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Reserve and Pick up

Instant gratification.

Lightning speed reservations.

Reserving a product in-store shouldn’t require giving up sensitive information. All it takes is a name, an email address, a phone number and that’s it. Once the items have been placed on hold for you an email will be sent to confirm the reservation. You’ll have 24 hours to pick up the order. No hassles and no accidental billings. Sweet!

Pick up with ease.

Pick up your reserved products - fast. With an exclusive pick-up counter and dedicated Associate there to help, waiting in line will become a thing of the past. When it comes time to settle the bill, payment options range from cash to debit to credit to financing (sorry, gratitude alone won’t pay the lighting bills!). You’ll wonder how you shopped any other way before.

Reserve and Pick Up FAQs

  • How do I use the Reserve and Pick Up option on
    1. You can select items to reserve while you’re browsing, or while you’re in your Cart. Just click on the “Reserve in Store” button.
    2. Select the store you’d like to pick up from.
    3. Enter the contact information of the person picking up the item. (The item will be reserved under their name.
    4. In about 20 minutes (during regular store hours), you’ll receive an email confirmation notice. Print it out or load it onto your smartphone.
    5. Go to the store and head to the counter.
    6. Show the associate the printed email or show it on your smartphone, pay for the item using payment options from cash, debit, credit, gift cards and financing, and enjoy!

    If you need to cancel the reservation, just call the store where you reserved your product and they’ll take care of it for you. Please find our store locator here.

  • Why would I want to pick up my order at a Future Shop store?

    It’s fast. You can pick up your order in about 20 minutes of placing it on (during regular business hours). Check our store locator for store hours and a location near you.

    It’s convenient. With stores all across Canada and more added every year, you can pick up your product whenever it’s convenient for you instead of waiting at home for your package.

    You get the lowest price. If the product you ordered is available at a lower price in our store, you get the lowest price and you will be charged the lowest price when you pay for it in the store.

  • How soon can I pick up my order?

    Once your order is placed and the items are reserved, you will receive the Reserve and Pick Up Notification email, in about 20 minutes after making your order during store hours. (Please wait to receive the Reserve and Pick Up Notification Email as this confirms your store has reserved your item(s) and they are now ready to be picked up.) Within 24 hours after the notification email has been received, visit the store you selected and pick up your product during store hours.

    Note: You’ll be paying at the time of pick up, so you can choose from our full range of payment options, including cash, credit card, debit card and financing.

    Click here to find the store nearest you.

  • What should I do when I go to pick up my order at the store?

    Within 24 hours of receiving your Reserve and Pick Up Notification email, head to the store you selected and proceed to the counter.

    Your item(s) will be ready for you to pick up and pay for, and will be reserved under your name and order number. If the product is a larger item, please allow a few minutes for our associates to retrieve the product from our store inventory.

  • Reserving a new smartphone or wireless device?

    Cellshop locations now support Reserve and Pick Up, which allows you to reserve your new smartphone or wireless device from the web and get confirmation within 20 minutes (during regular store hours).

    Once in-store, head to the in-store pick up counter. Provide the contact information you entered online to an associate. You’ll be taken to the Cellshop counter to get your device and finalize your wireless activation.

    You should set aside at least 30 minutes to ensure your device will be set up properly and all your questions can be answered.

    For more specific information and to read some frequently asked questions, please visit our Cellshop help topic.