Rocketfish Accessories for Gaming, Computers, Mobile, and More

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Rocketfish DC Charger & Pad Pivot


iPads and tablets in general have changed the way we work, connect, communicate and play on the go. You’d be hard pressed to find ways you could improve the whole experience, but Rocketfish has done just that.

Rocketfish designs smart, high-quality accessories and devices to help you get more out of computers, gaming systems, home theatres, mobile audio and video, mobile phones and GPS devices. And they’ve got some pretty cool gadgets to make your tablet even easier to use, and keep it at the ready. Check out their DC Charger for Apple® iPad®, iPhone® and iPod® and the PadPivot Go Anywhere Stand.

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Rocketfish 7.3m (24 ft.) HDMI Cable (RF-G1180)
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Price Ends: December 3, 2015

Rocketfish 7.3m (24 ft.) HDMI Cable (RF-G1180)

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Rocketfish Accessories for Gaming, Computers, Mobile, and More

Your electronic devices are great on their own, but the right accessories can make them even better and more fun to use. Rocketfish accessories enhance the experience you have with your gaming, computer, mobile, or home theatre devices with forward-thinking, innovative designs and dependability.

Rocketfish Selection

Spend a few minutes browsing through your local Future Shop or and you’ll probably see a few Rocketfish products. Whether you’re looking for accessories for your computer, gaming console, home theatre, mobile audio, smartphone, tablet, GPS, or camera, you’ll be able to pick up a Rocketfish device that’ll allow you to have even more fun and be more productive with your electronics.

Rocketfish Quality and Design

Rocketfish’s main design philosophy focuses on creating new connections between consumers and their electronics, so they can have an even better experience with the technology they love. Rocketfish maintains close connections with customers, listening to their feedback and applying this to future product designs. Rocketfish tests their products multiple times during the production and shipping process to maintain a high level of quality, ensuring these accessories will be dependable and useful for years to come. Ultimately, technology is supposed to improve your lifestyle, and Rocketfish accessories help to make that happen.

Rocketfish Mobile

Rocketfish Mobile is a dedicated line of Bluetooth headsets, headphones, power adapters, sync cables and chargers designed to help customers better connect to their mobile technology. These sleek, functional, and practical accessories work with most of the top smartphone and tablet brands, so chances are you’ll find a Rocketfish product that’ll make your mobile device even more awesome.