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30 Customer Reviews for Polk Audio 5.1 Home Theatre Speaker System (RM6750) - 6 Speakers

Polk Audio 5.1 Home Theatre Speaker System (RM6750) - 6 Speakers
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  • from Lloydminster, AB
  • Aug 15, 2014

Great Price and Mid-Range

I wanted to replace my 20+ year old speaker system with a smaller footprint. I'm not a huge fan of loud noises or large objects. I don't need my neighbours knowing everything I'm listening to and watching and I like to keep my furniture to a minimum. These seemed like a great replacement for the sale price. They're about half the power and output of my previous setup, but they produce a clearer sound at a lower volume. Out of the box, these don't sound great. After going over my receiver's manual and messing with the settings. I'm quite pleased with the output I'm getting. Hearing the voices at lower volumes is more important to me than boomy bass. I've set the independent volume for the subwoofer at 30% when wired without the subwoofer cable and found a happy balance without hurting my sensitive ears. Turn it higher if you like bigger bangs. With the subwoofer cable, the mid-range and voices are crisper and clearer. These are paired with my Pioneer VSX-822-K. For crisp clear voices without a subwoofer cable, 35% volume is fine. I recommend setting the centre channel somewhere between 10-15 db, the front channels to around 3-5 db. Auto surround and the midnight setting adds even more clarity to the lower volumes. Rear speakers are more a matter of preference. I have mine at 3 db. The settings are pretty similar for the Subwoofer cable, but I have the subwoofer volume turned higher with this setup. You'll need to play with it a little to meet your own preferences. Also, since I rent my place, 20 lb picture frame hooks hold the rear speakers nicely without damaging the walls or leaving unsightly holes. After playing with these, they're capable of outputting impressive sound. Well worth the price if you can get them on sale. If you're more like me and have a difficult time hearing lower decibals, they're almost perfect. Though, to contradict most reviews about the impressive midrange, I feel they could be better than they are for their price unless you're using the subwoofer cable with a compatible receiver. Also, it' squire clear these don't come with a receiver and speaker wires--as one genius pointed out. Please don't negatively review a product unless there's a legitamate reason to do so. Do your research before making a purchase.

  • from Kamloops, BC
  • Apr 07, 2014


Excellent buy, especially if on sale. Truly crip, clear sound and to my ears, outperforms the Bose systems, costing hundreds more. The sub has adjustable volume and low pass, which is great to have. As they say, invest in speakers when designing your home theater system, receiver second, and you won't be disappointed. These are heavy- a good indication of quality magnets, nicely finished and exceeded my expectations. Awesome, all around.

  • from Moncton, NB
  • Apr 02, 2014

Best quality and price

Having a Boston system and wanted the Bosh I was a bit secptical about this one .Buy gosh Im happy we went for it .I hear sound in a movie I never did before .I was very impress by the clarity of the back sound.Love it! Plus it as a rebate at the time of purchase;bonus!

  • from Prince Albert
  • 30 minutes ago


Bought these as a set with the Denon AV-1513 and couldn't be happier. All the speakers produce a crisp sound for all wants and needs in a surround sound system. Little disappointed with the price jump to a unit that had airplay. However I purchased myself a rocketfish receiver and hooked it up through aux. and it is almost unnoticeable for sound quality.

  • from Ottawa, ON
  • Jan 08, 2014

So far so good

Didn't have the chance to fully test them although at first glace, the sound coming out of those sounds great. I've heard better speakers although for the price it was a great buy. Can't believe the bad review about the missing amp & wires. What did she expected? Read the specs carefully next time!!! And the other review that the speaker went bad??? Maybe your amp is way too powerful for these speakers.

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