7 Customer Reviews for Bose AM15-II 6-Speaker Home Theatre System - Black - 6 Speakers

Bose AM15-II 6-Speaker Home Theatre System - Black - 6 Speakers
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  • from Dundas, ON
  • Jan 08, 2014

I don't get it....

My brother bought these - which I was happy about because I was strongly considering buying them and I got to spend some time listening to them before buying. after setting them up - my brother was trying very hard to like them....I decided that they're definitely not for me. The highs seem pretty good and accurate, the lows are crisp and not overpowering or muddy but there are some very obvious large holes in the midrange. I think if you were buying these just for movies on your home theatre it would be less noticable - but I f you have any kind of an ear at all - don't buy these to listen to music...you'll be very disappointed. Overall i think you could spend the same money and get something better

  • from Montréal, QC
  • Dec 27, 2013

Good Sound But "Enormous Subwoofer"

I bought this set and it sound very good . Only that BIG SUBWOOFER....is like 40 inches long and 24 inche height. and is not campatible with the Denon-E400 Audyssey cause bose speaker pass throught the SUB and then from then from the sub to the receiver (a lot of cables). but i kept my Denon cause i like it and set my speaker manually. I even add another satellite bose speaker and add a Energy "V Mini LCR" center, connected directly to the receiver! So i complete the 7.1 channel. I recommend those speaker only if you have a big space prepare for that SUB! 3.5 OF 5*.

  • from Montreal, QC
  • Jan 30, 2013

Worth the price when on sale

It has very deep sound and is worth the price I paid. Not sure that I would pay full price for it, as I think I would choose the Bose V25 system instead. That being said, it is a Bose and the sound is true to all Bose equipment I have owned.

  • from Markham, ON
  • Jan 29, 2013

Best Home Theatre System you'll Ever Experience

I use to have a Yamaha Home Theatre System just to watch movies or games and it was okay till it broke down. Then when I bought Bose and hooked up everything to my tv i started watching transformers. It felt like I was in the movie somewhere in the background of the audience. The whole floor was shaking cause of the bose sub. The explosion, cars swerving, and etc. It was that powerful as if the movie was taking place in your family room. If you want a home theatre system and you want it as if i described it, this your best bet and its worth it!!!!!

  • from Toronto, ON
  • Jan 12, 2013

Can't go wrong with a BOSE system

Now first off I have a few friends that have smaller set-up's and I've heard how those sound. This set-up with 5 speakers and a crazy sub that even I was impressed with is insane. I hooked this system up to my NAD 7.1 receivers and I haven't even reached 25% power and I'm shaking the basement floor in my house. On a scale of 1 - 10 I'd happily give this Bose system a 11

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