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  • Give the Perfect Guitar Accessories to the musician on your list


    Looking for that last-minute stocking stuffer for the budding guitarist on your list? Or maybe you want to complete your own collection of guitar extras and add-ins this holiday season. Last time we looked at how to buy the perfect guitar; now let's take a peek at the world of accessories available for your instrument to sound polished, professional and performance-ready.

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  • Boxing day will be the shopping event of the year at Future Shop



    When we were young we couldn’t wait for Santa to come down the chimney with something in his bag to place under the tree. Now that we are older, the object of our impatience has switched from Santa to the annual, incredible Boxing Day sale. Read all about what Future Shop has in store for you this year.

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  • Everyone home should have one: Air Hockey Table!

    hockey table flat1.jpg

    It’s getting cold, men start to grow beards and just like this you know it: hockey season has started. Forget Christmas: the true Canadian family gathering is hockey night, hockey games….anything hockey. Hockey runs in the veins of all Canadians. Truly, babies in Canada, right after birth should have been given a hockey jersey instead of swaddling blankets. But in all honesty, hockey is so very Canadian. I'm a big fan of Air Hockey, as it definitely supports the social aspect of hockey in the comfort of your own house, while experiencing the crazy canuck spirit. If you’re like me, Futureshop might have something in store for you….

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  • Review: Freedom Wars, where just being born, makes you guilty.

    Freedom Wars Title.jpg


    Welcome to the future, where you are a Sinner and as such you have been sentenced to a million years of servitude to you city. So pick up your sword and your trusty rocket launcher, to get ready to fight for your freedom, cause the Freedom Wars have already begun and you are late.

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  • Home Theatre must-have accessories

    FSBHTse.jpgHome Theatre accessories run the gamut from snappy remotes, sweet-sounding soundbars, mounts, streaming boxes and even gaming consoles. Here are some of the must-have accessories worth checking out.

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