound so the new speakers are pretty much dedicated to a 2.1 stereo system. I am on a budget so I started looking for high quality sound but easy on the wallet...mission impossible right? I compared 5 different brands, Infinity,Klipsch,Boston Acoustics and Polk Audio. I thought the Polks had the most natural sound and really sounded bigger than what they were. Surprisigly these easily outperfomed the Klipsch which are twice the price. So I bought these ones and thought if I don't like how they sound at my home then I will exchange them. No way these are going back. They were already an improvement over my old speakers right out of the box, if maybe just a tad dull. Well I have about 30 hours into them now and they are really starting to open up. Highs are crisp and clear with no fatigue. Excellent midrange and surprising bass from such a small speaker, detailed with good impact. Of course I knew that for true deep bass I would need a sub so I bought Polk Audio for that too. The two together are sweet. The RTIA1s are revealing details in my music that I have not heard for years and I am enjoying my cd collection all over again. They have good imaging and soundstage and truly bely there small size. If I ever do go surround sound, Polk Audio will be at the top of my list. Highly recommended.

  • from Calgary
  • Apr 22, 2012


Bought these originally to use for height channels to expand to 9.1 sound in my home theater. Its recommended to use bookshelf, not bipolar speakers as its not meant for ambient sounds. Although the idea behind physical height channels placed over the TV is somewhat debatable, it is a minor addition and serves to enhance sounds coming from above like rain or spreads the soundtrack music further without detracting from the center channel. Its best to have a big TV though. It would make no sense to have a small set as the height channels need to be separate enough from the fronts. I borrowed a friends older Rti6s, the larger bookshelf that is the same as the newer A3. I couldn't mount them safely over the TV because they were too deep. The A1s, being not as deep sit directly on the top edge of my TV, braced by screws in the wall, and two rubber feet under them. Essentially they complement the rear channels behind the seating area although they are fed different information. Feeling a little disappointed, I would only rate these lower because of the function I am using them for. I thought I would disconnect my fronts, A9s and just try the A1s in stereo. From the biggest to the smallest in the series, these little monsters really put out. Its best to back them up within a few inches from the wall to help the bass ports give out descent bass. The clarity and depth is amazing although they lack the deep bass. The treble is a little sharp but they will break in.Some people recommend using a sub but I find too much bass is tiring to the ears. Darn good speakers for the money though.

  • from Port Elgin, Ontario
  • Sep 14, 2011

Very natural sounding speakers

I've been listening to these speakers for a week now and I'm quite pleased. Very natural and uncoloured sound. Satisfying bass when appropriate, but never overpowering. Clear crisp highs, but never grating. Overall, excellent balance. Try them with period acoustic instruments like Christopher Hogwood's Academy of Ancient Music. There are beautiful nuances and sounds I have never heard before in these recordings. Not just for classical, either. Modern jazz sounds great, particularly the brass horns. Pop stuff sounds very nice too. I particularly have enjoyed Karen Carpenter's old songs on these. Her voice sounds sweeter than ever. Highly recommended.

  • from Toronto
  • Jul 25, 2011

Great Pair of Small Speakers

The overall performance is great, especially if you are in a small room. For a small speaker stereo system it has decent bass, however, some songs do seem like they need a sub for better lows and depth. The sound stage produced is quite impressive and I am quite confident that it will do adequately enough even in medium or open areas. The only negative aspect I could find was that it does require a break in to perform optimally, but after a couple of days of playing various music, it started to blossom. Also, the speaker binding posts have plastic caps. I would prefer slightly better caps, but that is almost irrelevant. Will definitely buy more from Polk!

  • from Toronto
  • May 12, 2011

Great Little Speakers

I purchased these speakers as side surrounds for my 7.1 theatre system. I've also tried these speakers as front channels using a Rotel 200 wpc amp. They produce decent lows, and excellent mids and highs. They don't sound as wide as some other speakers I have demoed, but they are a great buy when on sale. Perfect for sides or rears. Good for fronts in a smaller room, perhaps also accompanied by a sub for larger rooms.

  • from Toronto
  • Nov 25, 2010

great and compact

I was looking to get temporary set of front speakers until I can buy a pair of towers. I tested quite a few models and brands at the store and I have to say these to me, sounded absolutely perfect despite their size. I felt it produced the cleanest sound of all other bookshelf speakers and it was quite a deal when you take into consideration the price. I definitely recommend them for front speakers if paired with a sub or as rears. Great value, and probably one of the best speakers you can buy at this size.

  • from Guelph
  • Sep 04, 2010

HT setup

The RTi A1 speakers are impressive with their range. They require 50 to 100 hours of break in time to get the warmth that they are capable of, and this is of course dependent on a good amp, however, they are forgiving with even lower end amps. Purchasers of these speakers will be pleased with the clarity and bass response for such a tiny speaker. They can be used for bookshelf fronts, and if you are limited to a small space I'd recommend the RTi A4's for that extra punch as they aren't that much bigger. In a larger setup, these make an excellent set of rears for a home theatre enthusiast. Its in this capacity that I think these should really be used. Paired with the RTi A7's, they balance nicely.

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