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  • Review: Misfit Flash Fitness Tracker and Preview: Misfit Beddit!


    When the Misfit Shine first came across my desk I was impressed: it was a premium fitness tracker built for style, with accessories that matched that intent, like leather straps and necklace loops. Earlier last week a package arrived on my doorstep: Misfit’s new Flash tracker - a device that promised to open up a new audience for the Misfit family. So, how did it do? Read on, true believers.

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  • Review: Alien: Isolation cranks up the tension and delivers the horror circa 1979

    Alien Isolation Motion Tracker .jpg


    In 1979, director Ridley Scott unleashed the sci-fi/horror phenomenon Alien on the world. Since then, the franchise has spawned its share of sequels, novels, comic books, and yes, video games. While Scott's universe has growth, its mythos expanded over time, there's still something very special about the unique, sublime sense of genuine horror so brilliantly preserved in that first film - a feeling that is captured once again in Alien: Isolation.  

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  • What's the Most Important Tool In the Kitchen? Knife!

    Top Kitchen Tool: Chef's Knife

    Every good chef needs a good set of knives. These tools can make every part of meal preparation much easier, from chopping vegetables for salads, to carving roasts, to cutting fruit for dessert. Essentially, knives do all the hard work for you

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  • Connecting to the web without wifi? Check out the NETGEAR Dual Band Wireless Bridge



    You're not quite ready to buy a new TV, and your Blu-ray player you got a few years ago still works great.  Buuuuuut... while they're both internet-enabled, you don't have that hard-wired ethernet hook up that they need handy.  What to do?  Get yourself the new NETGEAR Dual Band Wireless Bridge (WNCE3001), and start connecting easily, and immiediately.  Click to find out how.

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  • Win a new washer and dryer in the “Clean up with LG” contest


    Do you appreciate your appliances? Really appreciate them?  I load and unload the washer and dryer, usually without complaints, but still rarely thinking about what I’d do without them. But with the holidays approaching we should think about that.  Your appliances will be working overtime helping you clean up for entertaining, and having guest in your home.  New appliances, like those offered by LG, can provide a little extra joy this holiday season, especially when it is time to clean up! Here is a great way to get a new LG washer and dryer—enter to win them! Read on for more details.


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