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September, 2012

PRS-T2 Reader™ from Sony

PRS-T2 Reader™ from Sony.
Like paper, only better.

The world’s lightest (5.9oz) 6”1 PRS-T2 Reader™ from Sony is the perfect way to enjoy free eBooks wirelessly from participating public libraries2 or your favourite new releases and best-selling titles from the Reader™ Store3. It’s glare free, wireless, and super-easy to take with you, allowing you to take more books when you want them on the go.

What's new.

Take it with you.

With its large 6” screen, it’s surprising to find that the PRS-T2 Reader is only 5.9oz. It’s lighter than an average paperback but with lots of built-in storage—you can pack in thousands of eBooks, magazines, newspapers, and more. It’s a stylish companion that goes with any outfit or occasion, letting you read when and where you want. Pop it in a purse, pocket, or bag to keep everything you want to read close at hand.

Share content wherever you are.

The new PRS-T2 includes Facebook® and Evernote® features as well. Post a short passage from books purchased from Reader™ Store to Facebook directly from the device along with the book cover, authour, and title.

For the first time, the PRS-T2 also combines features from Evernote to allow you to save your favourite web content to enjoy any time. Evernote’s Web Clipper lets you save content with a click, and pages saved with Evernote Clearly are optimized for the Reader’s crisp E Ink® display. Favourite passages can also be annotated on the reader and saved for viewing later on any smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Paper 2.0.

Reading on it is as comfortable as reading a real book. The paper-like E Ink Pearl anti-glare touch screen makes it a pleasure to read everywhere, even in direct sunlight. With 8 adjustable font sizes plus adjustable contrast and brightness, you can read for hours indoors or out.

The Clear Enhanced display calls up your favourite books with a single touch, while swiping a finger across the touch screen turns the page. You can even pinch to zoom in or out. It’s also super-efficient, so your battery will last up to 2 months on a single charge4 !

Get more books in more places.

Participating public libraries will allow you to check out digital books for free, giving you unlimited access to great titles. The PRS-T2 Reader from Sony is the only eReader with a dedicated icon and direct wireless access to public libraries, making it simple to remember how to check out books when you want to.

You also have direct access via Wi-Fi® to the Reader™ Store from Sony, where you can shop thousands of eBooks, newspapers, and magazines. You can line the shelves of your virtual library with the hottest new releases, page-turning bestsellers and classics close to your heart. Choose from eBooks, newspapers, magazines and more to download wirelessly from the Reader Store wherever you are.

Never be lost for words.

Tap and hold a word to find its definition or translation in one of 6 built-in multilingual dictionaries or get additional information on what you’re reading with immediate access to websites such as Wikipedia® and Google search. You can also use the open browser to access any website you like. Connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot, and you’re ready to go.

Why you want it.

The Sony PRS-T2 eBook Reader is a stylish, easy way to have the reading material you love with you at all times. It looks beautiful, and is light enough to carry everywhere, so you’ll never be lost for words. You’ll read more and do more, thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, giving you access to great library material, as well as providing access to the latest titles from Sony’s Reader™ Store. If you haven’t joined the eReader revolution yet, the PRS-T2 is the perfect way to start. If you have, the PRS-T2 is the upgrade you’ve been looking for!

1As of July 12, 2012
2Requires valid library card. Content availability may vary
3Must be US or Canadian resident, age 13 years and older. Account registration required. Content availability may vary based on location.
4Measured by reading 30 minutes each day with Wi-Fi® turned off. In low coverage areas, wireless usage will consume battery power more quickly. Actual battery life may vary upon your wireless usage, product settings, battery and environmental conditions.

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