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RCA Digital Flat TV Antenna (CANT1400)

  • Model Number: CANT1400
  • WebID: 10126062
(51 ratings)

The RCA CANT1400 digital flat UHF/VHF HDTV/TV antenna makes the "rabbit ear" antenna a thing of the past. The patented multi-directional reception design eliminates the need for constant adjustments. It's lightweight & compact footprint can be laid flat, set upright, or wall mounted.

More Information

Once you fnd a location with a strong signal to place the Antenna after connecting to your TV. You're ready to enjoy free local programming. Local over-air digital and HDTV broadcasts will be uncompressed, so you can receive a better quality signal than provided by satellite or cable companies. In some cases, you'll receive channels not available through those service providers as well. Since the CANT1400 is paintable, you can colour it to match any setting. Wall mounting brackets & screws 6 ft RG6 coaxial cable are built-in. It also comes with 1 year manufacturer's limited warranty.FEATURES:
  • Terrestrial (over-air) HDTV Ready
  • Signal Reception Types: UHF & VHF for HDTV, DTV, & TV
  • Operational VHF bandwidth: 54 - 88 & 174 - 216 MHz
  • Operational UHF bandwidth: 470 - 806 MHz
  • 6ft RG6 coaxial cable built-in
  • Output impedance: 75 Ohms
  • Paintable housing
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year Limited
  • Dimensions: 21.1cm W x 23.5cm H x 1.5cm D
  • Weight: 0.49KG
  • Colour: White

Manufacturer's Warranty

  • Parts - 1 Year(s)
  • Labour - 1 Year(s)

For more information about the Manufacturer’s Warranty, please contact the manufacturer or visit their website.

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  • from Toronto, ON
  • Feb 11, 2015

Finally, an antenna that works!

I live in downtown Toronto, bloor/church area. I went through 4 antennas before this one. Not a single one worked! Bought one that was well over $100 at one point, hoping the price would reflect the quality. This is the ONLY one that has worked for me. And has it ever worked well! I get 18 channels right now (have it hanging by a suction cup in my window). Most are HD, and even the one's that aren't look great on my 50" TV. Amazing purchase. Got it on sale, too [...]. Thank you RCA for the great product.

  • from Toronto, ON
  • Oct 03, 2014

good model

ended up trying both this and the 1650 model and at half the cost, this one worked just as well as the amplification didn't do much. location is a huge influence. i spent a good afternoon trying out heights and locations before accidentally putting the unit on its side and discovering it worked best propped up. perhaps this is because i'm on the main floor. could use a slightly longer cord to give you some room to hide the cord.

  • from Montréal, QC
  • Sep 18, 2014

More Trash From RCA

This thing is a piece of engineering garbage from RCA. The purpose of an antenna is to bring in stations. I wanted to replace my mothers analog TV that has a digital to analog converter box about 1/2 the footprint of this antenna. I thought I would get better reception and hopefully more stations. I have less stations. I have lost global (and other stations which were admittedly sometimes poor reception). Future Shop needs to test the garbage they buy if they want to maintain a reputation for the products they sell.

  • from Toronto, ON
  • Jun 17, 2014

Who needs cable tv anymore :P

I live right beside the CN tower / rogers center so I get better reception than most, but when installing it make sure there are no buildings obstructing the line of sight to the nearest tower. I get about 10-15 channels (a few are repeats of the HD channels) including buffalo channel. The position is very critical; I can get fox buffalo TV if I put it on the balcony facing the lake whereas having it near the TV I don't get buffalo stations. Either way, I've had this product for about 2 years and hasn't failed me yet

  • from Pickering, ON
  • Mar 18, 2014

Surprising results!

I don't live in the city but in a surburban area and don't receive any channels even with the old rabbbit ears. I never read any reviews before purchasing this product. I actually bought this product because it was the cheapest one on the shelf figuring if it didn't work I could always bring it back. Hooking it up was easy as attaching the antenna cable from the product into the antenna of the tv. I followed the steps, turning on the tv and doing the auto scan half expecting the device not to work. I was surprised by the results! It found 11 digital channels in HD, 8 of them in 1080p and 1 analog channel. The picture quality was solid in crystal clear HD and I got all the main channels, like CTV, CITY TV, GLOBAL, PBS, channel 5 and even TheCW from Buffalo! Naturally I moved it around a bit to get the max reception possible. It's now in a 2nd floor bedroom near but not right beside the window. For those of you who don't get any signals make sure your TV is digital capable first of all, it won't work with analog TVs unless you have a digital convertor. Also depends on where you put the antenna. In the middle of the room facing other rooms it didn't receive any signals, moving it around to the the side of the room that faces the outside of the house it easily picked up the 11 digital stations! Just my two cents.

  • from vancouver area
  • Jun 06, 2013

very good omni-directional antenna

As the box claims, it has good stability for an omni-directional antenna. After you have scanned for channels, try picking it up an horizontally rotating it. Now try this with any other antenna.

  • from Ottawa, ON
  • May 19, 2013

Not worth buying

Just bought it, installed it and I got less stations than with my old rabbit ears....

  • from Ottawa, ON
  • Apr 13, 2013

Crystal clear!

I was just about to give up on indoor antennas until I picked this one up. I don't have to move it for each channel and I get more than the traditional rabbit ear combo. I also get all signal bars on my tv; very strong signal. CBC, CTV, CityTV, etc; come in better than they did with digital cable. Good buy and far more attractive than the traditional rabbit ears.

  • from Montreal
  • Jul 23, 2012

VERY Satisfied!

I bought this today despite reading the mixed reviews here, at worst I would just return it. Well turns out, I don't need to return it because this thing is pretty damn good! I receive 9 crystal clear channels (5 in 1080 HD quality!). This, combined with Netflix is a BIG cash saver! I get all the channels I need for news and regular local programming and I get them at excellent HD quality without pixelization or static. Definitely gonna recommend this to friends and family! P.S: I live in the 2nd floor of a triplex and I placed the antenna flat on a table beside my tv, nowhere close to a window!

  • from Ottawa
  • Sep 30, 2011

Rabbits ears

This is the worst product ever. I tried my old rabbits ears from a very old TV and managed to get 7 channels. So I told myself to spend a little bit of money and I should receive, if not more channels, then at least a better reception. But NOT SO. Even fewer channels and worse reception were the result. A coat hanger would have worked better. Do not buy.

  • from Maple
  • Sep 28, 2011


I only found 4 channels with this antenna and one of them is French. I can't even watch cbc and ctv with this antenna. Completely useless. I'm returning it.

  • from Fredericton, NB
  • Sep 09, 2011


This product is useless. The reception was actually WORSE than rabbit ears, because I lost the CTV signal when I hooked this antenna up. I spent 2 hours trying to place/orient the antenna to get all 3 digital channels that are available here (the towers are close by). This product is definitely not omnidirectional like it is advertised and you will constantly be adjusting it to get your 0 to 1 channels.

  • from Oshawa, Ontario
  • Jun 25, 2011

Very inpressed

I used to receive 4-5 HD channels in Oshawa (mainly coming from Toronto and Buffalo) with rabbit ears. Bought this one and plugged it, voila! 20 HD channels all clear during the day, and at least 15 of them during the night. Very impressed considering that I live 60 KM from the CN Tower! CBC, CTV, City TV, CHCH, ABC, CBS, PBS and many more that I didn't even know existed. First thing next week I should cancel my Rogers subscription and then I am going to try the amplified model to see if it improves the performance even further.

  • from etobicoke
  • Apr 08, 2011

horrible antenna

i can see the cn tower from my window yet this antenna could only pull in 4 hd channels. the analog reception was so horid all but 1 channel was unwatchable. rabbit ears work better. this thing goes back first thing tomorrow

  • from Mississauga
  • Dec 26, 2010

14 month update

We got this antennae Oct of 2009 (read review Sam Oct 2009). I think the problem some people are having with no reception is that they need a tv that can decode digital signals for the HD channels. We have an LCD flat screen with a built-in digital decoder. The analog channels we get are ok, but not super clear. The digital channels are amazing and we only have a 37" 720p 60Mhz LCD tv. Those with 1080p and 120 Mhz+ tv's will see even better results if they can get a good line of sight (the higher the placement, the better). I think these antennas were built to receive digital signals and only average quality analog signals. Because we only have this on the first floor, we will be buying the powered version to see if we can get more than the 5 digital and 5 or so analog signals we have now.

  • from Montreal
  • Oct 26, 2010


It works as well as can be expected for me. Had to screw it on the wall to get the best possible signal. I get 6 analog stations and 1 digital station with it. Quality depends on weather. No power cord which is nice.

  • from Toronto downtown
  • Sep 16, 2010

Very Poor

I live 2 blocks from the CN tower and have line of sight. I was able to get CBC in one position, CTV in another position and Global in yet another position, but never all channels together in one position. Any other channels it was picking up were so fuzzy it wasn't worth watching. If you want a couple of channels and don't mind constantly moving the device and retuning the TV, then buy this device. If you want mutliple HDTV channels FREE, as advertised on the box, then go for something better.

  • from calgary
  • Aug 18, 2010

Take two

i was skeptical of this product as i had the decoder and it didn't work(1 yr ago), i went for it and amazingly it did bring in global calgary. i don't like the idea of plugging in amplifier but it's required.....unless you hook up the rf antenna with the digital one(in parallel) and the picture on tube style tv works great(for OTA) ctv works the best but cbc/access are now visible! the 1450 model may work even better??

  • from Sarnia
  • Aug 07, 2010

Bad in Apartments

I live close to the states thinking I would get some Canadian/USA reception I got 4 channels but are not clear enough to watch TV. Do not waste your money. I am returning mine! Go with a outdoor one!

  • from Toronto
  • May 31, 2010

Worth the money!

Worked very well. Tried the more expensive antennas but took them back and picked up this instead. Saved $40 and gained CBC, Global, Omni, CTV HD channels plus a few analogue. Placement is key, but the white sleek design, looks really great compared to the rabbit ears. Very happy overall.

  • from Vancouver, BC
  • Jan 03, 2010

Worse than cheapo rabbit ears

We have some very old cheap simple rabbit ears, but bought this in hopes of something a little more 'elegant', and perhaps a little less fiddling. However, it was more finicky for the digital HD stations, and the analog stations were very fuzzy. This was surprising considering the longer cord on this version, and the fact it is probably 20 years newer.I'm sticking with our existing rabbit ears.

  • from Mississauga
  • Oct 01, 2009

Pretty good

Canceled our digital cable and picked this up because never home to watch tv. In Mississauga we get 5 sometimes 6 super clear digital channels, 5 good analog channels and 3 fair channels by placing this on the first floor window. Happy with this produt. Would have liked to try the amplified version but was unavailable at the store.

  • from Newcastle Ontario
  • Sep 25, 2009

Not worth it

I bought this based on other reviews and the fact we live on the edge of Lake Ontario with no large interfering bodies between me and the U.S. or Toronto. The product wouldn't pick up any stations at all regardless of how the tv was programmed.

  • from Timmins
  • Aug 24, 2009


...just like it says on the Box. Very good picture and very sleek design - worth the price.