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September, 2012

Read anytime with the Kobo GLO eReader with ComfortLight.

Kobo GLO touch eReader.
Read comfortably, day or night.

Read anytime with the Kobo GLO eReader with ComfortLight, the most even, no-glare, front-light solution made for reading when you want. A high-resolution non-glass touch screen, new crisp font, and faster processor make this the eReader to choose for everyday reading.

What's new.

The best time to read is right now.

It doesn’t matter what time it is, it’s always a great time to read with the Kobo GLO eReader. The built-in ComfortLight gently illuminates the gorgeous XGA ClarityScreen, bringing you closer to the story than ever before. Read during the day, even in direct sunlight, with the 6” high resolution, non-glass, no-glare E Ink touch screen; and read at night, even in a darkroom or in your airplane seat, with exclusive ComfortLight technology. ComfortLight illuminates the e-ink space with a consistent, even illumination and has adjustable brightness settings, making it easy to read everywhere.

Customize every book.

The Kobo Glo features the new Kobo font, designed to enhance your reading experience with a dramatically sharper and crisper font-style. Choose from 24 font sizes, and adjust font weight and sharpness settings to create a reading experience that’s uniquely you.

Bring your eBooks to life with in-text annotations, bookmarks, notes, and look-up features, right on the display!

The Kobo GLO eReader has a 25% faster CPU* for fast page turns and quicker book loading, making it possible to navigate the enormous eBook collection in your pocket.

Find the books you’ll love.

Browse nearly 3 million eBooks, including new releases, bestsellers, newspapers, and magazines with built-in Wi-Fi. There are over 1 million free titles on the Kobo eBookstore, and it’s easy to discover more great titles with Kobo Picks for personalized recommendations. With Kobo, your eBooks are YOUR eBooks, so you can buy them once and read on all of your open format devices. Move them anywhere without losing your place thanks to Kobo Everywhere, and read them in any eReader software or device.

Get social by sharing what you’re reading through Facebook and Twitter using Kobo’s Reading Life. It’s a great way to get friends and family involved in the books you’re enjoying, every single day.

Why you want it.

The Kobo GLO is light, thin, and beautiful, with four colours to choose from. The slender, portable design is backed by Kobo’s signature quilt pattern, making it easy to hold. It’s lighter than most paperbacks, so turning pages with the touchscreen is easy. The high-resolution screen is a joy to read, with the new Kobo font delivering a next-generation eReading experience. It’s easy to see in the day and comfortable to read at night thanks to the gentle illumination of ComfortLight. The Kobo GLO is the best way to unlock great eReading on the go, anytime, any where!

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