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Shaw Direct 320GB HDPVR Digital Satellite Receiver (630)

  • Model Number: HDPVR 630
  • WebID: 10153794
(64 ratings)

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The Shaw Motorola HDPVR 630 combines razor sharp HD television and a 320 GB PVR to deliver dazzling programming and convenient interactive features. It's home to a full-featured, MPEG-4 capable digital receiver with an advanced high-definition television (HDTV) decoder and personal video recording (PVR) functionality for impressive high-definition programming, an easy-to-use menu, and advanced interactive capabilities.

More Information

  • Access an expansive 320GB PVR to record, pause, and playback your favourite programs
  • MPEG-4 capable digital receiver features an advanced high-definition television decoder and personal video recording (PVR) functionality
  • Intuitive menu is easy-to-use and is integrated into the remote control, featuring an on-screen program guide that provides extensive program information to help you plan your viewing
  • Includes standard audio and video ports, as well as component high-definition and HDMI outputs
  • Future upgrades can be downloaded to your unit via satellite
  • *Satellite dish and installation service are sold separately, to be provided by your service provider, and are not included in the cost of this device

What's in the Box

  • Cables
  • Remote
  • Manual

Manufacturer's Warranty

  • Labour - 1 Year(s)

For more information about the Manufacturer’s Warranty, please contact the manufacturer or visit their website.

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Type of Dish Not Applicable
Order Conditions Not Applicable
100% Digital Video/Audio Yes
Advanced MPEG-2/DVB Compliant Yes
Alternative Language Support Yes
Built-In Personal Digital Recorder Yes
Channel Favourite Lists Yes
Closed Caption Support Yes
Digital Video Recording Capable Yes
Digital Video Recording Capacity 175 Hours SD; 45 Hours HD
Dish Included No
Dolby Digital Capable Yes
Dolby Digital Ready Yes
Dual LNBF Design Yes
Event Timers Yes
Front Panel Smart Card Access No
High Definition/HDTV Ready Yes
Local Channels Available Yes
Low-Noise Block Converter (LNBF) Yes
Off-Air Antenna (F-Connectors) No
On-Screen Channel & Program Banner Yes
On-Screen Pay-Per-View Purchase Summary Yes
On-Screen Programming Guide & Listings Yes
On-Screen Program Start Time Indicator Yes
Page-At-A-Time Scrolling in Guide Yes
Parental Controls Yes
Remote Control Transmission UHF
Soft Keys Interactive Feature Info Yes
Software Upgrades (Via Satellite) Yes
Stacked LNBF No
Start-up Pre-Programmed Channel Yes
Themed Programme Categories Yes
Title & Artist Display (Audio) Yes
V-Chip Technology No
IR Blaster No
Component Video Output Jack Yes
2400 Baud Internal Modem Jack Yes
Remote Control 3:1 UHF
S-Video Output Jack Yes
Width 26.7 cm
Height 5.1 cm
Depth 21.6 cm
Warranty Labour 1 Year(s)



Customer Reviews

3.2 / 5
Based on 64 ratings,39 Reviews
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Positive vs. Critical Reviews

Positive 57%

25 Reviews

Critical 42%

14 Reviews

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  • from Lone Butte, BC
  • Feb 05, 2015

Reliable Product

I have been with Shaw Direct (Star Choice) since they started transmitting. Started with the 400 series receivers, upgraded to the 505 & 530, now upgrading to the 600 & 630. I find the 630 & 600 very compact, have had no problems & enjoy the new menu & channels. Noticed that some people were complaining about freezing but I had that problem with the 530, all you have to do is reboot. Now going to replace the LNB to access the third satellite.

  • from Saskatoon, SK
  • Dec 15, 2014

Good Product

I have 3 of the 630s and 1 600. 1 630 was replaced with a refurbished 1.5 years ago. NO major problems with any of the units for 1.5 years. Occasionally they will freeze...a simple reboot and it resets without losing any recorded data or record settings. Guide loads very fast. HD channels are crystal clear. All in all a very reliable system from receiver to support.

  • from Kitchener, ON
  • Nov 23, 2014

Not at all reliable!

Was happy for this unit because of small size, and not having to deal with Bell or Rogers, but I'm on my second unit in 2.5 years and now this one is failing. When they replaced the first failed unit, they sent a refurbished unit (I never should have accepted this, because I OWN the unit, not renting) and it is not working.(freezing, PVR stops recording, need to constantly reboot, etc. etc. I've been with Shaw (Starchoice) for a decade. Now I need to look elsewhere.

  • from Sarnia, ON
  • Oct 09, 2014

Great little machine

I had some initial problems with installation, but once they were resolved I'm really enjoying it. The convenience of the search, PVR operations, the overall menu, etc... are so much better than the pervious versions. So yes I'm pleased.

  • from quesnel,bc
  • Sep 22, 2014

hd pvr 630

i don't know if it works or not , shaw cable is so busy screwing us around i cant get it hooked up. So ill be returning it .

  • from Edmonton, AB
  • May 04, 2014

Do not buy

I have had 4 of these in less than a year. Look on the shaw blogs, motorolla has really dropped the ball here. Reset, shut off, pvr freeze and completely died. The shaw warranty sends out refurbished units that fail within weeks of getting them. Do not waste your money. I cannot give zero stars, so 1 is high. Shame on shaw for such a terrible product!!!!!

  • from Winnipeg, MB
  • Nov 30, 2013

Nice design, but

I like the smallness and the time located front and center. The interface is harsh. It leaves screen burn on my plasma and looks like its from the 90's. After about 2 yrs. the hardrive is about 40% full and nothing to show for. I even did a pvr flush.

  • from Brantford, On
  • Sep 08, 2013

3 Free with Subscription

Switched from Cable (Eastlink) to Shaw Direct, payed with credit card so they waived the 3 Receiver fee (awesome) - Quality improvement was Automatically noticeable - No skipping during playback.. so im not sure what everyone is going on about. - Multiple recordings at once (nice) - the only Negative thing is the GUI. its outdated, feels like its from 90's, why have an HD reciever and have a GUI that looks like it belongs in the 90's?

  • from London, ON
  • May 08, 2013

Decent PVR with current firmware

I owned two of these for two years. They originally had a number off issues but firmware updates a few months ago fixed most of them. More recent reviews will be more indicative of the true performance of this receiver. In its current incarnation, this is a fairly good PVR and does what it claims. The user interface is easy to navigate and use. A few features are not as easy to reach as they should be but that's relatively minor. The guide is easy to read, easy navigate and it's easy to set recordings. The unit itself is fairly stable but it should be rebooted about once a week to keep it that way.

  • from London, ON
  • May 07, 2013

Not Perfect But What PVR Is?

I owned 2 of these for 2 years. At first they were problematic. A couple of firmware updates later, they were much better. If you want the best Canadian PVR, that would be the Bell/Telus 9241. They are a mature product and have most of the bugs worked out, have a good interface and a good feature set. The Shaw 630 runs a close second. It's missing a few features and has a few bugs but generally works well. Last in line is the Cisco Whole Home PVRs used by Rogers and some other cable companies. The whole home feature is appealing but they unreliable and the interface is terrible. It also has a lower energy profile than competing products.

  • from Port Elgin, ON
  • May 04, 2013

New 630 PVR's playback disappointing.

I have three of these units running currently one died completely within 6 months and was replaced by Shaw Direct very quickly. These units are much better in theory than the 530, and I wouldn’t go back…. BUT, all units are skipping during payback. It looked like the signal was poor but it happens on all HD recorded programs during playback and the signal is in the 90s. Wait for the next model to come out, they are better then the 530 but don’t load up on these 630s or look at Bell maybe as a last resort.

  • from Montreal, QC
  • Apr 27, 2013

And now you can add more storage to it

Have this unit for2 years now, works great . Only drawback was the low capacity of the drive. But now ( as explained on Shaw's website ) , you can add a drive up to 2 TB . You need to connect it with eSATA cable ( so exterior drice needs eSATA connector) . I used a phantom drive ( 1.5 TB that cost me 90.00 ) . My uasage went from 88 % to 11 % as it recognized the drive . You can now really take advantage of the PVR and can even keep your drives as they fill up . Image quality is great and did not have any issues aside from one or two required reboots.

  • from Richmond, BC
  • Feb 18, 2013

Excellent product!

I have this product and its absolutely great! can record 2 shows at once and also many hourse of hd recordable hours! great product!

  • from The Landing, ON
  • Jan 29, 2013


I've been holding off buying a PVR for quite awhile now because of the price but I couldn't resist the boxing week sales. I was blown away and I can't believe I waited so long. I don't have one bad thing to say about the HDPVR 630.

  • from Prince Albert, SK
  • Oct 13, 2012

Super machine, Easy to use!

I've had my Shaw Direct HDPVR for about a year, and I really like it. I find if very easy to use. ( unlike my old shaw cable pvr) The only issue I ever had was that about twice over the year the reciever seemed to lock up, (solved by unplugging the power) other than that it has run flawless.

  • from Ontario
  • Sep 11, 2012

Problems, I've had a few

Switched from Bell to Shaw 15 monthe ago. The bell PVR was better. never had a problem. However, despite problems I have found dealing with shaw easier on my heart. If I hadn't switched I'm sure I would have had a heart attack from the sheer frustration of dealing with Bell. Shaw replaced my first 630 after 11 months. It basically stopped recording. The replacement has problems. When there are only several programs recorded the HDD shows 40% or more full.It gradually fills up so you start losing programs you haven't watched. Today I called for the second time to fix this. They take you through a series of steps which fixes the problem but you lose your list of programs to be recorded in the future. They want me to do this myself once a month. Wouldn't it be better to fix the problem? The techie told me there is a new PVR coming next year. I was going to buy a 630 for my kids but think I will wait. I actually like Shaw's call back service. You call for service, leave your # and they call you back.

  • from Charlottetown
  • Aug 19, 2012

Not all about hardware

It's not all about the hardware--review customer service ratings carefully. We've switched and I have to admit I miss the clock feature on the front of this one.

  • from Ontario
  • Mar 03, 2012

Has Worked Flawlessly

I picked up the HDPVR in January and I was a little worried having read all of the negativie reviews. There have been absolutely no problems with it at all. The 14 day guide is great and I love the PVR and the ability to pause and rewind live TV. It is also very compact; the smallest PVR that I have seen. I highly recommend it

  • from Ontario
  • Nov 25, 2011

Very nice

I wasn't too sure about this receiver after reading the mostly negative reviews of it. But after having it for a couple months now I have had no issues with it at all. The latest firmware revision must have fixed most of the bugs other people were having. It is super simple to use and giving me great results. Highly recommended.

  • from Sudbury
  • Oct 28, 2011

Good product

After reading all of these reviews I was very scared about buying this PVR. I have since purchased this PVR and I have been very impressed. It was very easy to install and we have had absolutely no problems with this at all. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has young kids who love certain shows that you can record and watch whenever needed.

  • from Calgary
  • Aug 10, 2011

Not Too Bad

I too had a lot of problems with the 630 when it first came out. It has gone through 2 firmware revisions and all of the problems that most are having are fixed now. Works flawlessly for months now. Make sure unit has downloaded the latest firmware and you will be golden.

  • from Edmonton
  • Jun 25, 2011


This unit is a real piece of work! I went through 3 of them in 2 months. I called in the Shaw and they were just like this box.... USELESS!!! Ever since I got this PVR and upgraded to HD my service went straight downhill! I have since cancelled my services and signed up for TELUS Optik and have never been happier! Equipent is half the price, the service is loads cheaper and the service both product and customer service is superior. I would never get Shaw ever again!!

  • from BC
  • Jun 06, 2011

Poor Product

Extremly dissapointed, useless piece of equipment but it serves me right. I read the reviews before buying but chose to ignore them and isntead believe sales rep who was "apparently" unaware of the poor reviews on the FS site and spoke highly of the unit. Picture quality was poor Changing channel painfully slow Returned it the next day for a refund, cant be bothered cycling through units until I get one that half works. Shame on Shaw for releasing such a poor product, obviously feel they have to compete rather than provide a reliable equipment

  • from Halifax
  • May 31, 2011

Not ready yet

We had so many problems with the 500 series DVR that we upgraded to the 630 PVR. This one is not without its problems either. We have had to shut down and reboot quite often and we have only had it for 2 months. I was advised to install a UPS which I did (low end from The Source). Still having problems. Only once did we lose a program that was recording at the time. Shaw Direct will replace defective products only after they go through a few steps with you -- complete disconnect from power and satellite and restart. The next time I believe they do a complete reload of software. Then they replace. I did not expect to be buying a beta product at that price. I could tolerate it better if I could get to a tech quickly but it seems they have so few staff that I use the call back service and do something else.

  • from Fort Assinibione, Alberta
  • Apr 25, 2011

Landfill material

This unit works intermittently, we are on our third unit. First unit crashed often, would not record, and playback recordings. Second unit will not turn on. According to customer service these are unrelated issues if you discount the fact that this system is junk and needs more development to work properly. My advice to you is too avoid this product.

  • from New Brunswick
  • Mar 31, 2011

Put The Woes Behind

The Shaw HDPVR 630 is my second PVR, as I also have a 500 series unit. Both experienced initial problems, & the 500 was replaced once. The 630 was a problem for the first month or so, with all kinds of gremlins, but the Shaw Help line advised me to turn the unit OFF at nite, and this helped as I believe that is when the units firmware was updated. The gremlins have tapered off, and as soon as I have enough coin, I'll be getting another 630 to replace the old 500, which will go to the bedroom. Luv my PVR.

  • from Ontario
  • Mar 02, 2011


Crashes and reboots often (daily) Recordings are flawed. Customer service is not knowledgable. On my second receiver and not getting much help from shaw. Shaw said not to channel surf as this will cause crash - what? They are not sure why only half the channels show up occasionally before you must force reboot to get them back. Buy this if you want to lose signal often, miss shows you want to tape and be frustrated by unknowledgable customer service reps for an hour or two every few days

  • from Vancouver
  • Feb 18, 2011


After phoning Shaw Direct (Star Choice) a couple of times to inquire about the product and after finding the money to finally purchase one so we could not worry about missing shows when putting kids to bed I was a little mislead by the company. You need to make sure that two lines from the Satellite can be plugged into the unit. If you do not do this - according to the CSR at Shaw Direct, you WILL NOT be able to record. The two lines in also allow the unit to respond faster to the remote, but my old HD tuners respond much faster than this new 630. I do like the ability to hide non subscribed channels, but still get ones I do not want shown - like the adult PPV. Also made a favourites channels list with all the channels I get, but it was deleted when the unit downloaded its new software. So that was a waste of time. Shaw Direct does say that new software patches are coming to make things better, I just hope that process is quick.

  • from Saskatoon
  • Feb 13, 2011

630 Terrible

I am on my 4th 630PVR, shaw is promising a software fix that will correct all the promises, one day maybe! Unit freezes, reboots by itself. Misses shows that you have selected to record. I would wait another year before buying this one, at this point in time it is a 5 star lemon.

  • from Bedford
  • Feb 09, 2011


I have had to replace my 630 and I only bought it 2 months ago. The customer service rep at Shaw told me they released it before all the bugs were worked out just to make the christmas rush. This thing is slow and will frustrate you. Every time you change the channel fast it will freeze and have to re-boot. Every time you hit a button it takes about 2-3 seconds to react. My suggestion is to wait until they work the bugs out or you will just end up returning it when it crashes.

  • from Ontario
  • Jan 30, 2011


What a dud! Problems right out of the box , will not record or will not stop recording. Called Shaw after one over an hour on hold wait spent over an hour with tech services . Reset unit as per instructions and let it reload the guide. Will record now with choppy playback also will record an hour and a half for an hour show. The next day half the channels were gone . I have 2 starchoice 505 receivers with no problems until replaced with the 630. I will be returning this useless unit and am considering Bell Expressview.

  • from Ontario
  • Jan 05, 2011


We had originally rented the Shaw HDPVR 630 through Shaw as we were unsure if we would like it. After a 3 month trial period and paying $15 per month rental fee, we decided to return the rental receiver to Shaw and purchase our own. I never have to miss another show. It is very easy to set up and program. I never have to miss another show! I highly recommend this receiver!

  • from Nepean Ontario
  • Nov 27, 2010


Just got the 630 to replace my old Shaw Direct 530 and I couldn't be happier. This PVR is amazing, extremely responsive and setting up recordings is a snap. It has reset it self a few times but it reboots itself and downloads the guide much faster than the 530. The timer conflict resolution has been fantastic, no more fumbling to find different air times if I'm already recording something.

  • from north bay
  • Nov 07, 2010

shaw 630 pvr

i got it the day it came out had problems for about a week,phoned shaw they set me another one so far things are working great,the only thing i don't like it shuts off and reboots so you have to wait for the guide to load shaw told me its because its protecting itsself from problems.but i love this pvr i've been waiting for this one for a long time they finally put in hdmi.i also bought the new hd reciever.

  • from Toronto
  • Oct 27, 2010

Very good PVR

Got this unit a few days after it came out. I had to exchange it for another one (through Shaw Direct) because there was a rare problem with the hard drive. The replacement unit works perfectly. Here are the main features I like: * I absolutely cannot tell the difference between live TV and a recorded show, even in HD on a 52" LCD TV. * Recording is a snap - you just select the shows you want using the guide, and then select to record. All the shows in the series will automatically be recorded. * The ability to pause live TV - very handy when you're watching a show and you get interrupted. * You can record two shows at once while watching a third recorded show. But if you are recording two shows, you cannot watch another show. * Ability to search for shows by title. * Very small unit size - about 1/5 the size of my previous HD box. Overall, this is a very good unit. Just test it to make sure it works. Odds are you won't run into the same problem, but if you do, you can always return or exchange it like I did

  • from Richmond, BC
  • Oct 24, 2010

Decent receiver with some issues

After using my Shaw Direct HD PVR 630 for month and a half here are my impressions. Pro's: HDMI Connector Small Form Factor Good HD Picture Quality Search Feature Hide Unsubscribed Channels Record Programs by Name Con's: Crashes and Resets Once in a While Responds Slowly to Remote control Setting up Recordings confusing at First Overall not bad, but not great either. I expected things like channel changing and on screen guide to load faster, not slower than the Older 530 PVR. I am told that these are things that will be improved soon in future software upgrades. If you are trying to decide between the older 530 HD PVR and the HD PVR 630 I would buy this one. Because the 530 may become obsolete as it is not capable of tuning to MPEG-4 HD channels which Shaw will be launching in the late 2011 and then converting existing HD channels from MPEG-2 HD to MPEG-4 HD. Spend the extra money and get something more future proof. If you want to find out more about the Shaw Direct HD PVR from real people like me search digitalhome on google and read the forums.

  • from Vancouver
  • Oct 20, 2010

Shaw exceptional service?

This product is actually better than it looks. It reportedly has the capability to tape (or watch and tape) three shows at once, but Shaw does not have the capability to do it. I would definately get this model over the Pace model that is causing so many problems since they "upgraded" their software. I don't why one reviewer thinks Shaw has exceptional service - it must have been written by a Shaw executive. In fact, you can wait up to 90 minutes to get someone on lthe line - just to set you up! That's not service - that's what happens when there's no competition in the marketplace!

  • from Moncton
  • Oct 02, 2010


The new HDPVR630 is amazing. Picture quality is stunning, and it's half the size of any other PVR on the market. The 14 day guide is spectacular, and includes NEW episode tags, cast information, episode title/description, genre and original air date. You can record new episodes, all episodes or individual episodes, and search by title or genre. Play back is very easy and responsive. All menus are very quick to respond. There are a couple of small bugs, and it is a bit slow at changing channels.

  • from Montreal
  • Sep 29, 2010


This is the smartest PVR on the market today. Ask for a live demo in store and you will be blown away at the processing speed and "user-freindlyness" of this machine. I highly recommend the PVR and the Shaw exceptionnal customer service.

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