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  • Four Dorm Room Hacks for the Upcoming School Year!


    There may be nothing as daunting and exciting as moving away from home and into a dorm to start college or university. I think that most students quickly realize how good they've had it at mom and dad's house when they throw open the door to their new digs and see two twin beds and two desks crammed into a small space with little room for much else. And that's why I'm about to try and help all of you soon to be post-secondary students out with my version of a few dorm room hacks--regular everyday items that have dual or multiple purposes to save you time, space, and generally promote efficiency for the next stage of your life! Read on to see the products and their uses!

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  • Top 5 Trends in the World of Backpacks!





    Few things in life are as complicated as backpacks. I can think of only 2: brain surgery and rocket science. Ok, that was a real whopper! But as I've been learning recently, backpacks do come in a variety of designs and styles and with a number of different purposes and objectives. Some are meant to be light and easy to transport, some are meant to be stylish and attractive to look at, and others are meant to be fully functional in realms such as hiking, moving about campus, or backpacking around the world. In today's blog I identify 5 current (though not necessarily new) trends in the wonderful world of backpacks. Read on for my top 5 list!


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  • Hidden gem! LG 42" 720p 600Hz Plasma HDTV

                            lg tv.jpg

    I love stumbling across hidden gems.  This LG TV, a 42" 720p 600Hz Plasma HDTV, gives you a great picture at a great price; it is also getting some of the best customer reviews.  Check it out!

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  • Burton Bags soon available at Future Shop

    Burton Overview.jpg

    Brace yourselves… the biggest name in snowboarding has arrived! For those of you who enjoy hitting the slopes or following winter sports, chances are you’ve heard of Burton. Since 1977, this sporting goods powerhouse has risen to the top as the most recognized snowboard and lifestyle brand in the world. Today, Burton offers a broad range of casual, everyday products that extend beyond its presence on the slopes. From quality backpacks to handbags to laptop and tablet cases—Burton has everything you need to tackle the workplace, classroom, or even mountain! Here’s a glimpse of some of their finest bags that will soon be online at Future Shop:

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  • Wrestling legend Sting coming to WWE 2K15 as exclusive pre-order bonus

    WWE 2K15 - Sting black and white face paint.jpg


    The iconic wrestling legend Sting made WWE history on the July 14th edition of Monday Night RAW with the incredible announcement that two generations of his character will be appearing in the upcoming video game WWE 2K15, exclusively for those who pre-order.

    Both the black and white "Crow" face paint version of Sting, and his earlier look, sporting colourful outfits and a blond flattop hairstyle, will be available as free, playable characters if you pre-order the game online on or in-store at Future Shop locations across Canada. For wrestling fans, this is really (really!) exciting news!

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