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Viper SmartStart System - Future Shop

Viper SmartStart, you can start yor car from anywhere.

Viper SmartStart gives you ultimate control over your vehicle from virtually anywhere. Integrating your smartphone into your car starter and security system, Viper SmartStart eliminates range issues with your car starter, and gives you control over the alarm, door locks, and more.

Start your car from virtually anywhere.
The Viper SmartStart app works with your smartphone and with a SmartStart module or system installed in your car to give you the ultimate control over starting and securing your vehicle. The SmartStart service connects your compatible BlackBerry smartphone or iPhone to your car anywhere in within North American cellular coverage (Rogers Wireless / AT&T). As long as you're in an area with WiFi or 3G cellular connectivity, you can send commands to your vehicle and monitor its status, all for a one low annual service fee.

The SmartStart App.
With the SmartStart App you can:

  • • Start your vehicle from an almost unlimited range.
  • • Warm your vehicle up in winter or cool it down in summer.
  • • Unlock your vehicle (a fantastic feature if you've locked your keys in the car).
  • • Arm your alarm.
  • • Activate your panic alarm.
  • • Use the car-finder to help locate your vehicle in parking lots.
  • • Get push notifications of alarm events right on your phone; it's like a real-time alarm pager.


Constantly improving.
Download the SmartStart app for iPhone from Apple's App Store, or for compatible BlackBerry smartphones from BlackBerry App World. The SmartStart App is free and is constantly evolving, bringing you an ever-improving SmartStart experience as new features are added.

Personalize your SmartStart.
Your vehicle is your own, and your SmartStart can reflect your individuality. Rename the vehicles controlled by your smartphone, and upload customized pictures to make them easy to identify at a glance.

Viper SmartStart is great for existing Viper customers and new customers alike. If you've got a pre-existing compatible Viper system you can add SmartStart capability to that system with the Viper SmartStart module. If you're a new customer, a Viper SmartStart System is a fully fledged package that includes everything you need.

The Viper SmartStart gives you control, access, and peace-of-mind. The always-on 3G connection ensures that you've got direct access to your vehicle at all times, while the power of your smartphone gives you control in ways you never thought possible. Consider the following: you've parked your car in Toronto and flown to Montreal or Vancouver, even though you could be thousands of kilometers away, you'll still know the status of your vehicle - and you can even ensure that the doors are locked.