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No Blades. No Buffeting.

No blades, no buffeting.

It takes real genius to question the design of things that we’ve come to take for granted, and solving the problems others seem to ignore. When Dyson engineers turned their attentions to the fan, they deconstructed it to find out how it could be better.

The result was the Dyson Air Multiplier™ fan. It works very differently from conventional fans; instead of using blades and grilles, these safe and easy-to-clean devices use Air Multiplier™ technology to draw in air and amplify it up to 18 times, producing an uninterrupted stream of smooth air with no unpleasant buffeting.

What's new.

How it works

Dyson Air Multiplier™ fans use advanced aerodynamic engineering to produce a smooth and natural airflow. Drawing in up to 27 litres of air per second with an energy efficient brushless motor, the Dyson Air Multiplier™ fan uses a combination of technologies used in turbochargers and jet engines to generate powerful airflow.

The air is accelerated through the Dyson Air Multiplier™, passing through it at high speed. Air behind the Dyson Air Multiplier™ is drawn into the airflow through a process called inducement. The air around the machine is then also drawn into the airflow, through a process known as entrainment, amplifying it up to 18 times.

What it does and doesn’t do.

The Dyson Air Multiplier™ fan doesn’t feature blades or a grille, making it more comfortable to enjoy and easier to clean.

Safe for children.

The fast-spinning blades of a conventional fan have to be guarded by a safety grille, preventing injury or damage. A Dyson Air Multiplier™ fan has no fast-spinning blades so it’s safe for children.

Easy to clean.

Conventional fans need to be dismantled to clean them, a complicated and time-consuming process. To clean a Dyson fan, simply wipe with a cloth.

The right setting, at your fingertips.

Conventional fans only have 3 or 4 settings to choose from, and one of those is “off”, and positioning top-heavy fans can be difficult, requiring both hands. Adjusting the fan for your comfort can’t be done! The Dyson Air Multiplier™ fan has dimmer-switch control to precisely adjust airflow power, and it pivots on its own centre of gravity, letting you adjust the tilt easily, and staying put without having to clamp it.

Lower energy bills by up to 20%.

The smooth airflow from the Dyson Air Multiplier™ fan makes you feel cooler, so air conditioning can be turned down. This means you can save up to 20% on your energy bills.


Dyson Air Multiplier™ fans draw in surrounding air through processes known as inducement and entrainment. Engineers at Dyson used a balloon and dozens of fans to show this in action.

Why you want it.

There’s a better and safer way to enjoy cool, smooth air; you don’t need to deal with the buffeting and awkward adjustments of conventional fans. Dyson Air Multiplier™ fans work differently from conventional fans, using Air Multiplier™ technology to draw in air and amplify it up to 18 times (depending on the model). With no blades or grille, they’re safer, and easier to clean. Enjoy an uninterrupted stream of smooth air, with no unpleasant buffering.