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Learn about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S.
Meet the tablet of your dreams.

If you mention Samsung’s Galaxy brand of mobile devices to the next person you meet, chances are you’ll get one of two reactions: “Yeah, I’ve got one and I love it!” or “Ooooh, I really want one of those.” The Galaxy brand has become renowned all over the world for innovative features, stylish design, and an overall cool factor that’s difficult to resist.

The latest tablets in the Galaxy line carry on this proud tradition. Read on to learn more about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S, and don’t worry – it’s okay to drool.

What’s new?

Super AMOLED display: Your eyes will thank you.

The first time you power on the Galaxy Tab S and see the screen come alive you might have to remind yourself to blink. The screen looks that good. Thanks to the magic of Super AMOLED technology, the Galaxy Tab S’s display creates a revolutionary visual experience that’ll blow most other tablets away. The screen is capable of reproducing colours with 94% accuracy (compared to 74% on conventional tablets) and the contrast ratio is 100 times greater than other tablets. You’ll also be able to enjoy clarity that’s four times XGA resolution.

Put it all together and you’ve got visuals that, quite simply, you’ll need to see to believe. Photos will seem to pop off the screen, videos will burst with vibrant motion, and games will draw you in deeper than ever before.

The Galaxy Tab S’s incredible screen is more than just spectacular eye candy. It’s an adaptive display that adjusts settings based on what you’re watching and where you’re viewing it, so you’ll always get the best viewing experience. And the display is power efficient too, so you’ll be able to maximize the battery life and do more of what you love.

Slim and gorgeous: It’s the supermodel of tablets.

The Galaxy Tab S is only a miniscule 6.6mm thin, making it the slimmest tablet Samsung has ever created. The sleek, elegant design not only looks great, it feels wonderful in your hands, and the lightweight form factor makes it easy to carry and hold.

A great combination of privacy and personalization.

With so much of our lives now firmly planted in the digital world, keeping your personal data protected is more important than ever. The Galaxy Tab S features the Multi-User feature, which allows you to create a profile that you can sign into using the fingerprint scanner. You can set up your account with the settings and interface you prefer, and best of all your personal information will stay private.

It’s no secret that kids love tablets, and if you’ve got little ones running around the house you’ll appreciate the Galaxy Tab S’s Kids Mode. You can use this feature to easily manage what children see on the tablet and for how long, giving you more control over what your kids are exposed to. See, you can buy peace of mind.

Exclusive features: Play more, do more, and share more.

Samsung’s Galaxy mobile devices are known for innovative features you won’t find anywhere else, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with the Galaxy Tab S:

  • The Multi-Window feature lets you run two apps on the screen at the same time, so you can do more work (or have more fun) in less time.
  • With the microSD card slot you can insert your own memory card with capacities up to 64GB, so you can give the tablet an instant memory boost or easily load large files.
  • Ultra Power Saving Mode lets you keep using the tablet even when the battery is almost drained. The display switches to black and white and unnecessary background apps are closed while allowing essential messaging functions to run.
Why you want it.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S features a spectacular display, unique Galaxy features, and great personalization options, all packed into a slim, beautiful design. If you’re in the market for an awesome new tablet, you’ve just found it.