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Review: Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth is turn after turn of pure strategic joy

By debaser17 from 10-29-2014

Civilization Beyond Earth Kraken.jpg


For weeks and months strategy fans have been hoarding their vacation days, displaying signs of impending illnesses when their bosses walk by, and banking quality time with their family and friends. Now the wait is finally over - Civilization: Beyond Earth has landed on PC, poised to take up the mantle of creator Sid Meier’s perpetual attack on the free time of innocent gamers around the world.

Review: Destiny, is it all just hype?

By BradPajuluoma from 10-27-2014

Destiny Title.jpg 


Bungie has been pushing the boundaries of how we play games for over 10 years now. If you play console games, regardless of if you enjoy them or not, you should be no stranger to the Halo games. After years of waiting Bungie is now bringing us a whole new way to play first person shooters with the long awaited and potentially ground breaking Destiny.

Review: Alien: Isolation cranks up the tension and delivers the horror circa 1979

By debaser17 from 10-24-2014

Alien Isolation Motion Tracker .jpg


In 1979, director Ridley Scott unleashed the sci-fi/horror phenomenon Alien on the world. Since then, the franchise has spawned its share of sequels, novels, comic books, and yes, video games. While Scott's universe has growth, its mythos expanded over time, there's still something very special about the unique, sublime sense of genuine horror so brilliantly preserved in that first film - a feeling that is captured once again in Alien: Isolation.  

Trade in promotion?

by Gonmun from 10-29-2014 | 204 Views

Call of Duty: All Stores Open Early

by Juby from 10-27-2014 | 260 Views

game compatibility

by Tunebyter from 10-25-2014 | 108 Views

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