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30 Customer Reviews for Shaw 500GB Dual Tuner HD PVR Receiver (DCX3510-M) - Available in BC/AB/SK/MB Only

Shaw 500GB Dual Tuner HD PVR Receiver (DCX3510-M) -  Available in BC/AB/SK/MB Only
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Sale ends: December 24, 2014
2.2 / 5
Based on 47 ratings,7 Reviews
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  • from Edmonton, AB
  • Oct 07, 2014

Defective software, defective hardware

The DCX3510 has numerous ongoing defects that have not been addressed by Shaw. Here's a list of the ones I've encountered after owning it for about 2.5 years, that continue to not be addressed: - recordings will occasionally lock themselves for content (even if you don't even use parental controls). The workaround is to unplug the box and plug it back in .... which works. Plain software defect. - the fastforward function will jump you back between 5s-60s (no way to know how long) when you stop fastforwarding. Sometimes it will even jump you back further than where you started! - recordings will sometimes have 'blank/blackscreens' at random intervals, apparently some defect in the way it records. - recordings for 'series' recordings will randomly fail to record episodes, even without any conflicts or other recordings around that time - it may just randomly decide not to record a particular episode. - recordings will sometimes be randomly cutoff, without any conflicting recordings. - the box will occasionally freeze up when you are moving through the menu - there is often lag when navigating the menu, and sometimes it will completely stop responding then catch up every button you pressed a few minutes later - the box will occasionally go to showing "PSLD" or "BOOT" and get stuck there, with no functioning until unplugged and plugged back in. - there is no picture in picture or frame by frame advance functionality

  • from Richmond, BC
  • Sep 02, 2014

Shaw 500GB Dual Tuner HD PVR Receiver

All I can say is don't buy this junk.

  • from Calgary, AB
  • Aug 13, 2014

PVR works fine

I have 2 PVR's foe the past 8 years and have never had any problems with either of them!

  • from Williams Lake, BC
  • May 08, 2014


My old PVR finally bit the dust, i am now however trying to get it repaired so I can send this new one back. I have had it for 5 months,1 visit from the SHAW installer and 2 from the tech plus numerous and I mean numerous calls into tech which all they do is re-boot it. It records shows without sound, it records shows that are reruns even tho you have it programmed for new shows only, it records and the program is pixilated, on some channels you rewind live TV and it pixilates to the channel you watched previously and it is no where near user friendly like the old one. I found out by a SHAW employee that SHAW used to use a third party software company for their PVR's software now with these new ones SHAW decided that they were clever enough to write their own program.....rest assured they can not. But I do give them extra credit for their cute effort in trying. There are so many more things wrong with this [$price] piece of abomination but I think you get the idea by now.

  • from Langley BC
  • Feb 19, 2014

Never had any problems

I bought the Shaw PVR at Future shop over 2 years ago. It is in use recording every day and have not had one problem with it. I will be buying a second one for an additional TV. Gateway isn't of value to me so I'm sticking with the PVR.

1 - 5 of 30