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June, 2012

Sony Alpha NEX interchangeable lens cameras: The best of both worlds.

Sony Alpha NEX interchangeable lens cameras:
The best of both worlds.

There’s no question about it, DSLRs give you amazing image quality and versatility that’s hard to beat. But you can’t exactly slip them into your pocket can you? Point and shoot cameras, on the other hand, are the epitome of portable, but the quality of shots isn’t close to a DSLR and you’re limited by the lens they come built with. So is there a happy medium? Oh yeah.

Sony Alpha NEX interchangeable lens cameras give you the best of both worlds. Designed without a conventional mirror and viewfinder to keep their size small, the new generation of NEX cameras (the NEXF3 and NEX5N) have room for a large 16.1MP sensor that captures stunning detail and vivid colour, and they offer the creative versatility of a choice of changeable, dedicated E-mount lenses, plus a choice of 28 A-mount lenses via an adaptor.

What's new.

Little cameras, big beautiful images.

Let’s face it, a good camera should be all about great images and not about all the little bells and whistles that are supposed to make a mediocre image better. Sony NEX cameras put image quality first with a large 16.1MP Exmor™ APS HD CMOS sensor that’s the same size as the sensor in the A57 DSLR. It’s 1.6x larger than Micro Four Thirds sensors and up to 13x larger than typical compact digital camera sensors. This chip will help you capture stunningly crisp detail and vivid colours in high resolution files that are just waiting to be enlarged. Even in low-light situations, this sensor shines with low-noise captures. And an Auto HDR mode even lets you capture images with a hyper-realistic range of deep shadow and bright highlight detail.

Hello creativity.

You’ve got the luxury of capturing nice big juicy images with a Sony Alpha NEX camera, so what you do with that is up to you. With a range of interchangeable E-mount lenses created specifically for your NEX camera and a choice of 28 A-mount lenses via an adaptor, the sky’s the limit.

But beyond the ability to switch up your lenses, NEX cameras also give you the capability to push your creative freedom with a Sweep Panorama™ Mode that helps you capture expansive landscapes in cinematic 16:9 format. You can even grab 3D images that will come alive via your 3D TV.

Even if you’ve never used an interchangeable lens camera, the Photo Creativity interface and 15 Picture Effects make professional-looking photography simple. You’ll take your pics from amateur to pro in no time at all.

Amazing shooting made amazingly easy.

When you want to capture something, you want to capture what’s happening right now, not a few seconds from now. Sony Alpha NEX cameras won’t let you down with up to 5.5 frames per second shooting on the NEXF3. And with the world’s shortest shutter release time lag of just 20 milliseconds and 10 frames per second full resolution shooting on the NEX5N, you’ll never miss a moment.

The fast, responsive control, precise auto-focus and easy-to-use interface are thanks to Sony’s powerful BIONZ® processor. The same processor also lets you shoot Full HD 1080p video that’s smooth, crisp and always impressive. On the NEXF3 a 180 degree tilt LCD makes it easy to shoot from any angle and Auto Portrait Framing saves an additional image of subjects for perfectly composed, optimally framed portraits.

Why you want it.

The Sony Alpha NEX family of interchangeable lens cameras offer you the quality and creative versatility of full-sized DSLRs in a small, easy-to-carry, easy-to-use format.

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