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Sony Wireless Over-Ear Headphones (MDRRF985RK) - Black

  • Model Number: MDRRF985RK
  • WebID: 10222429
(38 ratings)

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These Sony wireless headphones for home theatre let you sit back and relax to music or a movie's audio track without any annoying cords to get in the way. It's simple to set up and features high quality sound reproduction, a comfortable headband, and up to 25 hours of battery life. With a wireless range of up to 45 metres you'll be able to easily move around the room.

More Information

  • Frequency response 10Hz-22,000Hz

What's in the Box

  • Manual
  • Power Cable
  • Set-Up Cables
  • Manual
  • Power Cable
  • Set-Up Cables

Manufacturer's Warranty

  • Parts - 1 Year(s)

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A great way to listen to your favorite media at any time of day or night, wireless headphones are a perfect peripheral for families, roommates, and even senior citizens

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Headphone Style Over-Ear
Band Style Over-the-Head
Sports & Fitness Ear Clip No
Sound Isolating Yes
Noise Cancelling No
Wireless Yes
Bluetooth No
RF Wireless Yes
Effective Wireless Range 45 m
DJ Style No
Professional Grade No
High Fashion Design No
Water/Sweat Resistant No
Inline Volume Control No
iPod/iPhone Control No
Built-in Mic No
Folding No
Celebrity Endorsed No
Plug Material Not Applicable
Plug Size Not Applicable
Ear Cushion Material Rubber
Driver Unit Size 40 mm
Power Source Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
Frequency Response 10Hz - 22KHz
Impedance 32 Ohm
Magnet Type Neodymium
Colour Black
Weight 1650 g
Warranty Parts 1 Year(s)



Customer Reviews

2.3 / 5
Based on 38 ratings,26 Reviews
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Positive vs. Critical Reviews

Positive 39%

12 Reviews

Critical 60%

14 Reviews

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  • from Toronto, ON
  • Jan 24, 2015

pure garbage

Must be less than 30 cm from transmitter or endless interference. Within 20 sec of no sound being transmitted, your headphones will pickup random signals which manifest as loud bursts of static. Absolute garbage, I will smash these as soon as I find a replacement. Don't waste your money on this junk.

  • from Richmond, BC
  • Jan 03, 2015

Fitting price

Got what I paid for. Wireless works fine with inaudible interference at close range. Further away (to the next room or the corner of the house) interference can be heard, albeit not much and definitely tolerable if only stepping out for just a bit. Sound quality is good but nothing special, frequencies on the extremes seem a little weak though. Extremely comfortable. Just enough pressure to fit snugly on your head and the soft inner pads covering the speakers make for a pleasing experience even for hours on end.

  • from Vancouver, BC
  • Dec 28, 2014

terrible headphones

Sold to me by a staff member after telling him my requirements [...] I had better quality sound from my tape player 15 years ago. Not only is sound terrible, the headphones are too big

  • from Vancouver, BC
  • Dec 21, 2014

Terrible sound quality

Continuous events of static hiss noise. Changing channels does not help. Within 2 meters and no blockage. Hiss sound at slightest head movement. Sound also feels flat and empty. May still be OK-enough for watching TV, but not recommended for music. I wouldn't pay money for these, received it as a gift, but I would say they're not worth it.

  • from Gatineau, QC
  • Sep 25, 2014

Cant ask for much more given the price....

As i was looking through reviews I noticed that @ one of Futureshops major competitors the overall rating these headphones got was 4.3 out of 5 (from over 430 people) while here they get a 2.3 out of 5 (from about 30 people)?? hhhhmmmmm.....All I can say is that these headphones are very good, its my 2nd pair of Sonys and while i would like a little better quality but considering what i paid I think its about as good as can be expected. Id def recommend these to anyone.....

  • from Longueuil, QC
  • Aug 29, 2014

Good sound, bad range

I bought these to replace my ancient RCA cordless headphones that are now about 40% duct tape. I had tried a 2.4 GHz set, but interference with my wi-fi made me decide to stick with 900 MHz. The sound quality is very good within range, and they are extremely comfortable. Charging time and batter life meet expectations. Where it fails dismally is the range - between a third and a half of the promised 45 meters before hiss and static kick in. I've made sure the source volume is turned up full, and changing channels has minimal effect. It's not the environment, because my old RCA set, beat up as it is, still goes much further. If range is not a big issue for you, these are a decent buy, otherwise not.

  • from Ottawa, ON
  • Jul 22, 2014

Should have known better

This is straight up a lousy product from the get. I blame myself for this though. Should have known that RF is no good anymore with all the interferences that we all now have at home (wifi, radio, cell-phone, etc). There is annoying constant hissing sound, crackles a lot. One thing I have to say thats good is the distance. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT, unless you enjoy wasting your money and being ticked off.

  • from Valleyfield, QC
  • Feb 08, 2014

Good value for the money!

Everyone complaining about static and interference did not read the troubleshooting section of there instruction manual! I had the same issue until i realized that you have to turn up the volume from your output source, and just adjust the volume using the control on the head phones. If the output sound is not loud enough, the headphones will go into sleep mode to conserve batteries because it thinks there is nothing playing. Once i realized this, I was able to walk around my entire apartment with perfect sound. I've loved them ever since!

  • from Uxbridge, ON
  • Jan 23, 2014

Great service in delivery!

The headphones are great value and work fine with no problems with setup or quality.

  • from Toronto, ON
  • Jan 22, 2014

Total waste of money

I did not expect much of a sound for the money, and no surprises there. But what I got was constant hissing, interference and signal breaking noises. Changing channels does not help (the base is 2 meters away with no obstacles, and no other electronics except home theater nearby). After three months the base started shutting of casually (fully charged), several times for a duration of a movie, so I need to pause, unplug, wait, plug back in, turn the headset on/off, wait till the headset re-connects to the base... They look good, though...

  • from Victoria, BC
  • Jan 04, 2014

Works well

The headphones are good quality. I specifically bought them because they were Sony. Sound quality is not 100% but it is great to TV (HD sound in particular, you hear lots that you do not hear when watching on regular TV without speakers. No problem to hook up and works on my computer, TV, PVR and stereo. Got it so the wife can listen to her shows when she is making dinner and such... perfect for that!

  • from North Vancouver, BC
  • Jan 03, 2014


I bought it because its Sony,but the sound quality is terrible.

  • from Fredericton, NB
  • Dec 15, 2013

Don't waste your time and money, these are awful!

I bought these and regretted it right away. The quality is absolutely awful! Brand new, just out of the box, I've bought $1 headphones from the dollarama with better sound quality than these! I wouldn't pay more than $15-$20 for these if I knew how terrible the quality was. It said you could reach up to 45 meters/145 feet... key words - UP TO! Didn't matter how close I was, even right out of packaging, the static was terrible. If I was within a 5 feet range, and stood still and reset once every 5 minutes, the quality is tolerable at best - but still a minimal amount of static so long as you reset frequently and don't move a muscle. 10 feet? It becomes a static fiesta. 15 feet away, it is extremely static-y and cuts out a lot. 20 feet away? Completely cuts out. Up to 140 feet? Lies. The only good thing about these headphones is that they are very comfy, but whats the point of comfort when there's absolutely no quality? If I could rate 0 stars, I would.

  • from Vancouver
  • Dec 08, 2013

Bad for the money you spend

Good for 2 weeks or so. Reception breaks up after awhile very annoying. Always have to reset it to get it to work again.

  • from Abbotsford, BC
  • Nov 19, 2013

Work great

I use this head set for bedroom tv and it works great.

  • from Toronto, ON
  • Oct 27, 2013

Pass on those

Sound like $20 computer headset, constant hissing sound, signal interruption while sitting two meters away from the base... After five months of occasional use, they started loosing signal, so I have to unplug the base to reset.

  • from brampton on
  • Oct 05, 2013

very practical

I chose this product over a more expensive sony one for the lighter weight I was very happy for the way it turned out to be very confortable and decent sound quality even though I would guess a more expensive would have a better sound but if you only watch tv is excellent

  • from Victoria, BC
  • Sep 03, 2013

A good buy for RF wireless headphones

I live in an apartment and have found that the reception from these headphones is very good from every room. A combination of moving the transmitter, changing the channel and pushing the auto-tuning button has rectified any interference problems. Obviously the more 900MHz RF devices you have in your home, the more interference you're likely to experience.

  • from Terrebonne, QC
  • Aug 28, 2013

Should be [much cheaper]

I got these [...] on sale. Even at that price they are not worth it. They're comfortable enough, but only because they are somewhat loose. As for sound quality, it's ok...But one month in the sound started breaking up every ten minutes it seemed. Moreso the farther I got from the antenna. They really aren't worth [the price]. Better to either go cheaper to not lose as much money or pricier to get better quality.

  • from Nelson, BC
  • Jun 08, 2013

Work Great and are suitable for my needs.

I bought these to use with a bedroom television when my wife wants to read and I want to watch TV. They hooked up easily and the reception is great. I have read other reviews which claim they have poor reception; not so...they are crystal clear, have great range and good sound quality. Negatives are that they are quite large; much bigger than my last set from Sony. I also find that the ear pieces can get hot and sticky if listening for a long time, however they do fit snug which translates into no distracting noise from my wife. Unfotunately her elbow still gets my attention. I would buy these again for this purpose, especially when you compare the price with other sets.

  • from Lasalle, QC
  • Jan 26, 2013

Buy anything else.

Comfort is decent, sound quality is average at best, sound level (power) is horrible as even with a very powerful system, those headphones with the volume level cranked to the maximum, barely reach 1/3 of the sound volume other can. Extremely poor bass, it also pick up hiss very easily no matter the channel.

  • from Windsor, ON
  • Jan 15, 2013

Meets My Needs

Wanted to listen to music on the radio and my CD collection. Tried a number of wireless products that cost more than twice the price of the RF985 that were very good, but they lacked the depth of sound and were so expensive. This product took some fiddling to get the most out of the 900Mhz signal, eg, volume of stereo, location of the transmitter. Now I can go to my work space in the basement or outside on the back deck with no signal degradation. For the price, I'm satisfied.

  • from Red Deer, AB
  • Jan 12, 2013

Excellent Bang for the buck!

Keeping this as simple as possible, I did not want to spend a lot but wanted good quality. As I am a Sony fan and have been for many years when my home theatre system was built (20+ years ago) I found they have always been good quality. After speaking to several sales associates and consulting the almighty Google and several web reviews I decided on these. I was not disappointed at all! The sale associated were steering me towards the more expensive Bose and Sennheiser models. All these other brands that I looked at were double the money and still have the 1980's style tuning dials. These Sony headphones with their auto tune button are the best I have ever used. Great for music in all rooms of my small house and for gaming they have wonderful sound quality! I would without regret recommend these to anyone wanting quality for a good price!

  • from Laird, SK
  • Jan 01, 2013

Great Headphones!

Well . . . it sounds like I was lucky enough to get a really good pair of headphones! I got this yesterday, install them in five minutes and I was ready to go! No sound problems whatsoever! Clear, no static, no out of range, Went down the hall from the kitchen to our room and could hear everything no problem! I liked them so much, that I wanted to order another pair for the TV in our living room but, they are sold out! The only beef I have is that they are a bit loose in your head and they tend to fall off when you lean over, but other than that, I'll give it a 9 out of 10.

  • from Kitchener, ON
  • Dec 26, 2012

Comfort and sound issues.

These headphones started getting uncomfortable in the first few minutes of wearing them, and when you walk away (into the next room), the headphones run out of range and start this static noise, which is understandable, but when you are right next to the device (1 foot away) and it starts that static noise, it's a huge disappointment. If you want wireless headphones, look elsewhere... Sony still needs to work out the bugs.

  • from Toronto, ON
  • Dec 23, 2012


got these on sale. regret the purchase and returned them after exchanging for another pair. sound pops every couple of minutes and totally undermines the sound quality. it's not a frequency issue or signal source issue. and i tried with two headsets, so it's not a one-off. i think i will have to try the sennheisers next.

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