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Shaw 500GB Dual Tuner HD PVR Receiver (DCX3510-M) - Available in BC/AB/SK/MB Only

  • Model Number: DCX3510-M
  • WebID: 10230113
(48 ratings)


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The Shaw DCX3510-M HD PVR comes with the latest audio and video format outputs. You'll be able to enjoy amazingly sharp Full HD 1080p60 resolution through an HDMI connection, plus realistic Dolby Digital Plus audio featuring Dolby Volume intelligent multi-channel audio levelling. The 500GB hard drive can record up to 300 hours of TV or 60 hours of high def TV.

More Information

  • Audio and video support includes Full 1080p high-definition output, HDMI connectivity, and award-winning Dolby Digital Plus, and Dolby Volume intelligent multi-channel audio levelling
  • An internal 500GB hard drive can be expanded to 1TB or more using an external disk drive connected to the set-top's eSATA interface (external hard drive sold separately)
  • Interactive program guide makes it easy to find your favourite shows
  • Enjoy a variety of genres from the commercial-free digital music channels
  • Pause live TV and record one show while watching another
  • Includes IR remote control, power cable, HDMI cable, coax cable, and manual

What's in the Box

  • IR Remote Control
  • Power Cable
  • HDMI Cable
  • Coax Cable
  • Manual

Manufacturer's Warranty

  • Parts - 1 Year(s)
  • Labour - 1 Year(s)

For more information about the Manufacturer’s Warranty, please contact the manufacturer or visit their website.

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Commercial Free Digital Music Channel Yes
Component Video Output 1
Digital Optical Audio Output 1
Dolby Digital AC-3 5.1 Capable Yes
Dual Tuner Yes
E-Mail Capabilities No
Free Installation No
HDTV Support Yes
Instant Replay Yes
Interactive Program Guide Yes
Interactive TV Yes
Internet Capabilities No
Keyboard Included No
Multiple TV Support No
Parental Control Yes
Pause Live TV Yes
RF Video Output No
Record One Show While Watching Another Yes
Remote Infrared IR
S-Video Output No
Service Provider Shaw
Surround Sound Yes
Video Recording Yes
Width 32 cm
Height 22.3 cm
Depth 6.5 cm
Width (Inches) 12.6 in
Height (Inches) 8.75 in
Depth (Inches) 2.56 in
Weight 2.5 kg
Warranty Labour 1 Year(s)
Warranty Parts 1 Year(s)



Customer Reviews

2.2 / 5
Based on 48 ratings,32 Reviews
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Positive vs. Critical Reviews

Positive 35%

14 Reviews

Critical 64%

18 Reviews

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  • from Edmonton, AB
  • Feb 17, 2015

PVR Stressful

When turning this PVR on you have to wait a couple minutes for the remote to work properly, and when you finally can use the remote it is lagged by a couple seconds, which if someone is not used to this, they will press the button a couple times and then something else will pop up. The battery is new in the remote, and the lag when you boot up the pvr is unacceptable. This PVR is not worth the headache or hassle. Do not purchase this crap, and shaw does not seem to do care or fix the issues. Look at the reviews on this's quite sad to pay hundreds for an inferior product. Almost like they are forcing people to buy the gateway.

  • from Victoria, BC
  • Dec 11, 2014

No real problems

I have had one of these for 5 months now. I do understand some people's frustration but overall it does the job it is supposed to do. I had no trouble with set up and refused to have a shaw guy come out - I just did it over the phone. I have had many PVRs over the years, I can plug them in myself. I have had a few quirks with it but really nothing that has bothered me. Yes, it does occassionly fast forward further than expected or rewind further than expected. I can live with that. I have caught it not recording a few shows of mine but once I hit record it comes up. Now, I do not know if it would have corrected itself and recorded or not. Yes, it would be a bother if it did not record. But, I do not trust these boxes (old and new) and do check my scheduled recordings to ensure things look right to me. The ONLY ONE Big complaint I have is that I have not figured out how to search for movies or sports events several days from now. With the old box I could bring up these things and it would list it for today and tomorrow and into next week. This box just seems to give you what is playing at this particular time. Again, not a huge bother, just a minor bother. Yes, there are probably better models out there but if you are with SHAW and want to get those pesky HD channels that no longer record pictures on the old boxes and you don't want the wired into the whole house system, then it seems okay to me.

  • from Edmonton, AB
  • Oct 07, 2014

Defective software, defective hardware

The DCX3510 has numerous ongoing defects that have not been addressed by Shaw. Here's a list of the ones I've encountered after owning it for about 2.5 years, that continue to not be addressed: - recordings will occasionally lock themselves for content (even if you don't even use parental controls). The workaround is to unplug the box and plug it back in .... which works. Plain software defect. - the fastforward function will jump you back between 5s-60s (no way to know how long) when you stop fastforwarding. Sometimes it will even jump you back further than where you started! - recordings will sometimes have 'blank/blackscreens' at random intervals, apparently some defect in the way it records. - recordings for 'series' recordings will randomly fail to record episodes, even without any conflicts or other recordings around that time - it may just randomly decide not to record a particular episode. - recordings will sometimes be randomly cutoff, without any conflicting recordings. - the box will occasionally freeze up when you are moving through the menu - there is often lag when navigating the menu, and sometimes it will completely stop responding then catch up every button you pressed a few minutes later - the box will occasionally go to showing "PSLD" or "BOOT" and get stuck there, with no functioning until unplugged and plugged back in. - there is no picture in picture or frame by frame advance functionality

  • from Richmond, BC
  • Sep 02, 2014

Shaw 500GB Dual Tuner HD PVR Receiver

All I can say is don't buy this junk.

  • from Calgary, AB
  • Aug 13, 2014

PVR works fine

I have 2 PVR's foe the past 8 years and have never had any problems with either of them!

  • from Williams Lake, BC
  • May 08, 2014


My old PVR finally bit the dust, i am now however trying to get it repaired so I can send this new one back. I have had it for 5 months,1 visit from the SHAW installer and 2 from the tech plus numerous and I mean numerous calls into tech which all they do is re-boot it. It records shows without sound, it records shows that are reruns even tho you have it programmed for new shows only, it records and the program is pixilated, on some channels you rewind live TV and it pixilates to the channel you watched previously and it is no where near user friendly like the old one. I found out by a SHAW employee that SHAW used to use a third party software company for their PVR's software now with these new ones SHAW decided that they were clever enough to write their own assured they can not. But I do give them extra credit for their cute effort in trying. There are so many more things wrong with this [$price] piece of abomination but I think you get the idea by now.

  • from Langley BC
  • Feb 19, 2014

Never had any problems

I bought the Shaw PVR at Future shop over 2 years ago. It is in use recording every day and have not had one problem with it. I will be buying a second one for an additional TV. Gateway isn't of value to me so I'm sticking with the PVR.

  • from North Vancouver, BC
  • Jan 28, 2014

When you have no choice.........

I have not had any of the problems mentioned here. I have to admit however, I prefer the original PVR which finally died after almost 10 years of use. Everything seems to be an extra step with this new software. What was two clicks of the remote is now 3, what was one click is now two and so on. There are many things you just can't do with the new software: when watching a recorded show you can not view the guide or look at your existing list of recorded shows...the old box you could do this no problem. Pausing live TV also does not last as long as the old box. It keeps unpausing. To summarize my experience so far I would have to say the new PVR is not as convenient as my first generation PVR.

  • from Vernon, BC
  • Jan 18, 2014

Annoying peice of junk

Bought this only because my media center computer would no longer work when shaw went digital, miss my media center a lot. Shuts off on its own , freezes , records the same show over and over, I have tried all the settings to change this behaviour. It does not respond when I give it commands, does its own thing sometimes. Makes strange sounds. I wish I had read the reviews first but I figured for the price it must be top notch...wrong. Media center worked perfect, thanks shaw cable.

  • from Duncan, BC
  • Jan 10, 2014

great receiver

We love this and we have had no problems with it at all.

  • from BC
  • Jan 08, 2014

Lasted for about half a day...

Bought this box on Dec 27, 2013 Finally today Shaw came in to set up my cable and activate the recently purchased cable box, 12 hours later I get the display 88:88 on the screen and it wont power off or reboot... Called them and had to book another appointment telling me I have a faulty cable box. Seeing all the poor reviews and others having the same problem as me, I wish I had never bothered spending $350 on it. Please do yourself a favor and DO NOT buy this box, its garbage.

  • from Edmonton, AB
  • Jan 04, 2014

Works fine for me

We just bought a Shaw HD PVR a few weeks ago. I was a bit leery after reading less than positive reviews. However, since there isn't exactly much choice if you're a Shaw customer, we went with it. So far, we haven't encountered any of the issues other reviewers mentioned. The fan on our unit is very quiet and the PVR tapes shows on time, every time. (trust me, I use it quite heavily.) It's easy to set up and use and we've had a good experience, overall. The great thing about it is that you can hook up any external hard drive if you want to expand storage space, which is nice.

  • from Edmonton, AB
  • Dec 23, 2013

Decent Hardware ... Software On The Otherhand

Was using the Motorola DCT 3412 and time finally took it's toll on it, switched to the DCX3510-M and can tell you the unit is smaller more sleek looking than previous model. Box is designed with substantial more cooling ventilation resulting in a much quieter operation. The back-lit remote that comes with it though is very sluggish and for verification purposes, I tried using the remote from the 3412 and presto instant responses. I read a lot of comments on the SHAW designee software having many bugs, so thought I'd give it a chance to see if updates have helped and they have. However I still had issues with box crashing, getting channels that I have ordered and spent many hours with SHAW support staff to remedy the issues, which we didn't 100%. The Gateway (up-level box) uses Aris software which I'm more inclined to use, though both offer more modern UI and use much more data which is relevant when re-boot time comes, as it takes longer due to much heavier software. over-all I can recommend the box, just not with SHAW software running it.

  • from Winnipeg, MB
  • Dec 15, 2013

Excellent Product

Purchased this unit as a replacement for an older unit that failed after 6 years of use. Setup was simple and took a total of about 1/2 hour. This includes interacting with a Shaw rep and a series of booting and rebooting as the receiver was enabled for use on my account. The channel guide takes a bit of getting used to but it can be set up to resemble the guide on my old unit. Overall, I am very pleased with it.

  • from Edmonton, AB
  • Nov 30, 2013


I love the new guide! it works so well. although it is a bit slow to respond sometimes. overall an amazing piece of equipment! it only shows you channels that you're subscribed to. the menu to get to recordings is really easy to navigate and everything is held in alphabetical order and chronological order for recordings :) it even tells you when the next recording is scheduled for! only glitch is that it's slow to respond sometimes but ever since shaw came and replaced the drop line to my house i have had amazing internet and tv services! evidently what was causing all the issues was bad wiring outside my house! not shaw's fault at all but they fixed it! :) VERY happy with their customer service and it took less than a week for them to come take a look at the issues. :)

  • from North Vancouver, BC
  • Nov 23, 2013

Seems Fine

Anyway, this unit seems to work very well, despite all the bad previous reviews on it. Maybe Shaw has fixed most of the bugs. It has a very large memory, but us slow to react to inputs from the remote. I got used to that. The thing I like best is that when you fast-forward through commercials, and always overrun the start of the program a little, the machine automatically backs up to the end of the last commercial to start playing again. Cool. If you have to go with Shaw, I think this is the best PVR they have ever put out. But that might be faint praise. Just get the extended Future Shop warranty on this thing!!!

  • from West Vancouver, BC
  • Nov 14, 2013

one star to four star

I bought the 3510 in Dec.2012. It was initially almost unusable. I trusted that Shaw would begin to correct the software and they mostly have. After 11 months there are still periodic lapses in response to the remote control and short periods when the server seems disconnected. Shaw is doing a good job communicating these events.

  • from Abbotsford, BC
  • Oct 07, 2013

Horrible product

Nothing but trouble. It freezes up, can't pause or rewind at times, setup recordings sometimes do not record. Its sluggish. Constantly turning it off & on to get to unfreeze.

  • from Calgary, AB
  • Sep 02, 2013

This unit is a piece of JUNK!

Our DC3510-M constantly crashes, displays annoying messages, records the wrong programs or jump to another channel while recording or you just see a blank screen often on recordings. Sometimes the recorded is dull or there is no sound unless you rest the unit...which takes a long time

  • from Nanaimo, BC
  • Jul 23, 2013

Wish I had read these reviews first!

It’s very disappointing that Shaw put this out without fixing all the glitches. Actually shocking considering the price of this unit it should be in working order. I’ve only had it about 2 weeks and already keep getting offline messages, can’t access recorded shows or the menu at all. I thought the whole point of having a PVR is to watch shows at our convenience. The only thing you can do is wait it out and try to reboot. It is also quite loud, I would not recommend installing it in a bedroom. Save yourself the frustration and don’t buy this. Try to find the 3400.

  • from Edmonton, AB
  • Jul 04, 2013

Don't Buy! You will regret it.

Shaw botched the rollout of this device. It was not ready for consumers. It is very buggy and unreliable from the software standpoint. They seem to be struggling with fixing the issues. This product is damaging their business. I have encountered a couple of people angry enough to switch providers. It is awful tempting...I have no clue when they might get this fixed up. I am probably stuck with this piece.

  • from Vancouver, BC
  • May 16, 2013

shaw 500gb dual tuner hd pvr receiver dcx3510-m

this hd pvr has been nothing but problems I have called shaw to resolve the problems but they were not helpful.Save your money this box is nothing but a headache.

  • from Morinville
  • May 11, 2013

Crapped out in under 24 Hours

Bought unit last night. Had it activated. Went to use it this afternoon and the screen shows "8888" and won't do a think. It won't even power off!

  • from Edmonton, AB
  • May 05, 2013

Too Many Glitches

I really miss my old PVR Cable Box. It was easy to use and always did what it was supposed to do. This one has glitches every day where it goes into offline mode or my recorded programs go missing until I reset it, or it shuts down altogether.

  • from North Vancouver, BC
  • Apr 27, 2013

Do Not Buy

Full of glitches. We would get fed up with this thing and go watch TV in the kitchen. We would spend more time troubleshooting this horrible device than watching TV. Guide has small text with no contrast which makes for difficult reading-old guide was much better. Get the 3400 if you can find one.

  • from Port Moody, BC
  • Mar 28, 2013

very hard to use and very slow

this new design is very hard to use after using an older version PVR, the new layout is awful the guide takes a long time when scrolling up or down i would give it a 1 out of 10 and i would not recommend this to anyone that has used the older PVR

  • from Calgary, AB
  • Feb 05, 2013

awsome new box

I love my new pvr, so easy to use, great picture quality, i cant wait to buy a 2nd one !

  • from Victoria, BC
  • Jan 29, 2013

Full of glitches - do not buy this product

We bought this HDPVR after Christmas as Shaw had it on sale and unfortunately have had nothing but problems since we hooked it up. From what I've read online this product was pushed to market without proper testing and Shaw are constantly trying to fix glitches. Here are some major problems I have experienced: it switches from online/offline mode constantly; it locks programs you have recorded even if you've never set a lock; it sometimes doesn't record, or records duplicates; the guide is deadly slow; the unit powers off on its own. Every time I call Shaw they take me through the process of rebooting the unit, which I am already doing constantly on my own in an attempt to solve problems. I would NOT recommend this device to anyone I know until all the problems have been fixed.

  • from Calgary, AB
  • Jan 26, 2013

lots of nice features....that don't work!

I have been using this for a couple of weeks. The features are nice but work limited amount of time. Odd things like after pausing, if the guide is activated (and actually responds) your show skips to live mode. Very annoying. Buttons seem to activate other unintended features. The guide often does not work at all which means you have to revert back to the old channel surfing method of seeing what is on. Overall this is a nice design with a horrible implementation. This is not ready for consumer use. Without a reliable program guide this is absolutely worthless to me. I could rant on for pages on how bad this is. Very disappointed but gave away my old box.

  • from New Westminster, BC
  • Jan 21, 2013

Largely Pleased

I upgraded to this PVR from the DCX3400, largely because I was so tired of the dull, old style looking guide. Compare that old guide which has been around for at least 10 years to Telus, Telus Optik or Shaw Gateway and there's no comparison. The new guide for the 3510 is light years ahead and as good as any I've seen. It does take 2 to 3 seconds to respond whereas the old guide was instantaneous, but I don't mind as the graphics are now into the 21st century, The video on demand guide now looks great as well and is faster. Overall I've had less performance issues with this pvr than the 3400 which would often lose sound for about 1 minute and then come back on slowly. This pvr still does lose sound but less often, and an instant fix is to press rewind for a second and then play, the sound comes right back. Overall my HD picture seems a little sharper too. If you have a little more patience for operation of the on screen guide and you have an older model pvr, I would upgrade

  • from Thunder Bay, ON
  • Jan 13, 2013

Little disappointing

My wife got this for me at christmas and I just hooked it up. The features however are sharp the guide is sluggish. I couldn't go straight to music while watching tv. I've read other reviews and seems there are other bugs not fixed yet. Anyway, my wife had the impression it recorded more channels while watching tv but it doesn't. It just stores more recorded shows. I'm sending it back today and putting my old shaw HDPVR back. It's essentially the same....with a much faster guide!

  • from Vancouver, BC
  • Dec 14, 2012

pvr box released too soon..too many glitches

has some good features..unfortunately they haven't fixed big issues before releasing it.. If and when they update the software I think I could like it.. If you are watching a pre recorded show and the pvr box starts a recording it bumps you off of the recorded program that you were watching.. Not only does it bump you off the program when you go back to restart watching the recorded progam it has reset to the beginning..If you set a series recording for "new programs" and decide you want to record one older version it takes many tries to get that older version to record.. frustrating to say the least..wouldn't recommend as it is now

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