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SiriusXM OnyX with Vehicle Kit (XDNX1V1KC)

  • Model Number: XDNX1V1KC
  • WebID: 10133371
(32 ratings)

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The SiriusXM OnyX has everything you need to enjoy the variety of satellite radio in the car. It features a vibrant high resolution display with selectable colours, including trim rings to match your interior light. It comes complete with the PowerConnect Plug & Play system that's easy to install and easy to use.

More Information

  • Attractive full colour display with high resolution
  • Personalize with changeable display colour and trim rings
  • See artist and song data on the display
  • Save and quickly access up to 10 of your favourite channels
  • Includes PowerConnect dock and play system
  • Works on the XM Network

Manufacturer's Warranty

  • Parts - 90 Day(s)

For more information about the Manufacturer’s Warranty, please contact the manufacturer or visit their website.

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Customer Reviews

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Based on 32 ratings,8 Reviews
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  • from Belleville, ON
  • Jul 18, 2014

Love it!!

We have an xm radio at home and my boyfriend got me one for the cae for my birthday!! I love the fact I can program 10 favourites and can change the display color :)

  • from Orleans, ON
  • Oct 19, 2013


Works very well. FM transmitter works great. I sit the receiver on my dash and it gets a great signal. Love the comedy channels and the commercial free music.

  • from Ottawa
  • Jun 10, 2012

Fantastic Unit

I've been thinking of getting a portable satellite radio for a few months, after renting a car with one for 3 weeks. Just can't get back to regular FM radio with all the blabber !! I looked at portable units only because I don't want to go to the trouble of installing a permanent solution and it's hard to beat the prices of the portables. After looking at a number of models and reading the associated reviews, I settled on the XM Onyx. There were a mix of reviews but I figured if I had a problem, back it would go! Picked up a unit at Best Buy and it came with a 3 month subscription. I figure they just about gave away the radio. What can you expect? Well, this is a fantastic little unit; I wasn't looking for any bells and whistles, just something reliable that had a few presets. I'm fortunate that I have a centre console with an accessory plug and an AUX connection. I always wondered why Toyota put them there and now I know. My only concern now was the requirement for an exterior antenna. After talking to a few folks, I found out it isn't necessary to install it on the hood or trunk, the dash works fine and isn't prone to vandalism either. The installation: I unpacked the unit and it looked pretty easy, didn't even read the installation instructions (the guy thing). Inserted the color-coded power, AUX and antenna into the dock and placed the unit in the dock. Plugged the power into the socket in the centre console and the AUX cable into the AUX plug next to it. Played with the placement of the antenna and decided to place it in the left corner next to the windshield, above the speedometer cluster. Happens to be a metal speaker there and the little fella just sat nicely in place. Took all of 3 minutes to run and hide the antenna cable under the dash and along the middle to the centre console. Started the car and up it came. Went into the house and activated the unit online. 5 minutes later I was listening to Satellite Radio. I just leave the unit in the console and it powers on when I start the car. If I need to change the channel I lift the console cover and there it is! None of this hooking it to the a/c vents or sticking the bracket to a flat surface. Pretty hard to notice the little antenna sitting on the dash and if you don't see that you'd never know I have the best little piece of electronics I every purchased. My only aggravation was the fee they wanted for setup..... I guess that's to make up for the free 3 month subscription. I got the feeling they would waive the setup if you complained enough but not with the free time. If this think continues to work like it does now, I'll be one very happy XM Serius customer. Think I'll buy a dock for my other car as well !

  • from Thorne
  • Dec 29, 2010

Satellite bliss

This radio works excellent-was a breeze to install and the FM transmitter works very well

  • from Devon
  • Dec 27, 2010

Some issues

I haven't had a satellite radio before and saw the reviews were good, so took the plunge. I have yet to get this working properly. It was fairly easy to install, though the 30' of extremely cheap, plastic cable for the antenna has proven to be very difficult to run through the car - especially when it gets cold. I got it working relatively easily but the first day I drove the car, the signal keeps dropping in and out - every time I go under an overpass it drops the signal for a couple of seconds and finally it quit responding at all. Called to have it "refreshed" and it worked about as well as it did before...which is unacceptable. Is this how satellite radio works - or do I just have a bad unit that needs to be exchanged? Not impressed so far...!

  • from Moncton
  • Jul 12, 2010


Being a ex Sirius owner and having some issues with the reception....I am truely impressed with the sound quality of the powerconnect on the radio!!! Especially with the 1 year bundle, great deal!!! Would recommend it to anybody, even my worst enemy!! Everybody should have one!!

  • from Toronto
  • Apr 04, 2010

Radio works great

Not sure how XM did it, but this radio sounds awesome with Power Connect. This needs to be your next XM Radioi!

  • from Toronto
  • Dec 23, 2009

Nice Radio, Great sound and Easy Install

XM took the bricks out of the bag for the customer this time really simple install that ANYONE can do. I'm sure the great sound has to be part of this new powerconnect technology that XM brought to Canada.So really people...if you were wondering what to do with all of those extra wires with other products...forget it. Onyx is litterally plug N play through the cig lighter.

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    SiriusXM provides unlimited audio entertainment, including tons of music, news, sports, talk radio, and more. Read More