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Samsung's Twin Cooling System - Future Shop

It is a common misconception that refrigerators are there to keep your food cool. While that may be true for liquids, the true purpose of your refrigerator is to keep food fresh. Samsung’s Twin Cooling System® uses two evaporators with only one compressor. This independently controls the temperatures of the refrigerator and freezer compartments to maintain proper humidity levels. What does this mean for you? Odors are not transferred between compartments. With Samsung’s Twin Cooling System®, the fresh food and freezer compartments are cooled separately, keeping food fresher, longer.

*exclusive to Samsung RS265, RB194, RB196, RB214, RB216, RF195, RF197, RF215, RF217 and RF263

Samsung Twin Cooling System®.
Samsung’s exclusive Twin Cooling System® uses two independently operating evaporators, controlled by a single, highly-efficient compressor. Conventional refrigerators have lower humidity levels because dry air from the freezer mixes with the air in the refrigerator. This two compressor/evaporator combination allows you to individually control the temperature of both the refrigerator and freezer compartments separately to maintain proper humidity levels and prevent odor transfer between compartments.

Twin Cooling Plus System®
Samsung has taken their innovative Twin Cooling System® one step further with Twin Cooling Plus System®. Thanks to the improved temperature and humidity control of the Twin Cooling Plus System®, the refrigeration compartment maintains higher humidity for delicate foods like leafy vegetables, and the freezer compartment stays dry with no mixing of odors. How does this work exactly? Samsung’s Twin Cooling Plus System® introduces an added 3-way valve for improved air flow synchronization between the fridge and freezer.

*exclusive to Samsung’s RFG237, RFG297 and RF4287

Optimize your humidity.
Samsung’s Twin Cooling System® is exactly that: two separate cooling systems that maintain the optimum temperature and humidity for each compartment. Because air doesn’t circulate between the fridge and freezer, there’s no humidity trade off needed! While most conventional refrigerators generate about 17% humidity, with Twin Cooling System®, the humidity level reaches a remarkable 43%. The air in the refrigerator compartment isn’t dry, so food stays fresher, longer. When you go to the grocery store and see water spraying (misting) fresh vegetables, that is being done to keep moisture levels up. Samsung’s Twin Cooling System® essentially does the same thing in your refrigerator – higher humidity levels allow your fruits & vegetables to retain more moisture, keeping them fresher for longer. Conventional refrigerators will keep lettuce fresh for one week. Samsung’s Twin Cooling System® refrigerators will keep lettuce fresh for two weeks!

No odor mixing allowed!
Independent cooling of the refrigerator and the freezer means there is no sharing of cooled air, eliminating the transfer of odors between compartments. Each food retains its fresh aroma and flavour. In conventional refrigerators, smells from the refrigerator find their way into the freezer, and ‘stick’ to what’s there. Have you ever had smelly ice? Your ice cubes will smell like whatever is in the fridge in a conventional refrigerator.

Samsung’s Twin Cooling System® is a smart idea whose time has come.

How much food do you throw out each week because it has gone bad before you have had a chance to eat it? The Twin Cooling System® is the perfect solution; Groceries that stay fresher for longer in a Twin Cooling System® refrigerator should mean less waste and cost savings for you and your family.

By independently cooling both the refrigerator and the freezer, you’ll enjoy fresher, tastier food without aroma cross-over. It’s the sort of thing your next fridge should have, and it’s only available from Samsung.