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Windows 7.

There are a ton of new features that make Windows 7 an absolutely must upgrade. Let’s take a look at the top seven features of Windows 7:

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1.Play to everything.

Play to is one of the most powerful digital media features to come along in over a decade. With Play to your Windows 7 PC or laptop is more than just a digital media storage device, it's the command centre for every DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) device in your home.

» What is DLNA?

Play to unites your entire network, connecting every DLNA device to your Windows 7 PC, giving you the power to push your content with the click of a button. No more waiting for connections, no more wading through device menus. Simply select your media, right click, and Play to that device.

Want to see your latest adventure shots on your digital photo frame? Select your favourites, right click and Play to. Got a favourite home video that you want to show off on the big screen? Right click, select your DLNA HDTV and Play to. Party just getting started and you need some tunes to round it out? Select your DLNA stereo component, right click and Play to.

It's that easy - no messing with settings or trying to manually configure your devices. Every DLNA device in your Homegroup will automatically see and use Play to - even devices like your Xbox 360!

Worried about formats? Windows 7 will intelligently stream a format that your network device can play and you’ve instantly got music. Play, stop, skip tracks - your PC or laptop becomes your remote!

With Play to and Windows 7 you’re in control. DLNA and Play to helps unlock the potential of your wireless home!

2. The Taskbar reborn.

While the taskbar is something that first appeared in Windows 95 it has evolved with every release since. The taskbar at the bottom of your screen is what you use to launch programs and switch between them when they're open.

Windows 7 makes it easier to find and use your favourite programs by pinning them to the taskbar - that means they’re only a single click away from fun or productivity. You can rearrange the icons on the taskbar, which is great for prioritizing your work. You can hover over the icons (they’re larger now) and see a thumbnail. Hover over the thumbnail and you get a full-screen preview. The Windows 7 taskbar gets how you work and makes it easier to get things done.

3.Windows Search finds it fast.

Windows 7 offers better search integration built into both the operating system and IE 8. In the operating system simply use the Search box at the bottom of the Windows Menu and Windows will instantly begin looking through your indexed files. Results are super fast and incredibly accurate. Media files and documents can be organized into libraries for more intelligent and intuitive access.

IE 8 offers similar search enhancements - search results begin to appear as soon as you start typing. Internet Accelerators make it easy to get common tasks done - like using maps, accessing Facebook and eBay, emailing, blogging, and more.

With IE 8 Web Slices you can slice a part of a web page to track useful information and pin it to the Favourites bar.

4.Love your network.

Working with networks and devices takes on a whole new level of ease of use in Windows 7.

The Device Stage organizes all of your connected devices - digital cameras, printers, mobile phones, mice, and monitors - and collects them in a single window, letting you launch common tasks with a single click.

Home networking is a snap in Windows 7. The Homegroup allows you to choose what you want to share and instantly indexes those files across your entire home network. Using your files on any machine is like using them locally - double-click and you’re ready to go. Windows 7 remembers the networks you’ve worked with in the past - even outside your home network - and can reconnect them with a single click.

5.Your desktop just got smarter.

Windows 7 has a smarter way of working with the windows that make up your workspace. With more intuitive ways to open, close, arrange, and resize your windows, the new desktop makes productivity a cinch.

The Snaps feature makes windows behave the way you think they should. Instead of manually resizing windows to get them to fit side by side, grab a window and pull it to the side of the screen. Pull another window to the other side and it’s easy to compare the contents of both!

6.Jump to it.

Jump Lists are an incredibly smart feature. Jump Lists offer fast access to the files you’ve recently used through the taskbar icons for individual applications.

How does it work? Simply right click the taskbar icon to see a list of the documents or files you’ve recently used. You can even pin files into your Jump List for that program - making them instantly accessible - great for files you use everyday.

Jump Lists go beyond accessing files alone. Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer 8 can intelligently populate your Jump List with commonly used tasks, making getting started easier than ever.

7.The friendly UI: Aero Shake, Snap, and Peek.

Windows 7 gives you a whole new way to interact with your desktop and programs - Aero Shake - and it's a smart feature that makes sense. When you're working with a program you want to focus on, simply grab the title bar with the mouse and give your program a shake. Everything else on the desktop will automatically minimize, making it a snap to direct your attention where you need it most.

Snap gives you a fast (and fun!) way to resize windows. Pull them to the top or side of the screen to expand vertically, take up the entire screen, or appear side-by-side with another window. Great for organizing your thoughts and your workflow.

Peek gives you the power of X-ray vision; simply hover over the taskbar icon and get a quick view of the Windows 7 desktop. Quick access to your desktop means faster access to the workspace you need.

Watch Aero Shake video.

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» Bonus features:

To round out the list here are two bonus features:

Back to the future.
Got a program that you love that’s a little finnicky about how it wants to run on next generation operating systems? Windows 7 Pro offers Windows XP compatibility mode, a virtualization mode that enables robust compatibility with Windows XP programs. It’s the best of both worlds - you can enjoy state-of-the art Windows performance with fantastic backwards compatibility.

Lock your data and keep your identity safe.
Windows 7 Ultimate supports cutting edge data encryption designed to keep your information safe. No one ever wants to contemplate a world where their laptop or desktop is at risk - but data encryption helps to reduce that stress by securing your information. You can rest easier knowing that your private information won't be at risk.


» Performance perfected.

Windows 7 is the best way to get the most out of any new PC - and it’s the perfect way to tune up your existing PCs. Microsoft has worked hard to ensure that everyone’s up to date on Windows 7 driver creation, making the transition easier than ever.

The Windows 7 Action Centre keeps you on track with your productivity and collects all of the notices you’ll need, without interrupting your workflow. For portables power management is improved, with more options for intelligent screen brightness controls and smart sleep and hibernate options.

Full 64-bit compatibility gives Windows 7 a huge advantage with modern PCs; take advantage of the full power inside your system and compute with speed and power. If you've got a computer with multiple 64-bit cores you'll see great returns with Windows 7.

» Media powerhouse.

Windows 7 offers new ways to experience, share, and control your media. With the streamlined interface of Windows Media Centre (available in select versions of Windows 7) you can browse and enjoy your media content. Use a TV tuner to schedule and record your favourite TV shows through a smart TV guide.

Streaming media at home is simple with Windows 7. Send your media to your TV through a media extender or a home console like the Xbox 360. Streaming is the perfect way to take advantage of a powerful media PC without having to keep it close to your HDTV.

You can go beyond the limits of your own home with a Windows 7 portable and a Windows 7 home PC. Connect to your media across the internet and enjoy your libraries on the go.

Windows 7 ties all of your media together with powerful social networking tools through Windows Live. Whether you’re blogging, chatting with friends with Windows Live Messenger, or Tweeting your status updates, Windows Live integrates into Windows 7 to keep you in touch.

Windows 7
Windows 7 delivers on the promise of the most intelligent, most friendly, best version of Windows ever. With comprehensive productivity tools and amazing new interface enhancements, Windows 7 is the perfect choice for you new and existing PCs.

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