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EA Sports - FIFA

FIFA 14 (PlayStation 4)

FIFA 14 (PlayStation 4)

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Explore the exciting world of PC Gaming

By gadjosevilla from 03-26-2015



PC gaming has often been the domain of hardcore gamers and enthusiasts who put a premium on power and performance. For these people, an advantage in hardware and software can spell the difference between dominating a game or being someone else's target practice. Various manufacturers now offer powerful gaming-focused PCs and notebooks.  These make it easy for everyone to enjoy the latest and most demanding PC and network games out of the box while doubling as powerful personal computers.

Pre-order The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited for the exclusive Explorer’s Pack!

By PaulH from 03-24-2015



Get set to embark on an epic adventure with your friends, and hundreds of other players from around the world, when The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited comes to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on June 9. As a special bonus for pre-ordering the game online on futureshop.ca, or in-store at Future Shop locations, you’ll receive the Explorer’s Pack digital bundle that gives you the ability to join the alliance of your choosing — no matter which race you play as — plus a personal Scuttler pet and a bonus treasure map!

Review: Fossil Fighters: Frontier has fossil hunting, dinosaur battles, and off-road action

By debaser17 from 03-22-2015

Fossil Fighters Frontier Logo.jpg


Remember when the only way to create your own private collection of dinosaurs was to harvest the DNA of an ages-old mosquito trapped in amber? Well put that cliché aside and imagine a world brimming with fossils, where your job is to excavate this multitude of relics and transform them all into an army of living, battle-ready dino-soldiers known as "Vivosaurs". Don't question the science behind it all, just be prepared to unearth extreme adventure in Fossil Fighters: Frontier!

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