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You love preparing your income tax return, right?

Okay, you can stop laughing now. If you’re like most people, the headache-inducing process of doing your taxes (or the cost of paying someone else to do them) isn’t your favourite thing in the world.

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Tax season rolls around once a year, but the stress an incorrectly filed return can bring is year-round. No matter what your circumstances, TurboTax puts the power to prepare accurate tax returns and get your maximum refund, right into the palm of your hands. With a full range of TurboTax products available at Future Shop you’ll be able to select the perfect TurboTax for your individual needs. Rely on personalized guidance with the convenient Live Tax Advice service* (Included Free with Premier and Home & Business), get tax advice from an expert on hand to consult with whenever you need it most, guaranteeing accurate results and your maximum refund.

Getting your maximum refund has never
been easier

No matter what has changed in your personal circumstances, filing your tax return becomes a piece of cake thanks to the advanced feature set offered by TurboTax. Life Changes Profiling asks a series of simple questions about what has changed in your life, showing you how these changes will affect your taxes.

Tax returns in Canada can be a little confusing. The EasyStep Interview® walks you through more than 400 possible deductions and credits based on your income, family and filing status to ensure you maximize your deductions and file the most accurate return possible.

Enjoy the utmost confidence in your
accurate return

With TurboTax, there’s no need for the costly expense of an accountant or tax store to prepare your tax return. The intelligent software double checks your return for errors and helps you to quickly rectify them. If you end up having to pay a CRA penalty because of a TurboTax calculation error, the makers will reimburse you the penalty and interest.

Trusted by millions of Canadians

With products perfectly suited for single workers, families and business owners, TurboTax offers the ideal solution for personal tax returns in Canada. If you used the product in 2011 (or any other tax software), it’s easy to transfer data across from last year into your 2012 tax return. This saves you having to manually enter the info, saving time and cutting down on the potential for any errors.

*Live Tax Advice Service will be available via phone or live chat to answer questions related to tax year 2012 personal returns (restrictions may apply) from 2/8/13 through 5/3/13 from 7am – 1am EST, 7 days a week