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A much better way to cook.

A much better way to cook.

Samsung Induction Ranges offer extraordinary quality and value with an induction cook top, true convection oven, and warming drawer all for the price of a standard induction cooktop. Induction cooking is Samsung’s best cooking technology; it provides remarkably fast precise control over the level of heat you can apply to your cookware and it does so with minimal heating to the cook top surface. Cook with the control of gas cooking, while you, your kitchen, and the cook top stay cooler thanks to Samsung Induction technology.

With Induction technology, you get complete control over the amount of heat being transferred to your pots and pans, resulting in more evenly cooked dishes when compared to radiant electric elements. When you use an Induction cook top your cookware is actually being placed within a magnetic field that begins to induce a circulating electrical current. You’ll also save on energy costs because Induction technology applies heat directly to your food, meaning no energy is lost in the transfer to your cookware.

What's new.

Now that’s cool.

One of the biggest advantages of induction cook tops is that they stay cool to the touch compared to radiant electric cook tops, so there’s no risk of accidentally burning yourself while you cook your meals. Induction technology uses magnetism to heat cookware directly so the cooktop stays cooler than gas or radiant electric cook tops. As a result, only the cookware is heated, so the cook top, your kitchen, and you stay cooler. As an added bonus, the induction burners are more energy efficient than conventional radiant electric cook tops. Conventional ceramic cooktops generate up to 70% energy efficiency, whereas induction cooktops achieve up to 90% energy efficiency.

Fast and efficient cooking.

A watched pot never boils, except when it’s on a Samsung induction range. Now you can get that pot of pasta ready in no time—Samsung induction ranges boil water faster than gas and twice as fast as a radiant electric cook top. These ranges let you cook with the control of gas cooking, while you, your kitchen, and the cook top stay cooler

More even cooking, more delicious meals.

It’s no fun waiting too long for food to cook only to get uneven, less-than-perfect results. Now you can experience faster, more even cooking with Samsung’s Surround Airvection™ 3-fan true convection cooking. It combines a true convection oven with a multi-fan system to circulate heat evenly throughout the oven. You get amazing results with the upper wide grill, hidden bottom grill, and on-and-off fan control for precise temperature control.

Perfect heat makes the perfect dish.

Have a big family get-together and need to make even more food than you normally do? Now you can conveniently cook with those big pots and pans with an unbelievably large cooking surface. The FlexCook Zone element, another industry first, extends your cooking surface dramatically by bridging two induction elements for maximum versatility.

*Included in the NE599 & NE597 range models only.

Get the power of two ovens in one.

Imagine baking both cookies and a casserole at the same time! With Samsung’s Flex Duo™ technology, you don’t have to imagine. Samsung's Dual Fan Convection system and Flex Duo technology with one 1300 W heating element and Flex Duo™ technology creates two separate cavities inside your range so that you can cook different items at different temperatures at the same time. You can use the entire oven chamber, the upper chamber only, the lower chamber or both simultaneously.

*Included in the NE599N1PBSR range model only.

Ready for anything.

Whether you’re planning a big holiday meal or whipping up some treats for the bake sale, you’ve got a ton of cooking flexibility with these Samsung ranges. The incredibly huge range interior means you’re ready for any-size dinner party. The Smart Divider allows your meals to be versatile, leting you cook appetizers and your main entree at the same time. You’re also ready to take on that large roast, turkey or any other sizeable meal—simply remove the Smart Divider and take advantage of the spacious 5.9 cu. ft interior.

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Take complete control of your meals.

Say goodbye to knobs and hello to Samsung’s bright and easy-to-view Wide Glass Touch Control system. It allows you to easily set the precise temperature and times of your meals with the familiar and user-friendly touchscreen. It’s also the central hub for everything happening inside and on top of your stove so you can always refer back to it for a quick look at the status of your meal.

Cooler cook top for easy cleaning.

Induction uses magnetism to heat the cookware directly so your cook top stays cool, a cooler cook top means you’ll never have to worry about spills and splatters after greasy cooking; just wipe the surface clean with a soft cloth and it's done. There is no burning or pitting like you would see in radiant electric smooth tops because induction cooktops don’t have a hot element right under the ceramic surface. The only things under the ceramic cooktop are induction magnets.

20 minute clean time with SteamQuick.

Traditional oven cleaning requires high heat for hours, then manually wiping out the charred residue. Samsung’s SteamQuick technology requires less time, power and effort. SteamQuick gives you a spotless oven in about 20 minutes with just the push of a button. Simply pour 10 ounces of tap water in the oven, close the door and press the Steam Clean button. After 20 minutes, wipe the oven clean and you’re done.

Keep it warm.

The built-in warming drawer makes sure dinner never goes cold. With three convenient settings, you’ll keep food at the right temperature and preserve moistness and flavor.

Never boil over again.

Have you ever turned away from the stove for one minute and suddenly you’ve got a messy boiling over pot of water? Samsung’s Boil Alert helps make sure that doesn’t happen. The intuitive cooktop senses small vibrations as water begins to heat up and when the vibrations reach a certain level, the cook top automatically lowers the heat and notifies you with a series of beeps. It also notifies your oven to use less energy when the pot is boiling, automatically cooling down the cook top. It’s safe, smart and saves you time.

Why you want it.

Samsung Induction Ranges bring incredible cooking power, energy efficiency and incomparable cooking control right to your kitchen. With unique features designed to make meals safer, faster and easier to clean up, Samsung Induction Ranges will bring the passionate chef out of anyone. Go ahead treat your kitchen, and yourself to one of the most innovative ranges out there.