Traxxas Radio Controlled Cars, Trucks, 4x4s, and Boats

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Traxxas Ready-to-Race Radio Controlled cars and 4X4 Trucks:
Speed and Excitement on Four Wheels!


The engineers at Traxxas have created an incredible array of fully assembled, Ready-to-Race® (RTR) radio controlled (RC) cars and 4X4 trucks that set the standard for power, speed, performance, and fun. These highly detailed models deliver unmatched durability and ease-of-use along with speeds that exceed 100mph (Traxxas XO-1, available online). Traxxas models bring all the excitement of the full-size motorsports experience to drivers of all skill levels with state-of-the-art design and technical features. Available in 1/7, 1/10, and 1/16 scales, all Traxxas models are fast, affordable, and built on race-winning, track proven innovation forged by Traxxas' 25+ years of experience as "The Fastest Name in Radio Control."

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The Traxxas LaTrax SST = Big Fun in a Small Package!


A few days ago I reviewed the Traxxas Slash—a fairly large RC truck featuring 2-wheel drive, cool sound effects, and plenty of speed! Today I take a look at the Slash's little cousin, the Traxxas LaTrax SST. This machine is considerably smaller than the Slash, but it's definitely got just as much going for it as its larger counterpart. In fact, I scarcely know which one to rank higher in terms of the sheer fun of playing with them. If you'd like to experience my dilemma, click on through and read all about it!

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Traxxas Radio Controlled Cars, Trucks, 4x4s, and Boats


Founded in 1986, Traxxas has made a name for themselves in the R/C (radio controlled) vehicle industry as a leading pioneer in top-grade R/C vehicles that are ready to race right out of the box.

Traxxas: Ready-To-Run, Right Out of the Box

Traditional hobby-class R/C cars are usually available in kits, which require the hobbyist to assemble the model before it could be used. Traxxas introduced the concept of high-end, hobby-class R/C cars that are “Ready-To-Run” (RTR) pretty much as soon as you take it out of the box. These RTR models are perfect for R/C beginners, and Traxxas built their models with the same performance and quality found in traditional R/C kits.

Traxxas Variety and Quality

Traxxas R/C models are designed and built with the durable, long-lasting quality and high-speed performance you’d expect from traditional, assemble-it-yourself hobby kits. Traxxas offers a wide selection of RTR models at a variety of different price points and performance levels, from entry level models to award-winning champions.

Traxxas Lets You Upgrade to the Next Level

Traxxas R/C models are designed to provide years of enjoyment, with the capability to be upgraded and accessorized for new levels of performance. Choose from hundreds of different parts and accessories so you can custom-tailor your Traxxas model to suit your needs and tastes. Show off your creativity and imagination by modifying the speed, handling, and appearance of your Traxxas R/C model so you can create your own signature machine.

Fine-tune your Traxxas R/C’s Performance with Your iPhone

The Traxxas TQi radio system is one of the world’s most advanced radio systems, providing a whole new level of precision and control. With a Docking Base and the Traxxas Link app you can use your iPhone or iPod touch to provide real-time telemetry. It’ll display data like speed, RPM, temperature, and battery voltage with brilliant graphics. Use this system to create the perfect control settings for your model, then save them as a profile that you can restore later.

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