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Sonos PLAY:3 - Black

Sonos PLAY:3 - Black

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Sonos PLAY:5 - White

Sonos PLAY:5 - White

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Sonos PLAYBAR Sound Bar

Sonos PLAYBAR Sound Bar

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Home Audio: Music Streaming: Sonos Wireless HiFi System

The Sonos Wireless HiFi System is a gateway to a love for music. It’s the best way to stream sound around your house; a system where you can start small, and build until you’ve got a soundtrack for life throughout your home.

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Sonos Makes Wireless Music Streaming Sound Great

by gadjosevilla on 11-12-2011

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Listening to your music from your MP3 player or smartphone through headphones is fine when you’re on the go, but at home wouldn’t you love to kick back and fill the room with rich, high-quality audio? Sonos makes it happen with their ingenious, wireless speaker Hi-Fi system that’s easily expandable so you can enjoy your tunes in any room of your home.

The Sonos Mission

Sonos is dedicated to one very simple, powerful concept: reinventing home audio for the digital age, so you can fill your entire home with music of the highest sound quality. The best way to do this is to make it as simple as possible, with a system that allows you to start with one Sonos wireless speaker unit, then seamlessly and wirelessly add more components to expand your audio enjoyment possibilities.

The Sonos PLAY Series

Start your Sonos sound experience with one of the PLAY series all-in-one wireless speaker units. These compact systems feature multiple built-in speakers and state-of-the-art digital amplifiers that’ll fill the room with pure, clean sound quality. The PLAY series units connect wirelessly with your smartphone or computer, so you can stream your music easily and control the playback on your smartphone (by downloading the free app). If you want to expand your audio horizons you can browse through over 100,000 free Internet radio stations, shows, and podcasts, or enjoy endless music streams from some of the most popular music services like and Stitcher SmartRadio.

The signature benefit of the Sonos system is the ability to easily add more PLAY speaker units so you can expand the audio experience in one room, or stream your music to other rooms of your home. Play the same song through every PLAY unit, or choose separate songs to broadcast on each unit. You can even control the volume separately on each component.

The Sonos PLAYBAR Sound Bar

The PLAYBAR sound bar gives you a powerful, rich audio experience in a compact, attractive design. Its nine amplified speakers, including six mid-ranges and three tweeters, produce room-filling sound that nicely enhances the movie, TV show, game, or sports program you’re enjoying on your big-screen TV. It also features built-in wireless capabilities so you can stream audio from sources like iTunes on your computer, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Internet radio stations, and much more.

The Sonos SUB Wireless Subwoofer

It’s easy to add bone-shaking, teeth-rattling bass to your audio experience with the SUB wireless subwoofer. It easily pairs with your other Sonos wireless devices and since it doesn’t require any connecting cords you can place it anywhere in the room.